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•  Instrumentation uses one flute, two clarinets, two trumpets,
     one horn, and one tuba
•  Difficulty ranges from Grades 2 to 2.5
•  Second clarinet stays below break
•  Active percussion scoring
•  Limited independence of part writing
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The Airships
George Sweet

The Airships floats just like the aircrafts the piece is named after, inspired by composer George Sweet's childhood love of fantasy and adventure novels. Bold and strident, the dramatic ending of The Airships will inspire great confidence in your students.
listen  YPS101.mp3 score image  774KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS101 Set $60.00 
Duration 2:20 YPS101F Full Score $10.00 
Key F Major YPS101P Parts $3.50 call
Amazing Grace
Traditional, arranged by Sean O'Loughlin

This is an absolutely stunning setting of this wildly popular hymn. While incredibly musical, Sean O'Loughlin's Amazing Grace remains within the technical demands of younger musicians. The melody exudes a simple beauty that reminded the composer of the wonderment of the birth of his daughter. Your students will be swept away by the soulful ease of this favorite.
listen  YPS99.mp3 score image  851KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS99 Set $60.00 
Duration 4:00 YPS99F Full Score $10.00 
Key F Major, Ab Major YPS99P Parts $3.50 call
Angels in the Bleak Midwinter
Gustav Holst, arranged by Larry Clark

Larry Clark has a certain knack for combining beloved Christmas carols and making them sound as if they always belonged together. In this work, your students will get to play not only Holst’s haunting, lovely “In the Bleak Midwinter,” but also the joyous “Angels We Have Heard on High.” This is the perfect piece to end your holiday concert with a feeling of warmth and joy.
listen  YPS104.mp3 score image  773KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS104 Set $60.00 
Duration 4:05 YPS104F Full Score $10.00 
Key F Major YPS104P Parts $3.50 call
Dance of the Harlequins
Larry Clark

Dance of the Harlequins is a dance-like composition that uses the harmonic progression of the famous Pachelbel Canon as its basis. Depicting the painted, jerky harlequin clown, it is at times playful, and others, simply beautiful. The familiarity of the famous bass line makes this work feel comfortable and pleasurably original at the same time, and your groups will love the new spin on the Pachelbel Canon.
listen  YPS103.mp3 score image  933KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS103 Set $60.00 
Duration 3:37 YPS103F Full Score $10.00 
Key Eb Major YPS103P Parts $3.50 call
Natya (Dance-Drama from India)
Kevin Mixon

Broaden the horizons of your students with music inspired from India and used as the basis of this effective new concert band work. Your students get the opportunity to vocalize syllables in an authentic manner for this style of music. Kevin Mixon has gained a following for his skills in writing multicultural band music while keeping the authenticity of the music intact. Your students will truly feel the spirit of Natya, a Sanskrit word meaning “dance” and/or “drama,” as the two are inextricably linked in much of Indian tradition.
listen  YPS97.mp3 score image  892KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS97 Set $60.00 
Duration 3:03 YPS97F Full Score $10.00 
Key G minor YPS97P Parts $3.50 call
Precision (March)
Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark

Larry Clark has been breathing new life into Harold Bennett’s delightful marches for younger groups over the past decade, and your group will absolutely love Precision. A wonderful tool for teaching younger students the March style, this work also introduces them to the “break strain.” A great way to show your band the genius of Bennett marches at the earliest point possible!
listen  YPS102.mp3 score image  914KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS102 Set $60.00 
Duration 2:29 YPS102F Full Score $10.00 
Key Eb Major, Ab Major YPS102P Parts $3.50 call
Refining the March Style (Warm-ups and Fundamentals)
Larry Clark

Based on our popular New Bennett Band book series, we have compiled march-style warm-ups in a separate publication so they may be used by all bands wishing to learn from them. These innovative warm-ups and fundamental drills are the ultimate method of teaching and reinforcing the March style.
listen  YPS105.mp3 score image  850KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS105 Set $60.00 
Duration 2:53 YPS105F Full Score $10.00 
Key Bb Major, Eb Major, Ab Major YPS105P Parts $3.50 call
The Royal Sword
Bill Calhoun

From its opening fanfare to its aggressive final climax, The Royal Sword provides both the performer and listener with a musical portrayal of medieval times. Its regal and exciting depiction of stately kings and queens makes this piece an exciting addition to your concert or festival program.
listen  YPS96.mp3 score image  868KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS96 Set $60.00 
Duration 3:28 YPS96F Full Score $10.00 
Key Bb (Modal) YPS96P Parts $3.50 call
Song of India
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, arranged by Andrew Balent

This sultry classical favorite from Rimsky-Korsakov is faithfully arranged for young bands by Andrew Balent. Andy has a knack for retaining the essence of standard classical repertoire, while toning the technical difficulties down to the students' ability levels. Paying close attention to dynamic changes and ensemble balance will make this a winner in contest and festival settings.
listen  YPS98.mp3 score image  818KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS98 Set $60.00 
Duration 3?27 YPS98F Full Score $10.00 
Key Eb Major YPS98P Parts $3.50 call
Tap Out
Carl Strommen

Feature your percussion section in this tap-dance style game changer. Bring all of your percussionists to the front and let them shine with this lighthearted original piece; sure to be a welcome change of pace at your concert!
listen  YPS100.mp3 score image  770KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS100 Set $60.00 
Duration 2:48 YPS100F Full Score $10.00 
Key Bb Major YPS100P Parts $3.50 call
Tubasaurus Rex
Gene Milford

A feature for the tuba section or tuba soloist, Tubasaurus Rex will put your tubists in the spotlight and make them feel like royalty. Containing the opportunity to demonstrate both light march and swing styles, everyone in the band will enjoy performing this number. You could also use Tubasaurus Rex to highlight a soloist in a repeat performance. An advanced download version of the solo part is available free as a printable PDF here.
listen  YPS95.mp3 score image  957KB Where to Buy
Level Grade 2 YPS95 Set $60.00 
Duration 2:36 YPS95F Full Score $10.00 
Key Eb Major YPS95P Parts $3.50 call
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