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A Day in the Life of the Sun
Ruth Elaine Schram

Unison, Optional Two-part
   or SSA Voices with Keyboard

Ruth Elaine Schram combines a soaring melody with form that paints the sun's journey through the sky. Intriguing part writing makes this piece appriopriate for unison, two-part, or SSA voices. Stunning! Junior High and above. 3:46

(CM9093 • $1.65)

Soprano1 Soprano2 Alto
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Jubilate Deo!
Vicki Tucker Courtney

Two-part Treble Voices with Keyboard
   and Optional Flute

Vicki Tucker Courtney presents an exciting, rhythmic setting of the "Jubilate" text. It features a lovely contrasting 'B' section, and make sure you hold on for the big finish! Middle School and above. 1:58

(CM9094 • $1.80)

Part I Part II

Exultate Justi
D. Farrell Smith

Two-part Treble Voices with Keyboard

Exultate Justi is a very measured piece from D. Farrell Smith, making great use of shifting meter between 6/8 and 3/4 times. Plenty of dynamic contrast makes this piece exciting to sing as well as hear. Middle School and above. 2:09

(CM9095 • $1.80)

Part I Part II

Bells Are Ringing Now
Thomas Elias Sugar

Two-part Treble Voices (with Optional Solo
   and Small Group) with Keyboard

Bells Are Ringing lives up to its name, with a peal-like quality to the voicing. Appropriate for a processional, Thomas Elias Sugar's piece lends delicate treatment to treble voices. Elementary and above. 2:00

(CM9096 • $1.65)

Part I Part II

A Child Like You
Stephen Hopkins

Two-Part Treble Voices with Keyboard
   and Optional Flute and Oboe

A Child Like You, by Stephen Hopkins, is a tender lullaby that relates a held baby to the infant Lord Jesus Christ in the manger. A flute or reed instrument part is included to bring out the comparison. Middle School and above. 3:15

(CM9097 • $1.80)

Part I Part II

Let Us All in God Rejoice
Ken Berg

Two-Part Treble Voices with
   Keyboard and Optional Flute

Ken Berg gives us a beautiful setting of this well known hymn tune for treble voices and flute, with a lovely ending featuring repetition of the "Gloria in Excelsis" text. Junior High and above. 3:17

(CM9098 • $1.80)

Part I Part II
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I’d Wed If I Were Not Too Young
John Cunningham, arr. Bruce Trinkley

SSA Voices a cappella

I'd Wed if I Were Not Too Young is a witty Irish poem about a young girl's desire to be married, in a setting by Bruce Trinkley. Lively movement in 6/8 meter makes this an excellent unaccompanied selection for treble ensembles of any size. High School and above. 1:47

(CM9099• $1.65)

Soprano1 Soprano2 Alto

Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
Civil War Ballad, arr. Gary E. Parks

SSA Voices with Keyboard and
   Optional Percussion (Triangle, Windchimes)

Sometimes known as "Buttermilk Hill," this Civil War ballad is simply and beautifully set for SSA voices by Gary Parks. It also calls for optional wind chimes and triangle, which add to the tenderness of the text. Junior High and above. 2:34

(CM9100 • $1.65)

Soprano1 Soprano2 Alto

While in Music and Verse
Henry Purcell (1659–1695), arr. Patrick M. Liebergen

SSA Voices with Keyboard and Optional Flutes

A great edition and arrangement of this Henry Purcell selection by Patrick M. Liebergen. Accompanied by two flutes, this cadenced selection is a wonderful representative of its time. Junior High and above. 1:42

(CM9101 • $1.80)

Soprano1 Soprano2 Alto

Every Remembrance of You
Earlene Rentz

SSA Voices with Keyboard

Earlene Rentz has created an inspired setting of this Elizabeth Barrett Browning text for SSA voices, full of expression and passion. High School and above. 3:16

(CM9102 • $1.80)

Soprano1 Soprano2 Alto

The Sword of Bunker Hill
Civil War Song, arr. Matthew Armstrong
SSA Voices with Keyboard

Matthew Armstrong presents a poignant setting of The Sword of Bunker Hill, a popular Civil War ballad that draws upon the memory of the American Revolution. High School and above. 2:28

(CM9103 • $1.65)

Soprano1 Soprano2 Alto

It Was a Lover and His Lass
Thomas Morely (1557–1602), arr. Russell Robinson
SSA Voices a cappella

This is a revoicing of this well-known Thomas Morley madrigal by Russell Robinson. It is now available in an arrangement for SSA voices. Junior High and above. 3:23

(CM9104 • $1.65)

