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• Instrumentation uses one
    flute, two clarinets, two
    trumpets, one horn, and
    one tuba

• Difficulty ranges from
    Grades 2 to 2.5

• Second clarinet stays
    below break

• Active percussion scoring

• Limited independence of
    part writing



Making Music is
Better With Two!

Arranged or Composed by Larry Clark

Progressive Duets

This collection of 52 graded duets brings together new arrangements from the classical repertoire along with established duets and new compositions that will provide hours of musical enjoyment.

Volume I (ea. $9.95*)
Easy to Medium
WF61  Flute
WF62  Clarinet
WF63  Alto Sax
WF64  Trumpet (*$10.95)
WF65  Horn
WF66  Trombone

Volume 2 (ea. $12.95)
Medium to Advanced
WF104  Flute
WF105  Clarinet
WF106  Alto Sax
WF107  Trumpet
WF108  Horn
WF109  Trombone

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Carl Fischer’s Repertoire Classics series consists of comprehensive and progressively graded collections of classic solos with piano accompaniment.

Each book contains a fine mix of transcriptions of familiar classics along with solos written specifically for the instrument. Many of the pieces in these collections appear on state contest and festival required music lists.

The pieces featured cover the performance levels of grade 2 through 5, representing all style periods, and include works by some of the greatest composers of all time.

As an added bonus, the included data CD contains MP3 audio files of the piano accompaniments to make practicing more fun. It also contains piano accompaniment parts for all pieces in the collection in PDF format.

Our innovative and unique packaging allows Carl Fischer Music to provide you with large and useful collections of solo literature at affordable prices, and players will find them useful for years to come.

Repertoire Classics
is available for:

Flute – WF110
Oboe – WF111
Clarinet – WF112
Alto Sax – WF113
Trumpet – WF114
Trombone – WF118
(Each book $12.95)

Violin – BF73 - $14.99


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from Carl Fischer
Gene Milford

Gene MilfordThis fresh new setting of two traditional Scottish folk songs, Will Ye No Come Back Again and Keel Row, was written in honor of its namesake, the Scottish village Castlebay. Composer Gene Milford has crafted a well-scored offering for contest/festival performance that is reminiscent of English-style band pieces. After the striking opening, the piece moves to the more fiddle-like Keel Row in a lilting 6/8. All of the sections of the ensemble get to shine and the band will sound formidable with this piece.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS114 Set $60.00
Duration 2:50 YPS114F Full Score $10.00
Key Eb Major YPS114P Parts $3.50 contact us
Echoes of the Cape
Alan Lee Silva

Echoes of the Cape
Alan Lee SilvaYou will hear elements of Irish and Scottish music in this magnetic new composition from composer Alan Silva. There is a bardic nature to the piece, with low brass punches, strong percussion and flowing melodic lines in a modal style, plus hints of jigs and reels throughout. Alert your contest music committee about this strong new young band piece.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS117 Set $60.00
Duration 2:13 YPS117F Full Score $10.00
Key F Major YPS117P Parts $3.50 contact us
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach,
   arranged by Andrew Balent

Andrew BalentTaken from piano repertoire, arranger Andrew Balent uses his long career of experience to provide bands with an exceptional teaching piece. Fughetta acts as an introduction to the Baroque style, and also teaches young students how to play contrapuntal music, a difficult and important skill. This piece has great potential for inclusion on contest/festival required lists.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS107 Set $60.00
Duration 4:04 YPS107F Full Score $10.00
Key Eb Major YPS107P Parts $3.50 contact us
Ghost Dancing
Brant Karrick

Ghost Dancing
Brant KarrickAn excellent study and introduction to contemporary compositional techniques, Ghost Dancing will stimulate the students in their exploration of modern music. Some of the dissonances are biting, adding to the excitement of the piece. The contrasting lyrical middle section gives a release from the tension before leading back to the aggressive main theme. You might consider this for performance around Halloween!
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS113 Set $60.00
Duration 3:56 YPS113F Full Score $10.00
Key D Modal YPS113P Parts $3.50 contact us
Hiland (March)
Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark

Hiland (March)
Larry ClarkThe yearly release of a Larry Clark arrangement of a classic Harold Bennett (aka Henry Fillmore) young band march has become a tradition at Carl Fischer. These wonderfully tuneful marches are great choices for contest/festival and for teaching the standard American march form and style to your students. Larry has been a champion for getting young bands to play in this important style and has successfully brought us another lost gem by Henry Fillmore.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS110 Set $60.00
Duration 2:10 YPS110F Full Score $10.00
Key Eb Major,
Ab Major
YPS110P Parts $3.50 contact us
Japanese Pictures
Kevin Mixon

