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•  Instrumentation uses one flute, two clarinets, two trumpets,
     one horn, and trombone/baritone together
•  Difficulty ranges from Grades 1.5 to 2
•  Second clarinet stays below break and break crossing
     considered for first clarinet
•  Active percussion scoring
•  Bass line covered by multiple instruments
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Blast from the Past
Joseph Compello
Get your students swinging with this delightful original swing tune from composer Joseph Compello. This piece is reminiscent of the big band era and the melodies and harmonies evoke the feeling of all the great big bands of the '30s and '40s. Students love to play swing music and this is a great opportunity for young musicians to get into the style.
listen  fps86.mp3 score image  1.71MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 1.5 FPS86 Set $50.00
Duration 2:34 FPS86F Full Score $8.00
Key E Flat Major / B Flat Major FPS86P Parts $3.00
Fanfare for a King
William Duncombe, arranged by Andrew Balent
Based on the popular piano piece Fanfare Minuet, this Baroque classic has all of the majesty of a work such as Handel's famous Firework Music. Arranger Andrew Balent has given developing bands a wonderful transcription that can be used to teach this important style and era in musical history. It is also gives you great tools to teach and reinforce basic eighth note rhythms for young players. An elegant addition to the program for an early concert.
listen  fps84.mp3 score image  687KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 1.5 FPS84 Set $50.00
Duration 2:12 FPS84F Full Score $8.00
Key B Flat Major / E Flat Major FPS84P Parts $3.00
Into the Darkness
Bill Calhoun
From its mysterious introduction to its dynamic finale, Into the Darkness transports you to the fantasy world of the supernatural. Composed in D minor, the serious nature of Into the Darkness will spark your students’ interest, creating an emotional performance and musical intensity for their audience.This piece gives you ample opportunity to teach musicianship and new rhythms to your group.
listen  fps82.mp3 score image  1.73MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 1.5 FPS82 Set $50.00
Duration 1:51 FPS82F Full Score $8.00
Key D minor FPS82P Parts $3.00
Larry Clark
You will hear the power and aggressive nature of the medieval tournament in this strong new work for developing bands by Larry Clark. Larry's pieces are some of the most performed at this grade level and this piece proves why with its bold rhythms, powerful harmonies and singable melodies. Every section of the band gets to shine in this contest/festival style piece.
listen  fps88.mp3 score image  2.21MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 1.5 FPS88 Set $50.00
Duration 2:47 FPS88F Full Score $8.00
Key F minor FPS88P Parts $3.00
Jurassic Shark
Joseph Compello
Following up on the success of the piece T-Rex, composer Joseph Compello depicts through music the Megalodon. This dramatic piece depicts the prehistoric shark with enormous teeth as it swims ominously and persistently in the dark ocean depths. Students are intrigued by dinosaurs and this piece is a way to inspire them using something they are interested in. They will want to play this piece every day!
listen  fps85.mp3 score image  1.55MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 1.5 FPS85 Set $50.00
Duration 2:31 FPS85F Full Score $8.00
Key C minor FPS85P Parts $3.00
Oceania Dances
Kevin Mixon
Oceania Dances uses traditional music from Tahiti and Hawaii, islands located in the geographic region of the Pacific Ocean commonly referred to as Oceania. The recurring rhythms, prominently presented in the percussion solo sections, are derived from frenetic percussion music used to accompany Tahitian dancers.This piece gives you the chance to include the music of other cultures, but yet still has all of the traits of solid band literature. You can't go wrong with this selection for contest/festival.
listen  fps83.mp3 score image  2.63MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 1.5 FPS83 Set $50.00
Duration 3:04 FPS83F Full Score $8.00
Key E Flat Major FPS83P Parts $3.00
Promised Land
Sean O'Loughlin
Promised Land is a serious-sounding, new piece for the developing band that sounds much more difficult than it plays, allowing your students to show off while remaining at their ability level. The title has its roots in the ideals of John Humphrey Noyes, who founded the Oneida community in the late 1840s. He built a thriving agricultural and spiritual community that became his “promised land.” The music depicts the struggles and triumph of those first settlers in the area, who worked the land and fought for their ideals through much persecution. Promised Land contains all of the rhythmic interest and memorable motives that Sean's music is so known for. It is also an excellent choice for contest/festival.
listen  fps81.mp3 score image  2MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 1.5 FPS81 Set $50.00
Duration 2:23 FPS81F Full Score $8.00
Key C minor FPS81P Parts $3.00
Victory and Celebration
Alan Lee Silva
Sparkling fanfare gestures and celebratory music are the theme of this dynamic new piece from composer Alan Lee Silva. Open harmonies are used with memorable melodies in this exciting new work for developing bands. You can hear Silva's influences with his truly American style in this winning new piece.
listen  fps87.mp3 score image  1.87MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 1.5 FPS87 Set $50.00
Duration 2:17 FPS87F Full Score $8.00
Key E Flat Major FPS87P Parts $3.00
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