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Concert Performance Series - Medium Easy (Green Cover)

1. Landmarks
Sean O'Loughlin

A stunning new concert opener by the greatly talented Sean O'Loughlin, Landmarks starts from a boisterously vigorous fanfare gesture that keeps changing character as it evolves into a substantial and noble melody. Much is made of the 3+3+2 rhythm first introduced by the Trumpets in measure 8 and the piece, as a whole, has terrific energy, brilliant scoring for band and contemporary harmonic touches that will make it very popular with developing bands. Duration: 4' Key: Eb Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - F; Trombone - F

CPS18 ($60.00; 10.00; 3.50)

2. Festive Dances
Robert Thurston

Enormously attractive writing for band and a sure command of contemporary harmonic and rhythmic devices give this three movement composition by new-comer Robert Thurston terrific band and audience appeal. Thurston's fondness for mixed meters will keep players on their toes and the 2nd movement (moderato), in particular has a folk-like lilt and charm that is memorable. The whole piece is bound together by the use of the motto C-E-C, the initials of the composer's teacher, the late great band writer Charles E. Carter, in whose memory Festive Dances was written. Duration: 7' Keys: C(modal), F, C(modal). Ranges: Trumpet - A; Horn - E; Trombone - G

CPS16 ($75.00; 15.00; 3.50)

3. Suite from Carmen
Georges Bizet; arranged by Andrew Balent

Music from Bizet's immortal opera gets the Balent treatment in this sparkling arrangement of three excerpts from the Carmen Suite No. 1. Leading off with the bustling "Les Toreadors" from the "Overture," Mr. Balent has also included the seductive "Habanera" (featuring Clarinets on the tune) and the swaggering "Toreador Song" with a solo Trumpet on the famous melody. This is music everyone knows and loves in a first-rate arrangement for medium level band. Duration: 4' 20" Keys: F, C Minor/Major, F Minor/Major Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - C; Trombone - F.

CPS17 ($65.00; 10.00; 3.50)

4. Prelude on an American Spiritual (My Lord What a Mornin')
Carl Strommen

A "Graingeresque" treatment of My Lord What a Mornin', Carl Strommen's beautiful prelude is a lushly scored and harmonized selection that will be an excellent piece for teaching linear phrasing, musicianship, good tone production and intonation. This is a strong choice for contest and concert performances. Duration: 5' Keys: Eb, F Ranges: Trumpet - G; Trombone - F

CPS13 ($60.00; 10.00; 3.50)

5. Imani - "Faith"
Sean O'Loughlin

Imani, which means faith, is the seventh day of Kwanzaa, the African and African-American celebration of family and culture. This challenging and colorful piece rises from its quiet chant-like opening (involving part of the band singing the "Imani" tune) to a sonorous major climax at measure 51. The faster section that follows makes brilliant use of an enlarged percussion section that includes a number of ethnic instruments (Log drums, Congas, Claves, et. al.) This is a terrific multicultural selection that will have many uses for holiday programs and contest performances. Duration: 6' Keys: Eb, F Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - Eb; Trombone - F

CPS12 ($75.00; 15.00; 3.50)

6. Appalachian Folk Song Suite
William Harbinson

In the style of the revered Holst and Vaughan Williams suites, William Harbinson has crafted an exciting new band piece, using Appalachian folk songs, that is destined to be a contest repertoire piece for years to come. Moderate in difficulty and imaginatively scored, the three movements (fast - slow - fast) of this charming suite make delightful use of such tunes as Matthy Groves, Soldier Boy for Me, Edward and The Rebel Soldier. Duration: 6' 40" Keys: Bb/F, D Minor (modal), D Minor. Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - F; Trombone - F

CPS11 ($75.00; 15.00; 3.50)

7. When the Wolves Howl!
Andrew Balent

Using some unusual and exotic percussion instruments (including the "cuica," which will simulate the sound of a wolf howling), Andrew Balent has crafted an atmospheric and harmonically sophisticated piece that is a major addition to the contest/concert repertoire for a good medium level band. From the mystery of the opening horn call through a turbulent Allegro, to the return of the haunting opening just before the abrupt close, this is a composition with unusual depth. Duration: 4' 20" Key: C Minor Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - Eb; Trombone - Eb.

