Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed.
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Primer Band
(Grade 1/2 — Orange Cover)
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It's the new Primer Band Series,
featuring works at the 0.5 grade level

• For bands with as little as ten weeks of study
• All pieces use only the first 6 notes of the Bb scale
• Limited Instrumentation - one of each part,
     bass line covered by all low brass and low woodwinds
• Alternate parts for Horn that puts them in a better range,
     Trombone that does not go past 4th position
• Bass Clarinet part is also an optional Euphonium T.C. part
• Clarinet below the break
• Simple rhythms of whole, half and quarter notes.
     If eighth notes used only two repeated
• Active Percussion writing
• Timpani is an optional part
• Short pieces - length is a consideration for young embouchures

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Admiration (March)
Larry Clark
Admiration After just ten weeks of study, you can get your students to play in the march style, which is essential to the band’s heritage. Admiration March has all of the standard trademarks of an American style march -- but with very limited notes and rhythms. Totally tuneful and fun to play!
  PPS11.mp3 score image  743KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS11 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:56 PPS11F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major PPS11P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Anasazi Legend
Joseph Compello

Anasazi Legend
Anasazi Legend is an original contest-style composition written to accommodate the performance capabilities of the youngest of beginning bands. The title refers to the ancient Anasazi culture which mysteriously disappeared from what is now the American Southwest centuries ago. A striking and forceful work that your students and audiences will love.
listen  PPS15.mp3 See the score  824KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS15 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:45 PPS15F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor PPS15P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Angels on Parade
Carl Strommen
Angels on Parade For very beginning students, Carl Strommen gives us a new arrangement of a popular Christmas carol in march style, making it sound as if angels are marching down the street in a parade. This well-scored arrangement will play very easily for young students while sounding full and strong Take a serious look at this for your next holiday concert.
  PPS9.mp3 score image  745KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS9 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:53 PPS9F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major PPS9P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Buglers Rule
Joseph Compello

Buglers Rule
Buglers Rule is a trumpet section feature for the youngest of beginning bands, using only the first six notes of the B-flat scale. It is written with a march feel, so it can also be used to introduce this important style to beginning players.
listen  PPS14.mp3 score image  858KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS14 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:57 PPS14F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major PPS14P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Larry Clark
Larry Clark is known for writing exciting pieces for the youngest of students, and this upbeat concert piece is playable after a very limited amount of study. Chronicles is especially compatible with many of the band methods in use today, and it will pave the way for your students' musical and expressive growth.
  PPS5.mp3 score image  852KB where to buy

Level: Grade 0.5 PPS5 Set $45.00
Duration: 2:40 PPS5F Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major PPS5P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Christmas Mash-Up (March)
Larry Clark

Christmas Mash-Up
Take lots of familiar Christmas tunes, mix them all together in a march style and you have Christmas Mash-Up. It is set for the youngest of players using only the first six notes and the most difficult rhythm in the winds is a quarter note. This one is perfect for featuring your band after as little as ten weeks of study and their very first holiday concert. Mash-ups are a pop culture sensation and Christmas Mash-Up will turn your band into exactly that!
listen  PPS18.mp3 score image  908KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS18 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:35 PPS18F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major PPS18P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Larry Clark

A fanfare-like piece that makes even the youngest of players sound advanced beyond their abilities. Its technical demands are very limited, but the music is daring and exciting for the players and audience alike. Another winner from Larry Clark!
listen  PPS17.mp3 score image  946KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS17 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:57 PPS17F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Eb Major PPS17P - Parts $3.00 contact us
In Time for the Holidays (Jingle Bells)
Bill Calhoun

In Time for the Holidays
In Time for the Holidays is a beginning band treatment of the Christmas favorite “Jingle Bells.” Complete with the seasonal percussion effects of two wood/temple blocks, sleigh bells and slapstick/whip, this arrangement uses just the first six notes of the B-flat concert scale in each part. This should make the piece very playable for your beginning band’s first concert, just “In Time for the Holidays.”
listen  PPS12.mp3 score image  868KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS12 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:07 PPS12F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major PPS12P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Joseph Compello
Inception means “the starting point,” and with this work, your students' introduction to performance music is made especially exciting with Inception’s strong, serious style. This piece will serve as the student's first introduction to truly exciting band music. Popular composer Joseph Compello gives fledgling musicians a chance to put their initial skills to use in front of an audience.
  PPS3.mp3 score image  716KB where to buy

