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•  Instrumentation uses two flutes, three clarinets, three trumpets,
     two horns, and three trombone parts.
•  Difficulty ranges from Grades 3 to 3.5.
•  Generous cross-cueing of exposed or solo parts.
•  Use of expanded percussion writing.
•  Careful selection of keys and degree of difficulty for advancing groups.
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Capriccio Italien
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, arranged by Joseph Compello

The famous Tchaikovsky orchestral classic is faithfully arranged for the modern concert band by arranger Joseph Compello. All the excitement and flair of the original work are preserved, while remaining within the technical grasp of this level. Your band will sound majestic and mature with this tried-and-true favorite.
listen  CPS117.mp3 score image  1.14MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 3.5 CPS117 Set $85.00 
Duration 5:42 CPS117F Full Score $12.00 
Key Ab Major, G minor CPS117P Parts $4.00 call
Carl Strommen

A concert fanfare to commemorate a special occasion is the genesis of this excellent work by Carl Strommen. Beginning with a brass fanfare and employing tight harmonies, the processional-type theme makes it an excellent candidate for a graduation ceremony. Send those college-bound kids off in style!
listen  CPS119.mp3 score image  965KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 3 CPS119 Set $75.00 
Duration 3:23 CPS119F Full Score $12.00 
Key F Major CPS119P Parts $4.00 call
Bill Calhoun

After an atmospheric opening, Bill Calhoun presents us with a contemporary concert overture in 3/4 time, easing into a lush middle section before the return of the introduction in a new key. Not only will your percussion section love their lively parts in this work, but your whole band gets a chance to play moving melody lines. This musical adventure is an asset to concert and festival programs.
listen  CPS116.mp3 score image  980KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 3 CPS116 Set $75.00 
Duration 3:33 CPS116F Full Score $12.00 
Key G minor, C minor CPS116P Parts $4.00 call
Converse Fantasy
William G. Harbinson

An exceptional new composition based upon the hymn "Converse” (commonly known as “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”), William Harbinson has crafted a concert overture using the hymn’s theme as a starting point. Beginning with brilliant brass fanfares and woodwind flourishes, the middle section is made up of an inversion of the hymn tune, and ends with a dramatic climax. This work is simply beautiful and heartfelt; showcasing your group’s musical expression like no other.
listen  CPS113.mp3 score image  1.32MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 3.5 CPS113 Set $85.00 
Duration 6:31 CPS113F Full Score $12.00 
Key Eb Major, Bb Major, F Major CPS113P Parts $4.00 call
Sean O'Loughlin

Like so many of his works, Sean O’Loughlin’s Emblazon runs the gamut of musical emotion to stretch the musicianship of your students. Written in memory of a student at Falmouth High School in Massachusetts, this piece celebrates her infectious energy and zest for life with its vibrant and exciting tone. Truly touching and joyful, Emblazon is an ideal contest and festival work.
listen  CPS118.mp3 score image  1.1MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 3 CPS118 Set $85.00 
Duration 5:55 CPS118F Full Score $12.00 
Key C minor, Eb Major CPS118P Parts $4.00 call
Escape the Lost City
Alan Lee Silva

It’s time to run! Erupting from the outset, Escape the Lost City drives forward with wild intensity. With all the thrilling qualities of an action movie score, this work’s quick ensemble figures, played with precision and passion, conclude this whirlwind journey. Hang on tight and wow the judges with this one!
listen  CPS122.mp3 score image  1.1MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 3.5 CPS122 Set $75.00 
Duration 3:30 CPS122F Full Score $12.00 
Key C minor, F Major CPS122P Parts $4.00 call
Hands across the Sea (March)  
John Philip Sousa, arranged by Andrew Balent

Andrew Balent arranging John Philip Sousa is a winning combination in itself, and this popular march has been scaled down sensitively and carefully for the younger band. Inspired by the friendship between the United States and their allies overseas, Sousa composed this march after hearing the phrase, "A sudden thought strikes me; let us swear eternal friendship." The touching patriotism and bold happiness of this work will make your group shine.
listen  CPS114.mp3 score image  1MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 3 CPS114 Set $85.00 
Duration 3:15 CPS114F Full Score $12.00 
Key F Major, Bb Major CPS114P Parts $4.00 call
Larry Clark

Larry Clark’s natural instinct is to provide great concert band music, and once again, trusting his gut feeling has resulted in another winner. Instinct blazes out of the starting gate with an aggressive 6/8 theme, which is then manipulated and developed over the course of this great concert opener or closer. We’re willing to bet that your audience will be out of their seats by the end.
listen  CPS120.mp3 score image  1.1MB Where to Buy
Level Grade 3.5 CPS120 Set $75.00 
Duration 3:32 CPS120F Full Score $12.00 
Key C minor CPS120P Parts $4.00 call
Ugandan Festival
Kevin Mixon

Turn your next performance into a spirited East African celebration! Centered on traditional Acholi music from Uganda, this piece introduces students to East African music with all its rhythmic drive and infectious energy. Proceeds from the sales of this work will be donated to The Patongo Fund (, which provides music education and music therapy for northern Ugandan Acholi refugee children. Your students will have a blast playing this piece, especially while knowing they are helping to make the world a better place.
listen  CPS115.mp3 score image  991KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 3 CPS115 Set $75.00 
Duration 4:25 CPS115F Full Score $12.00 
Key Bb (Mixolydian), Eb CPS115P Parts $4.00 call
Welcome Yule!  
Traditional, arranged by Gene Milford

Yule or Yuletide is an ancient midwinter festival in areas of Northern Europe, and today “Yuletide” is often used in reference to the Christmas and New Year’s season. Gene Milford has arranged the classic “Wassailing Song” along with the “Sussex Carol” to reflect the festive Yuletide season and the cheer we feel while caroling among others in the winter snow. Your group will love playing this at their winter concert.
listen  CPS121.mp3 score image  880KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 3 CPS121 Set $85.00 
Duration 2:14 CPS121F Full Score $12.00 
Key F Major, Ab Major CPS121P Parts $4.00 call
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