CPS10 ($60.00; 10.00; 3.50)

8. Washington Post (March)
John Philip Sousa; arranged by Andrew Balent

Next to Stars and Stipes Forever, this is probably the best-known march by John Philip Sousa (1854-1932), universally known as "The March King." From its energetic opening through the memorable 1st strain, the tuneful second and memorable trio, this is a beloved example of march writing at its best. A perfect introduction to the 6/8 march style, this very playable version will be a great warm-up march for contest and festival. Duration: 3' Keys: F, Bb Ranges: Trumpet - A; Horn - D; Trombone - F

CPS14 ($60.00; 10.00; 3.50)

9. Highland Echoes
Elliot Del Borgo

A dramatic new tone poem by a master of contemporary band scoring, Highland Echoes, is an evocative musical reflection of Scotland and the changing moods of the Scottish Highlands. The skirl of bagpipes, the distinctive "Scottish snap" rhythm and the drone of the pipes, create a series of distinctive moods, which feature Del Borgo's usual brilliant use of the percussion section and distinctive melodiousness. Duration: 4' 50" Keys: D Minor, G Minor Ranges: Trumpet - F; Horn - D; Trombone - Eb

CPS19 ($60.00; 10.00; 3.50)

10. Fantasy on God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Traditional; arranged by Douglas Townsend

An exceptionally well-crafted fantasy on a classic Christmas carol that features excellent contrapuntal writing, Douglas Townsend's elaboration of the tune depicts a typical Christmas scene from 18th Century England. Evocative and boldly scored, this is a fine selection for seasonal programming. Duration: 2' 30" Key: C Minor Ranges: Trumpet - A; Horn - G; Trombone - Eb.

CPS15 ($60.00; 10.00; 3.50)

Percy Grainger Critical Editions

11. Irish Tune from County Derry
Percy Aldridge Grainger

The authentic, original edition of one of the true classics of the band repertoire with a newly prepared and meticulously edited full score, this critical edition of a masterpiece belongs in every library. The rich harmony and subtle scoring are still a source of astonishment to listeners, no matter how often they have heard this beautiful and deeply touching piece. Duration: 4' Key: F Ranges: Trumpet - High Bb; Horn - G; Trombone - Ab

J743 ($85.00; 15.00; 3.50)

12. Shepherd's Hey
Percy Aldridge Grainger

Another superb Grainger piece is offered here, with a newly prepared and engraved full score. The music, lively, witty and altogether memorable, will bring a smile of contentment to the face of even the most hard-boiled listener. This new edition as a complete "critical apparatus" and the notes on performance practice will be helpful even to experienced conductors. Duration: ca. 2' Key: Eb Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - F; Trombone - Eb

J742 ($85.00; 15.00; 3.50)

13. Colonial Song
Percy Aldridge Grainger; edited by Timothy Topolewski

The original authentic version of this ever-popular Grainger work is published here with a complete full score for the first time. The piece, in which the composer expresses his deep feelings for the scenes and landscapes of his native Australia, is one of the best-known band pieces ever written. From the flowing opening melody warmly scored for bassoons, low clarinets, saxophones and baritone (and marked to be played "very feelingly") to the brilliantly scored and sonorous climax, this is truly music to stir the soul and bathe the senses. Duration: 5' 30" Key: Eb Ranges: Trumpet - A; Horn - G; Trombone - G

J741 ($85.00; 15.00; 3.50)

