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Concert Band
(Grade 3 to 3.5 — Green Cover)
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•  Instrumentation uses two flutes, three clarinets, three trumpets,
     two horns, and three trombone parts.
•  Difficulty ranges from Grades 3 to 3.5.
•  Generous cross-cueing of exposed or solo parts.
•  Use of expanded percussion writing.
•  Careful selection of keys and degree of difficulty for advancing groups.
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Angels Sing
Bill Calhoun

Angels Sing
Angels Sing is a symphonic mix of the two familiar Christmas carols: “Angels We Have Heard on High” and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” Both themes are seamlessly woven together to create a composition that will develop your group’s musicality. Listen for thematic fragments throughout all the voices and pay close attention to the work’s tempo and meter changes. Angels Sing is a piece worthy of serious study, filled with emotional moments to satisfy both the performer and listener alike.
listen  CPS141.mp3 score image  1.33MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS141 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:48 CPS141F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major CPS141P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Larry Clark

It is all too common for pieces to be written for the loss of members of high school bands. This is such a piece, but it is uplifting and inspiring, serving as a touching tribute to the lives lost. The piece takes the listener on a journey through the stages of grief and uses a popular hymn as the basis for this serious new work by popular composer Larry Clark.
listen  CPS138.mp3 score image  1.66MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS138 - Set $90.00
Duration: 5:55 CPS138F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS138P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Circle in a Square
Ed Kiefer

Circle in a Square
This piece was commissioned in memory of an extraordinary English teacher. He spent every day reminding his students that their effort was more important than talent, IQ, or ability. This piece depicts the way this teacher engaged his students. It begins with the welcoming of students at the door and builds into the excitement and intensity of the class itself, finishing with the teacher saying goodbye until tomorrow. A different and bright piece with a positive message from composer Ed Kiefer.
listen  CPS143.mp3 score image  1.6MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS143 - Set $90.00
Duration: 4:49 CPS143F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Modal CPS143P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Express Yourself

The Art of Expressive PlayingThe Art of Expressive Playing
A Study in Individual, Small Ensemble, and Large Group Performance
By Jerry Nowak and Henry Nowak

While there are no absolute rules concerning expressive playing and phrasing, this innovative series clearly lays out basic concepts that help players become good musicians.

The series focuses on the natural relationship between meter, rhythm, contour, tonality, style and historical period, and guides the player to a greater understanding of factors that can improve performance. This one of a kind text, written for teachers, woodwind, brass, and percussion players, will help stimulate and cultivate more musical playing by individual musicians and by ensembles as a whole.

Teacher’s Manual w/ CD
JB51 - $26.95
Brass and Percussion
JB52 - $9.95
Woodwinds and Mallets
JB53 - $9.95

Conducting the Music, Not the MusiciansAlso Available from Jerry Nowak and Henry Nowak —

Conducting the Music,
Not the Musicians

O5536 - $80.00

The Ides of March
Sean O'Loughlin

The Ides of March
Sean O’Loughlin’s The Ides of March is pulse-pounding and haunting; a dramatic composition for band. This work celebrates the composer's love of modern film music and is an exercise in economy of musical material while remaining wonderfully melodic and elegant.
listen  CPS142.mp3 score image  1.28MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS142 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:19 CPS142F - Full Score $12.00
Key:   CPS142P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Carl Strommen

An Irish-style original tour de force from composer Carl Strommen. It has everything from infectious folk-like tunes to jig rhythms, all powered with rhythmic energy that propels this exceptional piece to great heights.
listen  CPS146.mp3 score image  1.45MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS146 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:17 CPS146F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Modal CPS146P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Bill Calhoun

Harkening back to the soundtracks of old Saturday matinee movies, Bill Calhoun gives us an appealing new piece for contest or festival performance. It contains sweeping melodic phrases and lush harmonies with plenty of musical content for every section of the ensemble. This will be a great piece to build the musicianship of your group and emphasize them in a festival setting.
listen  CPS139.mp3 score image  1.22MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS139 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:24 CPS139F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS139P - Parts $4.00 contact us
The Picadore (March)
John Philip Sousa, arranged by Andrew Balent

The Picadore
John Philip Sousa wrote this great march when he was the leader of the Marine band in 1889, and it depicts the experience of a horseman during a bullfight. In a distinctive minor key to start, this is a unique Sousa march. Arranger Andrew Balent has tamed this march down in difficulty without loosing the intent of the original. A nice choice for a warm-up march at contest or festival.
listen  CPS140.mp3 score image  1.19MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS140 - Set $90.00
Duration: 2:56 CPS140F - Full Score $12.00
Key: G minor, Bb Major, Eb Major CPS140P - Parts $4.00 contact us
wind band select

Wind Band Select
A Distinctive New Series of Publications for the Wind Band Medium

The Wind Band Select series from Carl Fischer Music and Theodore Presser Company is designed to feature the finest music by today’s newest and most exciting composers of music for wind band. Standard sets of parts, and large size full scores, are sold as separate items for your ease of use and ordering.

Wind Band Select publications are spotlighted at with complete recordings, and browsable PDF files of scores, to enable conductors to study these new cutting-edge works before purchasing.

George Sweet

This piece takes you right out of the box! It is exciting and aggressive, with piercing contemporary harmonies. Lots of pyramid effects contrasted by soaring horn lines in the middle section, accented by a constant drive and energy that will get any concert off to a great start.
listen  CPS144.mp3 score image  1.29MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS144 - Set $90.00
Duration: 4:09 CPS144F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C minor CPS144P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Solo Trumpet with Band Accompaniment

Soaring is an exciting composition for solo trumpet and concert band. The music is celebratory in nature and features the dynamic and rhythmic range of the trumpet. The piece opens with an American rhythmic gesture reminiscent of Aaron Copland and John Williams. The trumpet answers this gesture with a bold cadenza that will transform into the main melody a little later on in the piece. If you have a good trumpet player, this would be a great choice to feature them or it can be used with a feature soloist from elsewhere. Just gorgeous.
listen  CPS137.mp3 score image  1.43MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS137 - Set $90.00
Duration: 5:14 CPS137F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major CPS137P - Parts $4.00 contact us
With Visions of Tomorrow
Brant Karrick

With Visions of Tomorrow
With Visions of Tomorrow is homage to the human spirit and its desire to learn, achieve more, and work towards improving our societies. It also symbolizes hope for a prosperous and peaceful future. Each day mankind realizes amazing technological breakthroughs and new wonders of science, arts and industry. With this in mind, the piece contains something for everyone; an eclectic barrage of musical ideas and style woven together with the hope for the future, and finishing, as it began, with a lively fanfare.
listen  CPS145.mp3 score image  1.86MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS145 - Set $90.00
Duration: 7:02 CPS145F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb, Eb, Db, F Major CPS145P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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