Soprano1 Soprano2 Alto

Richard Ewer

SSA Voices with Keyboard

Here is a gorgeous setting of this Christina Rossetti text from Richard Ewer. A flowing piano accompaniment supports beautiful vocal lines. Junior High and above. 3:11

(CM9105 • $1.65)

Soprano1 Soprano2 Alto

Will the Morning Come?
Gary E. Parks

SSA Voices with Keyboard

Gary E. Parks gives us a very touching setting of the Emily Dickinson poem "Will There Really Be a Morning?," featuring exquisite vocal lines and lush harmonies. High School and above. 3:16

(CM9106 • $1.65)

Soprano1 Soprano2 Alto

Evening Song
Dawn Lenore Sonntag

SSA Voices with Flute and Keyboard

Dawn Lenore Sonntag presents a complex setting of poetry by Sidney Lanier. With the help of flute accompaniment, the piano provides a sonorous foundation to harmonically rich vocal lines. High School and above. 2:26

(CM9107 • $1.80)

Soprano1 Soprano2 Alto
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La Fiesta Brava!
Vicki Tucker Courtney

TB Voices with Keyboard and Optional Trumpet and Castanets

From the first note of Vicki Tucker Courtney's La Fiesta Brava, you are drawn into the bullfight! The story of the bullfight is explored with the support of piano and trumpet accompaniment in this great selection for TB voices. Junior High School and above. 2:05

(CM9108 • $1.95)

Tenor Bass

Pay Me My Money Down
American Folk Song, arr. Earlene Rentz

TTB Voices with Keyboard

Earlene Rentz's arrangement of the American folk song Pay Me My Money Down is lively, flat-out fun! For TTB voices. Middle School and above. 2:20

(CM9109 • $1.80)

Tenor1 Tenor2 Bass

Korean Folk Song, arr. Ken Berg

TTB Voices a cappella with
   Cymbals and Pitched Wooden Instruments

Ken Berg provides a fantastic new voicing of the well-known Korean folk song, Arirang. Beautifully arranged for male voices, this piece is meant to be accompanied by pitched wooden instruments and cymbal. High School and above. 2:57

(CM9110 • $1.95)

Tenor1 Tenor2 Bass

It Chanced when I Was Walking
Irish Folk Song, arr. Bruce Trinkley

TBB Voices (Solo Tenor Voice) with Keyboard

This delightful Irish folk song has been skillfully arranged for TBB voices by Bruce Trinkley, and is well-suited for ensembles of any size. There is also an opportunity for a featured soloist. High School and above. 2:04

(CM9111 • $1.65)

Tenor1 Tenor2 Bass

The Lorelei
German Folk Song, arr. Ruth Elaine Schram

TBB Voices with Keyboard

Lorelei is a popular German folk song recounting the story of the fatal shipwreck-causing Siren. It has been well-set here for TBB voices by Ruth Elaine Schram, with an engaging text. High School and above. 3:34

(CM9112 • $1.80)

Tenor1 Tenor2 Bass

As with Gladness Men of Old
Ken Berg

TTBB Voices with Keyboard and Horn

Ken Berg has accomplished a truly monumental setting of this hymn tune. The featured French horn and solid piano accompaniment help this arrangement explore the entire range of emotion and passion. High School and above. 4:01

(CM9113 • $1.95)

Tenor1 Tenor2 Bass1 Bass2
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The Star Spangled Banner
John Stafford Smith (1750–1836), arr. Donald Moore

Three-part Mixed Voices a cappella

The National Anthem can finally be sung by three-part mixed voices with this setting from Donald Moore. Appropriate for smaller ensembles. Middle School and above. 1:28

(CM9114 • $1.50)

Part I Part II Part III

Sing Gloria!
Words and Music by Becki Slagle Mayo

Three-Part Mixed Voices (Optional Baritone)
   with Keyboard and Optional Percussion

This is a fun calypso setting of the "Gloria In Excelsis" text by Becki Mayo. Set for three-part mixed voices with optional baritone, this arrangement also includes optional percussion. Middle School and above. 1:55

(CM9115 • $1.95)

Part I Part II Part III

Winter Wind
Vicki Tucker Courtney

Three-Part Mixed Voices (Optional Baritone)
   with Keyboard

Vicki Tucker's sweeping, melodic setting helps deliver this text by Herb Frombach, with a nice balance of treble and male voices. Middle School and above. 3:10

(CM9116 • $1.65)

Part I Part II Part III
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Your Lovely Face
Adriano Banchieri (1568–1634),
   arr. Patrick M. Liebergen

SAB Voices with Optional Keyboard

Patrick M. Liebergen gives us a charming SAB introduction to the polyphonic style of Banchieri's Your Lovely Face. This edition works well as either an accompanied or unaccompanied madrigal. High School and above. 1:30

