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Very Easy Band


Sean O'Loughlin

Overlords is a dramatic work for the developing concert band. The music has a powerful, aggressive and exciting style much like the name Overlords implies.

2-16 Overlords.mp3
score image Participating Dealers

Duration: 1:59

Key: C Minor

FPS55 - Set $45.00

FPS55F - Full Score $7.50

FPS55P - Parts $2.75

Improvement (March)

Harold Bennett; arranged by Larry Clark

Here is a classic march from Harold Bennett (pseudonym of Henry Fillmore), which is part of the famous Bennett Band Book series. This piece will serve as an excellent introductory march to teach this important and historically significant style to young band musicians. Improvement contains distinctive Henry Fillmore melodies that are truly memorable.

2-17 Improvement (March).mp3
score image Participating Dealers

Duration: 2:11

Key: B Flat / E Flat

FPS51 - Set $45.00

FPS51F - Full Score $7.50

FPS51P - Parts $2.75

Scottish Bobber

Larry Clark

Bobber is the word for a “dance” in the old Scots language. The piece is an original composition for developing bands in a Scottish style. It has Larry Clark's compositional technique that Band Directors have come to know and your students have come to love.

2-18 Scottish Bobber.mp3
score image Participating Dealers

Duration: 2:21

Key: E Flat

FPS56 - Set $45.00

FPS56F - Full Score $7.50

FPS56P - Parts $2.75

Flutes with a Flair

Joseph Compello

Flutes with a Flair is a flute section feature that takes the classic Latin-style flute tune and applies to a very easy band group. Compello always mindful of young players, but also aware of fun, will have audiences dancing in the aisles.

2-19 Flutes with a Flair.mp3
score image Participating Dealers

Duration: 2:05

Key: B Flat

FPS52 - Set $45.00

FPS52F - Full Score $7.50

FPS52P - Parts $2.75

Star Journey

Alan Silva

Silva's energetic contest-style piece will have your students dreaming of traveling to distance planets. You can hear the film music influence in this one.

2-20 Star Journey.mp3
score image Participating Dealers

Duration: 2:05

Key: B Flat

FPS53 - Set $45.00

FPS53F - Full Score $7.50

FPS53P - Parts $2.75

Street Beat Christmas

arranged by Joseph Compello

Arranger Joseph Compello brings us a nice holiday collage that features the percussion section playing “real” street beats. Besides being an effective and fun arrangement, your percussion section will learn different roll-offs and beats that will be useful for parades or other events where street beats are needed.

2-21 Street Beat Christmas.mp3
score image Participating Dealers

Duration: 2:13

Key: B Flat

FPS54 - Set $45.00

FPS54F - Full Score $7.50

FPS54P - Parts $2.75