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Error Detection
Exercises for the Instrumental Conductor

Error Detection improves critical listening skills by planting errors in the parts of more than 54 standard band repertoire excerpts for students to find

Teacher’s Edition includes 350+ pages of materials with analysis sheets and answer keys

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from Carl Fischer
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Words by Joseph McCarthy, Music by Harry Carroll,
Arranged by Jerry Nowak

I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Jerry NowakThe standard popular song by Harry Carroll is given a full-blown pops concert style treatment by arranger Jerry Nowak. In the hands of a master arranger, this classy ballad will delight audiences and give your musicians the opportunity to flex their jazz muscles. This is perfect for a pops concert or for community bands. Please note: This edition is not offered outside of the U.S.A.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 4 SPS53 Set $90.00
Duration 3:26 SPS53F Full Score $12.00
Key Ab Major SPS53P Parts 4.00 contact us
Brant Karrick

Brant KarrickQuirks—a word defined as a sudden sharp turn or an unpredictable peculiarity of behavior or action—demonstrates the capricious nature of the title in its musical character. The music vacillates between fast and slow, happy and sad, extroverted and introverted, and just never goes where you expect. There is plenty of interplay between winds and percussion as the four and three notes of the main motive are tossed about the many instrumental colors. This is a tour-de-force, destined to become a band standard for more advanced bands. You must give this a careful listen.
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Level Grade 5 SPS51 Set $125.00
Duration 6:08 SPS51F Full Score $15.00
Key Various SPS51P Parts 4.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin

Sean O'LoughlinUnbound is an exciting composition for the advanced ensemble. With whirlwind flourishes, rhythmic punctuations and broad melodies, the music is sure to take your audience on a roller coaster ride. Composer Sean O'Loughlin shows off his compositional chops and brings us an intense concert opener or closer that will stir the emotions of your students and audience alike. This is a real showpiece for your band!
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 5 SPS52 Set $95.00
Duration 4:13 SPS52F Full Score $15.00
Key Eb Major SPS52P Parts 4.00 contact us
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