Carl Fischer Classic Band Edition

14. Triptych
Tommy Fry

A fixture of state lists since its first publication, Triptych was commissioned by Dan Gibbs and the Monhans Texas High School Band and premiered at the MENC convention in 1971. In classic three-part fashion the brilliant fanfare-like outer sections frame a slower middle portion that is in the style of a modal waltz. The scoring of Triptych is brilliant and idiomatic. This new Classic Band edition has corrected parts and a larger, more readable full score. Duration: 8' Keys: Db, Ab Ranges: Cornet - high Ab; Horn - G; Trombone - Gb

J658 ($95.00; 20.00; 4.00)

Symphonic Performance Series (Medium/Medium Advanced) (Purple Cover)

15. Heart Songs
David Maslanka

Another stunning new piece by one of the most important writers of music for wind ensemble and band, Heart Songs takes its title from the image of the tree of life being "watered" by the blood of the heart. Like all of Maslanka's music, it is deeply felt, and reflective in nature. The three movements of this suite embrace a variety of serious moods and movements two and three use familiar Bach chorales as the basis for unusually rich and original band writing at the highest musical level. Duration: 16' Keys: G, C Minor/Major, F Minor/Major Ranges: Trumpet - A; Horn - Eb; Trombone - D; Baritone - high Ab

SPS10 ($150.00; 40.00; 6.00)

16. The Glory of Christmas - Fantasia on Greensleeves
Traditional; arranged by Elliot Del Borgo

A brilliant and contrapuntally elaborate fantasy on the haunting and beautiful Christmas carol, Greensleeves, (a.k.a. "What Child Is This"), this is one of Del Borgo's most powerful symphonic sketches. The fragments of the tune are assembled and re-assembled in ever more inventive ways and the scoring is expert and full of the signature colorful Del Borgo percussion writing. Duration: 5' 30" Key: D Minor Ranges: Trumpet - high C; Horn - F; Trombone - high Gb

SPS11 ($85.00; 20.00; 3.50)

Authentic Fillmore Editions

17. The Crosley March
Henry Fillmore; edited by Robert E. Foster

Crosley is a famous name in Cincinnati. The Crosley March is named for Powell Crosley, a prominent local figure that Fillmore knew. As an example of Fillmore's mature style, this is one of his most representative pieces, full of verve and colorful instrumental writing within the confines of the march form. Expertly edited by Robert Foster, this edition is complete and faithful to Fillmore's original, and includes detailed notes on Fillmore's own performance practices. Duration: 3' Keys: Eb, Ab Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - C; Trombone - F

CB120 ($75.00; 15.00; 3.50)

18. Noble Men
Henry Fillmore; edited by Robert E. Foster

Brilliant and invigorating, Noble Men is one of Fillmore's most delightful marches. The 1st strain is witty, and its continuation features a sparkling trumpet fanfare. The trio offers a suave tune as an effective contrast and the fortissimo repeat adds witty commentary from the high woodwinds to bring matters to a typically rousing conclusion. In this authentic edition by Robert Foster, Noble Men will be a delight to perform and enjoy. Duration: 2' 30" Keys: Eb, Ab Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - D; Trombone - F

CB121 ($75.00; 15.00; 3.50)

Young Performance Series (Easy) (Yellow Cover)

19. Digital Prisms
Larry Clark

Technology rules today with e-mail, the Internet and the whole realm of dotcom activities available in cyberspace. In this cutting-edge piece, which young people will relate to, Larry Clark has written a dynamic, colorful and descriptive work that begins with a spritely fanfare based on the perfect fourth and perfect fifth familiar from many television technology commercials. There are numerous bold contrasts of style and instrumentation in this brilliantly scored work that give it terrific audience appeal. Duration: 6' Key: Eb Ranges: Trumpet - F; Horn - C; Trombone - Eb

YPS21 ($50.00; 8.00; 3.00)

20. Little Champ
Ted Mesang; edited by Quincy C. Hilliard

One of the most popular easy Quick Step marches by a well-known educator and composer, Little Champ uses the form with great verve and respect for its conventions. With its memorable themes and countermelodies, this classic deserves to be discovered by a new generation of young musicians, and Quincy Hilliard's concert edition should be just the thing to help that happen. Duration: 2' 30" Keys: Bb, Eb Ranges: Trumpet - F; Horn - C; Trombone - Eb

