Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed. Classics
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2012-2013 BAND TITLES by Composer / Arranger
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Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Fughetta (arr. Andrew Balent) Young YPS107
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Fughetta (W.F. Bach) Young YPS107
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Invercargill (March) (Alex F. Lithgow) Concert CPS123
Bennett, Harold Courage (March) (arr. Larry Clark) Flexible XPS2
Bennett, Harold Hiland (March) (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS110
Boerma, Scott Shadows Concert CPS130
Calhoun, Bill It Came upon a Coventry Carol Concert CPS124
Calhoun, Bill Jubilant Festival Young YPS108
Calhoun, Bill Night Flight First-Plus FPS96
Calhoun, Bill Reminiscence Young YPS106
Calhoun, Bill Soundscape Primer PPS6
Calhoun, Bill Time Shift Concert CPS132
Carroll, Harry I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (arr. Jerry Nowak) Symphonic SPS53
Clark, Larry Admiration (March) Primer PPS11
Clark, Larry Adversary First-Plus FPS101
Clark, Larry Conviction Beginning BPS72
Clark, Larry Mustangs - The Spirit of the West Young YPS109
Clark, Larry The Spirit of an Eagle Flexible XPS3
Clark, Larry Vires, Artes, Mores Concert CPS126
Clark, Larry (arr.) Courage (March) (Harold Bennett) Flexible XPS2
Clark, Larry (arr.) Hiland (March) (Harold Bennett) Young YPS110
Clark, Larry (arr.) Sweet Little Manger Child (Robert MacGimsey) Young YPS118
Compello, Joseph Primo Percussion Primer PPS7
Compello, Joseph Quintessence Primer PPS8
Compello, Joseph The Band Picnic First-Plus FPS99
Compello, Joseph (arr.) First Carols of Christmas (Traditional) Beginning BPS70
Compello, Joseph (arr.) March (from Peer Gynt Suite No. 2) (Edvard Grieg) Concert CPS129
Fillmore, Henry 136th U.S.A. Field Artillery (March)
     (ed. Robert E. Foster)
Fillmore CB142
Fillmore, Henry Lightning Fingers (Solo for Clarinet and Band)
     (ed. Robert E. Foster)
Fillmore CB143
Forbes, Mike A More Perfect Union Concert CPS133
Foster, Robert E. (ed.) 136th U.S.A. Field Artillery (March)
     (Henry Fillmore)
Fillmore CB142
Foster, Robert E. (ed.) Lightning Fingers (Solo for Clarinet and Band)
     (Henry Fillmore)
Fillmore CB143
Grieg, Edvard March (from Peer Gynt Suite No. 2)
     (arr. Joseph Compello)
Concert CPS129
Harbinson, William G. Catawba Crossing Concert CPS125
Karrick, Brant Exuberance Concert CPS128
Karrick, Brant Ghost Dancing Young YPS113
Karrick, Brant Quirks Symphonic SPS51
Kiefer, Ed An Irish Legend Concert CPS127
Lithgow, Alex F. Invercargill (March) (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS123
MacGimsey, Robert Sweet Little Manger Child (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS118
Milford, Gene Castlebay Young YPS114
Mixon, Kevin Dawn Dance First-Plus FPS97
Mixon, Kevin Japanese Pictures Young YPS112
Mixon, Kevin Storm Chaser Beginning BPS69
Nowak, Jerry (arr.) I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (Harry Carroll) Symphonic SPS53
O'Loughlin, Sean Legacy First-Plus FPS98
O'Loughlin, Sean Mythos Primer PPS10
O'Loughlin, Sean Path to Victory Beginning BPS71
O'Loughlin, Sean Turning Point Young YPS116
O'Loughlin, Sean Unbound Symphonic SPS52
O'Loughlin, Sean Venture Concert CPS136
O'Loughlin, Sean Visigoths Flexible XPS1
Rudgers, Gregory B. Crown and Scepter Concert CPS131
Silva, Alan Lee Echoes of the Cape Young YPS117
Silva, Alan Lee The Coastline Express First-Plus FPS100
Silva, Alan Lee Triangle of the Tempest Concert CPS135
Strommen, Carl Angels on Parade Primer PPS9
Strommen, Carl Chisholm Trail Concert CPS134
Strommen, Carl (arr.) Swingin' Santa (Traditional) Young YPS111
Sweet, George The Voyage Young YPS115
Traditional First Carols of Christmas (arr. Joseph Compello) Beginning BPS70
Traditional Swingin' Santa (arr. Carl Strommen) Young YPS111
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Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed. Classics
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