Japanese Pictures
Kevin MixonJapanese Pictures draws inspiration from both traditional and modern Japanese music. The harmonies are western as suggested by the accompanying melodies, and the percussion is styled to give the sounds of a taiko drum ensemble. Young bands will find this piece intriguing and different. Use this work as part of your multi-cultural approach to teaching music appreciation. Also a good choice for contest or festival performance.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS112 Set $60.00
Duration 3:01 YPS112F Full Score $10.00
Key G minor,
Bb Major
YPS112P Parts $3.50 contact us
Jubilant Festival
Bill Calhoun

Jubilant Festival
Bill CalhounJubilant Festival is a joyous piece that begins with a fanfare-like gesture and then leads to an uplifting melody in the woodwinds. This is followed by excellent counter-melodies in the middle voices and well-scored lyrical lines. A showcase piece for the young band that can be used at contest or festival performance, Jubilant Festival will impress the judges for sure!
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS108 Set $60.00
Duration 2:50 YPS108F Full Score $10.00
Key Bb Major,
Eb Major
YPS108P Parts $3.50 contact us
Mustangs - The Spirit of the West
Larry Clark

Mustangs - The Spirit of the West
Larry ClarkThis piece was written by composer Larry Clark to depict the majesty of mustang horses that roam free in the American West. It is cast in a standard overture form with an opening section reminiscent of the music of western movie soundtracks. Followed by a lush and beautiful contrasting slow section, Mustangs – The Spirit of the West depicts the grace and power of these wonderful animals. This is a great choice for contest and festival performance for the young band.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS109 Set $60.00
Duration 4:15 YPS109F Full Score $10.00
Key Eb Major YPS109P Parts $3.50 contact us
Bill Calhoun

Bill CalhounA lush and musically expressive ballad for band that pulls at your heart strings, Reminiscence is tender and emotionally charged with musical tension that resolves beautifully at the end. Bill Calhoun has become a composer you can trust to write music of a very high quality.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS106 Set $60.00
Duration 2:47 YPS106F Full Score $10.00
Key C minor YPS106P Parts $3.50 contact us
Sweet Little Manger Child
Robert MacGimsey, arranged by Larry Clark

Sweet Little Manger Child
Larry ClarkThis subtle, yet tasteful arrangement for the holiday season includes the African-American styled piece Sweet Little Jesus Boy by Robert MacGimsey paired with the traditional Away in a Manger. Larry Clark continues to find creative ways to merge two popular Christmas favorites and make it seem as if they were always meant to be seamlessly combined. This is the mark of a great composer/arranger. We know you and your students will enjoy this stunning arrangement.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS118 Set $60.00
Duration 3:38 YPS118F Full Score $10.00
Key Eb Major YPS118P Parts $3.50 contact us
Swingin' Santa
Traditional, arranged by Carl Strommen

Swingin' Santa
Carl StrommenGet your young band students swinging this year with a fun Christmas piece based on the ever-popular “Up On The Housetop.” Drawing from his jazz background, Carl Strommen delivers an arrangement that is unique and authentic to the idiom, but within the technical capabilities of the intermediate student. Oh what fun it will be to ride this sleigh – Ho, ho ho!
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS111 Set $60.00
Duration 2:29 YPS111F Full Score $10.00
Key Bb Major,
F Major
YPS111P Parts $3.50 contact us
Turning Point
Sean O'Loughlin

Turning Point
Sean O'LoughlinIn any conflict, there is always a turning point which determines the outcome. The phrase is often used to describe epic wars throughout history, and the music of Turning Point reflects the weight and drama that comes with these key historical moments. Composer Sean O'Loughlin takes the listener on a musical journey filled with dramatic twists and turns. This piece will serve as your young band's turning point in their development to becoming a solid musical ensemble.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS116 Set $60.00
Duration 4:35 YPS116F Full Score $10.00
Key C minor YPS116P Parts $3.50 contact us
The Voyage
George Sweet

The Voyage
George SweetAt first lush and mysterious, then light and uplifting, The Voyage begins. Newcomer George Sweet brings us some invigorating ideas and harmonic treatments, as well as shifting rhythmic feels from 4/4 to 3/4 time. There is some great interplay between various sections of the band that changes from light woodwind sounds to strong brass interjections. George is a composer to watch in the years to come.
listen score image Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS115 Set $60.00
Duration 2:35 YPS115F Full Score $10.00
Key Eb Major YPS115P Parts $3.50 contact us
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