(CM9117 • $1.65)

Soprano Alto Bass

A Joyful Bah-Da-Bah
Greg Gilpin

SAB Voices with Optional Keyboard

You already know the words, because they're all in the title! This nonsensical, polyphonic exercise is infectiously fun to perform! Junior High and above. 2:09

(CM9118 • $1.65)

Soprano Alto Bass

Non Nobis Domine
William Byrd (1543–1623), arr. Russell Robinson

SAB Voices with Optional Keyboard

Russell Robinson is well known for his arrangements of historically important works, and here, he presents his take on the graceful canon Non Nobis Domine for SAB voices. Junior High and above. 2:20

(CM9119 • $1.65)

Soprano Alto Bass
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Sing with the Lark
Margaret Brouwer

SATB Voices with Optional Piano

Sing with the Lark is a stunning piece for SATB voices by Margaret Brouwer, with beautiful vocal lines soaring above a flowing piano accompaniment. High School and above. 4:53

(CM8828 • $1.95)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Beatus Vir
Claudio Monteverdi (1567–1643),
   arr. Catherine DeLanoy

SATB Voices with Keyboard

Catherine DeLanoy has pared down the voicing to SATB from the original six voices. This masterful edition retains the exciting musical elements that have made this Monteverdi piece a favorite. Junior High and above. 3:29

(CM9120 • $1.95)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Mark Patterson

SATB Voices with Keyboard

A Mark Patterson orginal. The dazzling text and music draw attention to the magnificent and mighty natural resources of this world. This would be a great addition to the program at an Earth Day celebration, or some such other focus on environmental issues. High School and above. 4:10

(CM9121 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Ricky Ian Gordon

SATB Voices with Keyboard

Set to his own inspirational text, Prayer by Ricky Ian Gordon is a heartfelt appeal to the best qualities in human nature. This selection, by the noted composer of the new opera, The Grapes of Wrath, will be very attractive to young performers. The setting is basically homophonic, with the lovely, singable lines characteristic of Gordon’s music, and a rich and colorful piano accompaniment that enhances the reflective mood of this sensitive piece. High School and above. 7:29

(CM9122 • $2.10)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

A Foster Collection
Stephen Foster, arr. David Eddleman

SATB Voices with Keyboard

David Eddleman has combined some of Stephen Foster's most well-known songs in one medley, including "Camptown Races," "Gentle Annie," "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair," and finally "Oh, Susanna." This is a merry piece that allows your ensemble to sing both rhythmically and lyrically. High School and above. 3:06

(CM9123 • $1.95)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Gloria Estampie
Dave and Jean Perry

SATB Voices with Optional
   Keyboard, Flute and Percussion

This is a strongly rhythmical presentation of the "Gloria In Excelsis" text by Dave and Jean Perry, with plenty of modulations and dynamic contrast. Gloria Estampie features optional flute accompaniment and some divisi in the soprano and bass parts. High School and above. 3:02

(CM9124 • $1.95)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Dawn Lenore Sonntag

SATB Voices a cappella

One of three pieces chosen for a premier performance at the 2006 European-American Musical Alliance in Paris. It was premiered by the EAMA Composers’ Choir at the L’eglise St. Etienne du Mont. A beautiful, unaccompanied work with poetry by the composer. High School and above. 1:51

(CM9125 • $1.65)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

All at Once Well Met Fair Ladies
Thomas Weelkes (1576–1623)
Edited and arr. by Patrick M. Liebergen

SATB Voices a cappella

Another madrigal by Thomas Weelkes that has been skillfully edited and arranged by Patrick Liebergen. Full of dynamic contrasts, this unaccompanied selection works well with small or medium ensembles. High School and above. 2:48

(CM9126 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

My Song Goes On
American Folk Hymn, arr. Earlene Rentz

SATB Voices and Descant with Keyboard

Based on the American folk hymn "How Can I Keep from Singing?", Earlene Rentz has delivered a wondrous and joyful arrangement. The part writing is full, the accompaniment flows and after a beautiful descant, the work concludes with a rousing finish! High School and above. 2:43

(CM9127 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Music Brings Joy
Russell Robinson

SATB Voices with Optional Keyboard

An original canon by Russell Robinson, in the style of a madrigal. Robinson's text declares that "Music Brings Joy," and that it does, in this rich work for SATB voices. Junior High and above. 2:07