Level: Grade 0.5 PPS3 Set $45.00
Duration: 1:33 PPS3F Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor PPS3P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Mythos Harkening back to the past, this modal-sounding piece from Sean O'Loughlin will make your students feel like they are playing some serious music! In fact they are, but it just happens to be adapted well for the youngest of students with limited rhythms and notes, as well as carefully crafted aggressive minor sounds, making your band sound marvelous. This is the piece your students will want to play again and again, and is certain to be a winner!
  PPS10.mp3 score image  840KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS10 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:22 PPS10F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor PPS10P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin

Omicron is an exciting composition for the very beginning band that starts with a three-note idea and steadily builds as the piece progresses. Carefully placed accents make the simple theme float across the bar lines throughout the piece. Sean O'Loughlin has a knack for writing great music for the very youngest of students.
listen  PPS13.mp3 score image  1MB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS13 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:18 PPS13F - Full Score $6.00
Key: F minor PPS13P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Premiere March
Joseph Compello
Start your beginners out right by teaching them the March style using this incredibly easy, yet full-sounding march from Joseph Compello. Joe draws on his 30+ years of experience teaching beginners to create music that will help you teach and inspire your newest musicians. Your students will be eager to pick up their first Sousa march after learning this one!
  PPS4.mp3 score image  770KB where to buy

Level: Grade 0.5 PPS4 Set $45.00
Duration: 1:48 PPS4F Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major PPS4P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Primo Percussion
Joseph Compello
Primo Percussion A simplistic, yet impressive percussion section feature for the earliest of beginners; playable by young percussionists after as little as ten weeks of study. You can double up the snare drum part and even place the percussion in the front to give the attention they deserve. Get those budding percussionists off to a good start!
  PPS7.mp3 score image  832KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS7 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:48 PPS7F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major PPS7P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Joseph Compello
Quintessence Composer Joseph Compello draws on his many years of experience teaching beginners to give us an exciting new contest-style piece for very young groups. Quintessence consists of simple rhythms and notes, but is also quite musical, with an aggressive, driving feeling. It’s a great way introduce two eighth notes that are repeated. Your first year group will sound more advanced than their years.
  PPS8.mp3 score image  752KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS8 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:44 PPS8F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor PPS8P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Relics of the Past
Sean O'Loughlin
As the title implies, here is a piece from popular composer Sean O’Loughlin that harkens back to ancient times. The minor mode gives the piece a seriousness that students will love. Relics of the Past was inspired by the composer’s trip to Yosemite National Park with his family, where he was awed by the majestic, expansive views of the park. From Half Dome to Yosemite Falls to the giant Sequoia trees and more, Yosemite National Park embodies ancient beauty and conflict, reflected here in Relics of the Past. Beginning groups only need to use the first six notes that they learn to play this expressive, haunting piece.
  PPS1.mp3 score image  769KB where to buy

Level: Grade 0.5 PPS1 Set $45.00
Duration: 2:21 PPS1F Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor PPS1P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Rock Your World
Bill Calhoun
Rock Your World is the perfect choice for your beginning students’ first concert. With its gospel rock character and harmonic structure, Rock Your World provides performers with an entertaining first ensemble experience. Even though the music is written to use only the first six notes of the B flat concert scale, it is carefully crafted to produce a musical, full ensemble sound. Rock Your World is sure to become a favorite with your students.
  PPS2.mp3 score image  738KB where to buy

Level: Grade 0.5 PPS2 Set $45.00
Duration: 1:36 PPS2F Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major PPS2P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Rolling Tough
Kevin Mixon

Rolling Tough
Rolling Tough is written in cinematic movie soundtrack style, containing simple and successful music for the very young student. The use of ample percussion will be exhilarating for your ensemble. Your band will sound impressively hard-hitting with this great work for very beginning bands.
listen  PPS16.mp3 score image  974KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS16 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:18 PPS16F - Full Score $6.00
Key: G minor PPS16P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Bill Calhoun
Soundscape “Simple,” “effective” and “elegant” are adjectives that best describe this new piece from composer Bill Calhoun. Very young players can work on tone and long lines with this beautiful piece. Fresh harmonic movement, along with pleasant melodies make this a good choice to teach musical concepts to the youngest of students.
  PPS6.mp3 score image  722KB where to buy
Level: Grade ½ PPS6 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:47 PPS6F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major PPS6P - Parts $3.00 contact us
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Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed.
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