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•  Instrumentation uses two flutes, three clarinets, three trumpets,
     two horns, and three trombone parts.
•  Difficulty ranges from Grades 3 to 3.5.
•  Generous cross-cueing of exposed or solo parts.
•  Use of expanded percussion writing.
•  Careful selection of keys and degree of difficulty for advancing groups.
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Aisling Gaelach
William G. Harbinson
Composer William Harbinson takes two Irish folk songs and weaves them together in a tapestry of sounds in a symphonic setting. This piece has contest/festival potential written all over it, as we are sure your music list committee will agree.
listen  cps108.mp3 score image  3.89MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS108 Set $85.00
Duration 4:59 CPS108F Full Score $12.00
Key F Major CPS108P Parts $4.00
Bells of Joy
Larry Clark and Rae Moses
Bells of Joy is a new collage of Christmas carols that can be performed with choir and band or just band alone. You will hear the popular tunes "Carol of the Bells," "Joy to the World," "What Child is This?" in a stunning, contemporary arrangement that can be put together in a few rehearsals. Well worth the effort!
listen  cps109.mp3 score image  3.85MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS109 Set $75.00
Duration 4:09 CPS109F Full Score $10.00
Key F minor / B Flat Major CPS109P Parts $3.50
Carol of the Bells
Music by Mikola Leontovich, Words by Peter Wilhousky, Arranged by Bill Calhoun
The classic Christmas carol is given a symphonic treatment that brings out the rich Ukrainian flavor of this popular song. Year after year, this carol is one of the most performed of all Christmas classics and this arrangement does not disappoint.
listen  cps107.mp3 score image 3.5MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS107 Set $75.00
Duration 2:24 CPS107F Full Score $10.00
Key F minor / C minor CPS107P Parts $3.50
A Land Remembered
Larry Clark
A Land Remembered is based on the novel of the same name by Patrick D. Smith, which tells the story of pioneering families in the early days of Florida. The piece is set in three continuous movements, each depicting elements of the story, from the open fanfare, "A New Life in a New Land" to the beautiful "On the Prairie" and the strident final movement, "Hardships on the Rugged Frontier." This piece will demonstrate the skill and musicality of your concert-level band.
listen  cps105.mp3 score image  5.3MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS105 Set $85.00
Duration 7:14 CPS105F Full Score $12.00
Key G minor / B Flat Major / F Major CPS105P Parts $4.00
Mexican Folk Song Fantasy (Percussion Gone Buggy)
Joseph Compello
Joseph Compello uses the famous Mexican folk song "La Cucaracha" as the basis for a concert fantasy. Lots of rhythmic interest and percussion, plus every section of the band gets some of the melodic material. Students interested in Mexican history will find that a little research on the song “La Cucaracha” will reveal some interesting facts about the lyrics. A strong choice for your next concert to include the music of our southern neighbors.
listen  cps103.mp3 score image  2.3MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS103 Set $85.00
Duration 3:10 CPS103F Full Score $12.00
Key E Flat Major / F Major CPS103P Parts $4.00
Morning in Madrid
Bill Calhoun
Spanish-style rhythms, melodies and harmonies abound in this lovely new concert work from composer Bill Calhoun. From the opening “bird-like” calls from the woodwinds accompanied by the ascending chords in the clarinets and the brass, one can picture the sun rising above the horizon at the start of a Morning in Madrid. This piece will help you teach your students about lyrical expression while playing.
listen  cps104.mp3 score image  3.8MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS104 Set $85.00
Duration 3:54 CPS104F Full Score $12.00
Key B Flat Major CPS104P Parts $4.00
Mystic Portal
Sean O'Loughlin
From the mysterious opening to the energetic and heroic fast section, Mystic Portal is a dramatic journey for the developing concert band. The music is highly influenced by O'Loughlin's love for historically-based novels, with the intention of portraying all the tension and action of the written word in a musical context.
listen  cps110.mp3 score image  4.3MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS110 Set $85.00
Duration 4:57 CPS110F Full Score $12.00
Key C minor CPS110P Parts $4.00
The Old Red Mill
Brant Karrick
As one of the most stunning new pieces in the catalog this year, The Old Red Mill may be Brant Karrick's best work to date. It opens with a lush and beautiful lyrical section before moving into a very creative, lilting up-tempo section. The piece has a down-home feel, but is a wonderful new addition to the literature. It is surely destined to become a standard.
listen  cps111.mp3 score image  1.3MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS111 Set $85.00
Duration 4:26 CPS111F Full Score $12.00
Key F Major CPS111P Parts $4.00
Rifle Regiment (March)
John Philip Sousa, Arranged by Andrew Balent
When you hear the names John Phillip Sousa and Andrew Balent, you know they have to do with something great! Balent takes one of Sousa's most popular marches and works it down to keep some of the technical demands in check for most younger bands. Sousa wrote this march in 1886 to commemorate The Third Infantry, known as “The Old Guard.”
listen  cps102.mp3 score image  3.71MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS102 Set $75.00
Duration 3:27 CPS102F Full Score $10.00
Key B Flat Major / E Flat Major CPS102P Parts $3.50
Slavonic Dance No. 8
Antonin Dvorak, Arranged by Andrew Balent
Arranger Andrew Balent takes the famous Dvorak piece and sets it for the modern concert band. What a great opportunity for bands to perform a fantastic classical piece that adapts so well in the hands of a master arranger! These are the types of arrangements that Balent is so famous for, given their seamless translation to concert band.
listen  cps106.mp3 score image  4.55MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS106 Set $85.00
Duration 4:25 CPS106F Full Score $12.00
Key G minor CPS106P Parts $4.00
Winter on Emerald Bay
Alan Lee Silva
Bold music in the Celtic style from composer Alan Lee Silva, Winter on Emerald Bay has a rollicking 12/8 feel with lots of shifting textures and timbres. Emotions go from aggressive fanfare -like figures to flowing woodwind lines, punctuated by unique percussion scoring. This definitely has contest/festival potential.
listen  cps112.mp3 score image  980KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 CPS112 Set $85.00
Duration 3:59 CPS112F Full Score $12.00
Key A Flat Major / B Flat Major CPS112P Parts $4.00
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