YPS22 ($45.00; 7.50; 3.00)

21. Brazilian Reflections
Traditional Brazilian Songs; arranged by Andrew Balent

Featuring the characteristic short-long-short rhythm of Brazilian popular music, this rousing medley of folk tunes is as good as a series of postcards at capturing the lively flavor the culture of Brazil is celebrated for. Sandwiched between the boisterous opening and the toe-tapping samba beat of "Pirolito," is a hymn-like setting of the beautiful melody "O Cravo E A Rosa." This piece is a great way to introduce Latin rhythms. Duration: 3' 15" Keys: Bb, Eb Ranges: Trumpet - F; Horn - C; Trombone - F

YPS20 ($45.00; 7.50; 3.00)

22. The Royal Regiment
Joseph Compello

An exciting new British/Regimental style march by a master of writing for young musicians, Joe Compello's, The Royal Regiment is tuneful and harmonically straight forward. Set in a stately march tempo, the overall effect is of a band on parade approaching from far away and, after a fully-scored climax, receding to the sound of drums fading out in the distance. This is a good alternative march selection for contest or festival. Duration: 3' Key: Eb Ranges: Trumpet - F; Horn - C; Trombone - Eb

YPS16 ($45.00; 7.50; 3.00)

23. Renaissance Canzona
Adriano Banchieri; arranged by Carl Strommen

The music of the renaissance, characterized by a high degree of linear thinking, is a perfect way to introduce young performers to contrapuntal writing. This lyrical canzona is a great opportunity to teach style and experiment with different approaches to phrasing and articulation. Duration: 2' 20" Key: F Ranges: Trumpet - E; Horn - Bb; Trombone - D

YPS18 ($45.00; 7.50; 3.00)

24. Dance of the Hours
Amilcare Ponchielli; arranged by Joseph Compello

The ever popular Dance of the Hours from La Gioconda, made famous by the Disney film Fantasia (and infamous by Alan Sherman as a "camp song"), is delightfully presented in this easy level arrangement by Joe Compello. The skillful scoring is remarkably faithful to the original, while cleverly exploiting the capabilities of younger musicians. Duration: 3' Keys: Bb, Eb Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - D; Trombone - Eb

YPS15 ($45.00; 7.50; 3.00)

25. The Coldstream Guards
Elliot Del Borgo

Beginning with the steady beat of two snare drums, The Coldstream Guards is a fine new example of an English style march by a master of band scoring. Tuneful and colorful, it pays tribute to the pageantry and dignity of the Queen of England's own guard. It will be an excellent alternative to standard marches as a contest warm-up. Duration: 2' 40" Keys: Bb, Eb Ranges: Trumpet - E; Horn - E; Trombone - C

YPS17 ($45.00; 7.50; 3.00)

26. Young Performance Warm-ups
Andrew Balent

Start your band's rehearsal off on the right foot with these challenging warm-ups and you'll see the results in improved tone quality, intonation, ensemble balance and playing technique. Using the four basic band keys (Bb, Eb, F and Ab), Andy Balent has provided scales, arpeggios and special technical studies that are guaranteed to improve the quality of the band's playing. Two chorales (beautiful settings of the Navy Hymn and Bach chorale No. 42) and two rounds are also featured. Duration: 4' Keys: Bb, Eb, F and Ab Ranges: Trumpet - F; Horn - C; Trombone - Eb

YPS23 ($55.00; 9.00; 3.50)

27. Patapan
Traditional; arranged by Joseph Compello

The popular drum carol is given a fine new treatment by Joe Compello, that appropriately features the drums of the percussion section. The clever use of percussion in a "continuo" - like role, middle eastern flavor and use of organum-like parallel harmonies give this familiar Christmas song a completely fresh sound. Duration: 3' 15" Key: G Minor Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - C; Trombone - Eb