(CM9128 • $1.65)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

The Kerry Dance
James Lynam Molloy, arr. David Lantz III

SATB Voices with Keyboard and
   Optional Flute(s)/Violin(s) and Bodhrán

James Molloy was a poet, author and composer living in Ireland in the late-nineteenth century. One of his most popular works has been richly arranged by David Lantz, calling for optional flutes and percussion. Lantz absolutely captures the character of the dance. High School and above. 4:27

(CM9129 • $2.10)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Never Gonna Sit Down!
Vicki Tucker Courtney

SATB Voices a cappella

An original work in the spiritual style by Vicki Tucker Courtney. John Parker's rousing text defines the never-failing spirit that helps overcome all of life's adversities. High School and above. 2:32

(CM9130 • $1.95)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Let Me Do It Now
David Eddleman

SATB Voices a cappella

With text attributed to Stephen Grellet, David Eddleman presents a sublime unaccompanied choral that exhorts us to "do any good or any kindness now." High School and above. 1:52

(CM9131 • $1.65)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Ruth Elaine Schram

SATB Voices a cappella

Quoting the familiar "Morning Has Broken" and "Now the Day Is Over," Ruth Elaine Schram has delivered a very rhythmic, pulsing choral that is engaging with its mixed meters juxtaposed with homophonic, chorale-style harmonies. High School and above. 2:00

(CM9132 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair
Appalachian Fok Song, arr. David Lantz III

SATB Voices with Keyboard

This Appalachian folk song is often heard in concert, but this particular arrangement by David Lantz is among one of the most lush, and most appealing. Lantz expertly passes the melody between the different voices and provides rich harmonies and color with the piano accompaniment. High School and above. 3:20

(CM9133 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Candle in the Night
David Eddleman

SATB Voices with Keyboard

A fresh Hanukkah carol from David Eddleman, with a decidedly thrilling ending! High School and above. 2:07

(CM9134 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

This Winter Night
Greg Gilpin

SATB Voices with Keyboard

A breathtaking look at the holiday season with original text by Greg Gillpin. Alternately simple and complex, Gilpin's This Winter Night delivers a thoughtful text in a pleasing piece. High School and above. 3:46

(CM9135 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Jingle Jing
Vicki Tucker Courtney

SATB Voices with Keyboard

You can't help but picture the horse-drawn sleigh with a bell-covered harness in Vicki Tucker Courtney's setting of Herb Frombach's text, Jingle Jing. This piece features crisp and rhythmic delivery of one of the most familiar of Christmas sounds, the jingle bell. High School and above. 2:28

(CM9136 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Il Est Ne
French Traditional, arr. Ruth Elaine Schram

SATB Voices with Keyboard

A very creative combination of the well-known French carol with the "Gloria In Excelsis" text. High School and above. 3:21

(CM9137 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

O Magnum Mysterium
Arcangelo Corelli (1653–1713),
   arr. Catherine DeLanoy

SATB Voices with Keyboard

This is a haunting transcription of the Corelli "Christmas Concerto" set with the text of "O Magnum Mysterium." Catherine DeLanoy makes superb use of the rich suspensions in the adagio section and the vibrant harmonic progressions in the allegro section. High School and above. 3:33

(CM9138 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

I Heard the Bells
J. Baptiste Calkin, arr. Steve Kupferschmid

SATB Voices a cappella

A gorgeous arrangement of this familiar carol with text by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Steve Kupferschmid's unaccompanied setting will warm any concert. High School and above. 2:02

(CM9139 • $1.65)

  Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Christmas Benediction
David Eddleman

SATB Voices with Optional Keyboard

With text by Jared Jacobsen, this beautiful benediction by David Eddleman has an optional Amen section that makes it perfect for sacred or secular use. Likewise, the keyboard accompaniment is suited well for either organ or piano. High School and above. 1:44

(CM9140 • $1.65)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

She Teaches Like a Song
Carl Strommen

SATB Voices with Keyboard

Written for the retirement of her mother, Diana Laruccia, an influential music director, this text by Antonia Laruccia captures what we all want to say and hear said to teachers everywhere. High School and above. 3:39

(CM9141 • $1.80)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Tortoise and the Hare
Darmon Meader

SATB a cappella

Darmon Meader presents a favorite Aesop fable put to song. It starts slowly like the turtle, and ends quickly like the bunny! A fun challenge for any group, and enjoyable for all audiences. High School and above. 2:59

(CM9143 • $2.10)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Knockin’ Down the Walls
Jeff Funk

SATB Voices with Keyboard

Reminiscent of the great pop horn bands, this new work by Jeff Funk encourages us to "tear down the walls that divide." Knockin' Down the Walls delivers a positive message reinforcing unity in diverse cultures. High School and above. 2:56

(CM9142 • $2.10)

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

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