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•  Instrumentation uses one part for every instrument
•  Difficulty ranges from as early as 10 weeks to grade 1 level
•  Limited ranges, rhythms, and independence of parts
•  Active percussion scoring
•  Bass line covered by any low brass or low woodwind instrument
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Larry Clark
In every great story there is always an antagonist, the character of opposing force who is central to the success of the story. Larry Clark has applied this concept to music in a new beginning band piece, fascinating in sound and an excellent cross-curricular tie with English classes, musically illustrating the structure of a good story. This piece is aggressive and at times, purposely antagonizing. Designed with the youngest of players in mind, it works on simple repeated eighth note patterns as the foundation for the melodic material. As is typical in a Larry Clark piece, interesting parts are provided for all instruments, and everyone gets to play the melody.
listen  bps64.mp3 score image  2.4MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 1 BPS64 Set $45.00
Duration 2:14 BPS64F Full Score $6.00
Key C minor BPS64P Parts $3.00
Joseph Compello
Use this delightful original march as your students' first experience with the traditional march form. The piece is tuneful and energetic, just like more difficult marches, but the technical demands are kept at the level of a beginning student. You will enjoy the use of the popular folk song as the melody for the trio.
listen  bps62.mp3 score image  1.5MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 1 BPS62 Set $45.00
Duration 2:29 BPS62F Full Score $6.00
Key E Flat Major BPS62P Parts $3.00
The Lost Tomb
Sean O'Loughlin
Another fantastic new beginning band tour de force from the pen of Sean O'Loughlin. Inspired by historical novels read by the composer, The Lost Tomb begins mysteriously and then moves into an aggressive, bold up-tempo section. It has all of the cinematic characteristics that define O'Loughlin's popular compositions. Your beginning band will sound their absolute best with this strong new piece.
listen  bps61.mp3 score image  2MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 1 BPS61 Set $45.00
Duration 2:21 BPS61F Full Score $6.00
Key C minor BPS61P Parts $3.00
Bill Calhoun
A regal new piece from up and coming composer Bill Calhoun. Promenade can be defined as a “ceremonious opening to a formal event” and in this case, Promenade should provide an excellent opening to your band’s first concert.Your beginning groups will sound marvelous with the strong scoring of this majestic offering; also an ideal piece for contest/festival performance.
listen  bps60.mp3 score image  1.5MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 1 BPS60 Set $45.00
Duration 2:15 BPS60F Full Score $6.00
Key B Flat Major BPS60P Parts $3.00
Rockin' Jingle Bells
Traditional, arranged by Joseph Compello
Rock into Christmas with this fun new arrangement by popular writer Joseph Compello. Joe draws on his many years as a beginning band director to continue to provide beginning bands with fun arrangements that will keep students excited. With its simple, basic rock beat, this is perfect for a beginning band's first holiday concert.
listen  bps63.mp3 score image  1.08MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 1 BPS63 Set $45.00
Duration 1:56 BPS63F Full Score $6.00
Key B Flat Major BPS63P Parts $3.00
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