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Da Vincian Visions (Fanfare, Theme and Variants)
Larry Clark
This piece is a tribute to the Da Vincian model of creativity. Using a single theme, Larry Clark uses da Vinci's approach to view this theme from every angle. Clark starts with a fanfare, followed by an original theme, then presents a multitude of variations on the themes in different keys, styles and time signatures. You'll find everything from African style to jigs in this incredibly complex piece; well worth the effort for your band.
listen  sps45.mp3 score image  1.29MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 5 SPS45 Set $95.00
Duration 6:48 SPS45F Full Score $15.00
Key B Flat Major / A Flat Major SPS45P Parts $4.00
Holiday Portraits
Traditional, Arranged by Sean O'Loughlin
If you are looking for a challenging Christmas piece that is well worth the effort, look no further then this magnum opus from composer/arranger Sean O'Loughlin. You will hear a potpourri of Christmas favorites cleverly weaved together with snippets of symphonic music favorites. Try to spot the tributes to Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Gershwin, Bartok and even Bernstein along the way. This piece is ideal as an opener or closer for your holiday concert.
listen  sps28.mp3 score image  5.45MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 5 SPS28 Set $95.00
Duration 5:34 SPS28F Full Score $15.00
Key B Flat Major / D Flat Major / C Major SPS28P Parts $4.00
The King of Love My Shepherd Is
Irish Hymn Tune, Originally arranged for chorus by Dan Forrest,
    Transcribed for Band by Jess Langston Turner
This beautiful setting of a popular hymn has had success as a choral work as arranged by Dan Forrest. Arranger Jess Turner has transcribed Mr. Forrest's brilliant choral setting for the symphonic band, and the result is ultra-lush and incredibly beautiful; dripping with musicality.
listen  sps44.mp3 score image  793KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 4.5 SPS44 Set $85.00
Duration 5:44 SPS44F Full Score $12.00
Key D Major / E Flat Major SPS44P Parts $4.00
Polaska Przeplatanka
Traditional Polish Songs, Arranged by Carl Strommen
An exceptional concert rhapsody that includes four Polish folk songs that everyone on the street corners in Poland would know. These are the real deal, the songs that are some of the most popular in the country. Carl Strommen has faithfully preserved them in this authentic sounding medley for concert band. This will be an audience favorite.
listen  sps47.mp3 score image  1MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 4.5 SPS47 Set $85.00
Duration 5:46 SPS47F Full Score $12.00
Key F Major / B Flat Major / F minor / G minor SPS47P Parts $4.00
St. Louis Blues
W. C. Handy, Arranged by Jerry Nowak
This jazz standard is given a swinging treatment by master arranger Jerry Nowak, giving it an exceptionally cool sound and making it fun to play. Perfect for community bands, this is a welcome change of pace for any concert that your audience will love to hear.
listen  sps43.mp3 score image  1.2MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 4 SPS43 Set $85.00
Duration 3:56 SPS43F Full Score $12.00
Key B Flat Major / C Major SPS43P Parts $4.00
Winds Along the Whippany
Sean O'Loughlin
Winds Along the Whippany is a dynamic, new and sophisticated work for advanced ensembles. It is bold, energetic and contains all of the rhythmic interest and melodic drive that have become the signatures of Sean O'Loughlin. Written in tribute to the Hanover Township in New Jersey, O'Loughlin honors its important days during the American Revolution and its current position adjacent to the budding hub of New York City.
listen  sps46.mp3 score image  1.25MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 5 SPS46 Set $95.00
Duration 5:42 SPS46F Full Score $15.00
Key B Flat Mixolydian / E Flat Mixolydian SPS46P Parts $4.00
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