YPS19 ($45.00; 7.50; 3.00)

28. Silent Night
Traditional; arranged by Larry Clark

Inspired by the Gymnopedie No. 1 of turn-of-the-century French master, Eric Satie, Larry Clark has crafted an easy and charmingly scored version of the popular Christmas carol Silent Night, that will be an ornament to any holiday program by a young band. Several lovely original counter melodies are introduced and the selection as a whole has a warm and wonderful sheen. Duration: 3' 20" Keys: Bb, C Ranges: Trumpet - G; Horn - C; Trombone - Eb

YPS24 ($45.00; 7.50; 3.00)

First Plus Performance Series (Very Easy) (Red Cover)

29. Radiance
Sean O'Loughlin

A well-crafted and tuneful composition, ideal for developing bands at the Grade 1˝ level, Radiance is luminously scored by a young master of band writing. The nice contrasts between active and reflective moods and tempos and the very musical scoring, particularly for the percussion section make this piece a winner for concert and contest performance. Duration: 2' 30" Key: Bb Ranges: Trumpet - C; Horn - D; Trombone - Bb

FPS18 ($40.00; 6.00; 2.75)

30. Jamaica Jack
Joseph Compello

Infectious Carribean rhythms, from an expanded percussion section drive this Calypso-style piece, and guarantee that it will be a big hit with players and audiences alike. This is a great introduction to Latin rhythms and syncopations and has a variety of phrasings and articulations with which young players need to become familiar. Duration: 2' 30" Key: Eb Ranges: Trumpet - Eb; Horn - C; Trombone - C

FPS15 ($40.00; 6.00; 2.75)

31. Out of the Winter
Larry Clark

An evocative depiction of the many moods of winter, Out of the Winter begins with a mysterious and stormy opening that gives way to a tuneful and vigorous "allegro." Some easy contrapuntal writing and contemporary harmonic touches enrich this energetic and colorful piece that will be a fine chance for young musicians to demonstrate their playing abilities. Duration: 3' Keys: D Minor, F Ranges: Trumpet - D; Horn - C; Trombone - F

FPS21 ($40.00; 6.00; 2.75)

32. A Night at the Opera
Giuseppe Verdi; Giacomo Puccini; Gioacchino Rossini; Georges Bizet; arranged by Sandy Feldstein

This medley of excerpts from five great operas is a cornucopia of beloved melodies and a wonderful way to introduce young musicians to this great art form. The operas represented are Aida (Verdi), Il Trovatore (Verdi), La Boheme (Puccini), The Barber of Seville (Rossini) and Carmen (Bizet). Duration: 3' Keys: F, Bb Ranges: Trumpet - D; Horn - D; Trombone - C

FPS20 ($40.00; 6.00; 2.75)

33. Swan Lake (Theme)
Peter I. Tchaikovsky; arranged by Andrew Balent

The celebrated theme from the second act of Tchaikovsky's immortal ballet is a great study in phrasing and musicianship for a young band. There is melodic material for each player and the instrumentation is colorful, but easily within reach of the developing band. Duration: 2' 25" Key: C Minor Ranges: Trumpet - D; Horn - A; Trombone - Bb

FPS17 ($40.00; 6.00; 2.75)

34. Success
Harold Bennett; arranged by Larry Clark

Another one of Henry Fillmore's wonderful marches (written under the pseudonym of Harold Bennett) has been expertly adapted for a very young band. As usual, the tunes are great (the trio theme especially sticks in the mind) and scoring straight forward and expertly prepared for this grade level. Duration: 2' 25" Keys: Bb, Eb Ranges: Trumpet - C; Horn - C; Trombone - C

FPS19 ($40.00; 6.00; 2.75)

