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• For bands with as little as
    ten weeks of study

• All pieces use only the first
    6 notes of the Bb scale

• Limited Instrumentation -
    one of each part,
     bass line covered by all
    low brass and low

• Alternate parts for Horn
    that puts them in a better
    range, Trombone that
    does not go past 4th

• Bass Clarinet part is also
    an optional Euphonium
    T.C. part

• Clarinet below the break

• Simple rhythms of whole,
    half and quarter notes.
    If eighth notes used,
    only two repeated

• Active Percussion writing

• Timpani is an optional part

• Short pieces - length is a
    consideration for young



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Admiration (March)
Larry Clark
Larry ClarkAfter just ten weeks of study, you can get your students to play in the march style, which is essential to the band’s heritage. Admiration March has all of the standard trademarks of an American style march -- but with very limited notes and rhythms. Totally tuneful and fun to play!
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Level Grade ˝ PPS11 Set $45.00
Duration 1:56 PPS11F Full Score $6.00
Key Bb Major PPS11P Parts $3.00 contact us
Angels on Parade
Carl Strommen

Angels on Parade
Carl StrommenFor very beginning students, Carl Strommen gives us a new arrangement of a popular Christmas carol in march style, making it sound as if angels are marching down the street in a parade. This well-scored arrangement will play very easily for young students while sounding full and strong Take a serious look at this for your next holiday concert.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade ˝ PPS9 Set $45.00
Duration 1:53 PPS9F Full Score $6.00
Key Bb Major PPS9P Parts $3.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin

Sean O'LoughlinHarkening back to the past, this modal-sounding piece from Sean O'Loughlin will make your students feel like they are playing some serious music! In fact they are, but it just happens to be adapted well for the youngest of students with limited rhythms and notes, as well as carefully crafted aggressive minor sounds, making your band sound marvelous. This is the piece your students will want to play again and again, and is certain to be a winner!
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade ˝ PPS10 Set $45.00
Duration 2:22 PPS10F Full Score $6.00
Key C minor PPS10P Parts $3.00 contact us
Primo Percussion
Joseph Compello

Primo Percussion
Joseph CompelloA simplistic, yet impressive percussion section feature for the earliest of beginners; playable by young percussionists after as little as ten weeks of study. You can double up the snare drum part and even place the percussion in the front to give the attention they deserve. Get those budding percussionists off to a good start!
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade ˝ PPS7 Set $45.00
Duration 2:48 PPS7F Full Score $6.00
Key Bb Major PPS7P Parts $3.00 contact us
Joseph Compello

Joseph CompelloComposer Joseph Compello draws on his many years of experience teaching beginners to give us an exciting new contest-style piece for very young groups. Quintessence consists of simple rhythms and notes, but is also quite musical, with an aggressive, driving feeling. It’s a great way introduce two eighth notes that are repeated. Your first year group will sound more advanced than their years.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade ˝ PPS8 Set $45.00
Duration 1:44 PPS8F Full Score $6.00
Key C minor PPS8P Parts $3.00 contact us
Bill Calhoun

Bill Calhoun“Simple,” “effective” and “elegant” are adjectives that best describe this new piece from composer Bill Calhoun. Very young players can work on tone and long lines with this beautiful piece. Fresh harmonic movement, along with pleasant melodies make this a good choice to teach musical concepts to the youngest of students.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade ˝ PPS6 Set $45.00
Duration 1:47 PPS6F Full Score $6.00
Key Bb Major PPS6P Parts $3.00 contact us
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