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•  Instrumentation uses one flute, two clarinets, two trumpets,
     one horn, and one tuba
•  Difficulty ranges from Grades 2 to 2.5
•  Second clarinet stays below break
•  Active percussion scoring
•  Limited independence of part writing
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Advance (March)
Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark

Larry Clark continues to dig through all of the wonderful marches of Henry Fillmore (using the pseudonym Harold Bennett) to provide young bands everywhere excellent marches for contest/festival. These tuneful little gems are some of the best young band marches ever written and Advance is no exception. Directors have been eagerly awaiting yearly installments in the Bennett march series for over ten years.
listen  yps86.mp3 score image  1.93MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS86 Set $60.00
Duration 2:10 YPS86F Full Score $10.00
Key B Flat Major / E Flat Major YPS86P Parts $3.50
Christmas Classique
Arranged by Larry Clark

This wonderful new Christmas arrangement takes classical music such as the famous Beethoven Sonata Pathétique and the Bach Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring and combines them with holiday favorites such as O, Come All Ye Faithful and Come, All Ye Shepherds. By combining well-loved Christmas carols with standard classical fare, Larry Clark has created a gorgeous new holiday piece for your young band that will delight audiences.
listen  yps92.mp3 score image  2.44MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS92 Set $60.00
Duration 3:45 YPS92F Full Score $10.00
Key B Flat Major YPS92P Parts $3.50
Sean O'Loughlin

Jam! is one of the most fun and unique pieces your concert band will perform in their musical development. As a professional musician, a performer will often be called upon to play in many different styles. Jam! provides an opportunity to explore some of those non-classical styles. The band truly does get to jam on this piece, with some hand-clapping to add to the fun!
listen  yps93.mp3 score image  3.81MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS93 Set $60.00
Duration 3:05 YPS93F Full Score $10.00
Key F minor YPS93P Parts $3.50
March in the Shadows
Ed Kiefer

If you are looking for a different type of march to play this coming year, look no further. Here is a serious, yet quirky little march from composer Ed Kiefer for young bands. Beginning very quietly and in a minor key, it reminded the composer of something lurking in the shadows, hence the title. We know your students will like it.
listen  yps89.mp3 score image  1.32MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS89 Set $60.00
Duration 3:52 YPS89F Full Score $10.00
Key F minor YPS89P Parts $3.50
Bill Calhoun

As the title implies, this piece is mysterious in nature, composed with elements of musical intensity, dynamic contrast and harmonic interest. Composer Bill Calhoun draws on his experience of over 25 years of teaching middle school band to bring us an exciting new piece that students will enjoy playing. Perfect for contest/festival if you want your young band to sound their best.
listen  yps87.mp3 score image  2.78MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS87 Set $60.00
Duration 3:15 YPS87F Full Score $10.00
Key D minor YPS87P Parts $3.50
El Palo Alto
Gene Milford

A true rhapsody for band, reminiscent of the famous rhapsodies by Clare Grundman. Gene Milford takes folk songs from the state of California and develops them into a stunning new concert work for the young band. This piece plus a nice concert overture would make a great selection for festival.
listen  yps88.mp3 score image  2.32MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS88 Set $60.00
Duration 2:25 YPS88F Full Score $10.00
Key E Flat Major YPS88P Parts $3.50
Pieces of Eight
Larry Clark

Written as a commission for the Georgia District 10 Honor Band, Larry Clark has drawn on the history of the coast of Georgia where the pirate Blackbeard was thought to have stashed his treasure. He has written an intriguing concert overture for young bands with this flavor. Not only will your students love it, but there are many musical opportunities for teaching as well.
listen  yps94.mp3 score image  3.5MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS94 Set $60.00
Duration 4:19 YPS94F Full Score $10.00
Key F minor YPS94P Parts $3.50
Carl Strommen

Hear the sounds of the mountains in this dynamic new concert work for young bands. Carl Strommen branches out in composing a work for Grade 2 level, lending the skill and expertise seen in his other well-loved works. We know you will agree that this has serious potential for festival performance, and will be instrumental in bringing home the gold!
listen  yps91.mp3 score image  1.24MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS91 Set $60.00
Duration 3:31 YPS91F Full Score $10.00
Key E Flat Major / F Major YPS91P Parts $3.50
Through London Streets
Alan Lee Silva

From the opening ominous chimes and haunting flute melody to the rapid staccato notes and final thundering ensemble accents, this piece evokes images of mystery and suspense. Loosely based on scenes from Sherlock Holmes stories, Through London Streets follows the mythical detective as he searches misty lanes and foggy boulevards for his foe. This is a serious band work from a composer who is quickly becoming one of the most popular composers for young players.
listen  yps90.mp3 score image  1.38MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS90 Set $60.00
Duration 2:38 YPS90F Full Score $10.00
Key G minor YPS90P Parts $3.50
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