35. March into Christmas
Traditional; arranged by Carl Strommen

A fine medley of Christmas tunes in march time makes a rousing seasonal selection for the Grade 1˝ band. "Twelve Days of Christmas," "Angels We Have Heard on High" and "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" parade past before the broad and sonorous climax is reached with "O Come All Ye Faithful." This is a perfect piece for early grade holiday programming. Duration: 3' Key: Bb Ranges: Trumpet - D; Horn - C; Trombone - C

FPS16 ($40.00; 6.00; 2.75)

Beginning Performance Series (Beginning) (Blue Cover)

36. Gates of Freedom
Robert Thurston

New composer Robert Thurston has produced a rich sounding and colorful easy march that has the bright open "American" sound of a familiar piece without, in fact, actually quoting anything. The fresh sound, active percussion and idiosyncratic harmonies help make this selection perfect for stimulating beginning instrumentalists. Duration: 2' 30" Key: Bb Ranges: Trumpet - C; Horn - C; Trombone - Bb

BPS17 ($35.00; 5.00; 2.25)

37. Character
Larry Clark

Using only the first six notes young players are taught, Larry Clark encourages upright thinking with this aptly titled, somewhat stern piece. The music's seriousness and amazing variety of harmonic sophistication, belie the narrow range of the materials involved. An excellent piece for contest and festivals, Character will make a very strong impression whenever it is performed. Duration: 2' 20" Key: Bb Ranges: Uses the first six notes taught, each part.

BPS20 ($35.00; 5.00; 2.25)

38. Basses Are Aces
Joseph Compello

Designed by a master of writing for this grade level, to encourage the low brass and woodwind players, Basses Are Aces will be fun for the whole band. A great recruitment piece, it will motivate the frequently overlooked members of the low instrument contingent, who anchor the band. Some simple syncopations, a spoken line by the other members of the band ("How low can you go?") and a brief, repeated, "cadenza" add to the fun of this clever piece. Duration: 3' 10" Key Eb; Ranges: Uses first six notes taught, plus Eb.

BPS15 ($35.00; 5.00; 2.25)

39. Pictures at an Exhibition (Excerpts)
Modeste Mussorgsky; arranged by Larry Clark

Using the Bb scale plus Ab, Larry Clark has fashioned a very easy, but full sounding arrangement of two themes from this famous work ("Promenade" and "The Great Gate of Kiev"). This setting uses only whole notes, half notes and quarter notes, but bands with chimes and Tam-tam can enhance the grandeur of the closing pages in a way that will remind listeners of Ravel's celebrated orchestral version of Pictures at an Exhibition. Duration: 3' Key: Eb Ranges: Trumpet - C; Horn - D; Trombone - D

BPS18 ($35.00; 5.00; 2.25)

40. Heroes of the Galaxy
Joseph Compello

A grand, Star Wars-style processional march that will enchant sci-fi buffs of all ages, Heroes of the Galaxy uses only the first six notes customarily taught in most band methods (Bb-G). Tuneful and contrapuntally sophisticated for this level, Compello's artistry as a writer is amply displayed in the surprising and colorful musical use he makes of the limited resources available in a grade one piece. Duration: 3' Key: Bb; Ranges: Uses the first 6 notes taught, each part.

BPS16 (35.00; 5.00; 2.25)

41. Marching with the Angels
Traditional; arranged by Sandy Feldstein

Fragments of "Angels We Have Heard on High" are introduced, surrounded by percussion breaks, in this clever piece, which is ideal for a 1st year band's holiday programming. Several other holiday tunes are alluded to and the piece achieves a nice sonorous climax with the help of the very active percussion writing. Duration: 4' Key: Bb Ranges: Uses the first 6 notes taught, each part.

BPS19 ($35.00; 5.00; 2.25)

42. First Concert Folio
Andrew Balent and Joe Compello

Andy Balent and Joe Compello have done it again. Following the great success of their collaboration on Ensembles Sound Spectacular, Grade Two, they created an outstanding new folio for the Grade One Band. This very easy collection of original pieces and new arrangements for beginning band contains music that is enjoyable and exciting for young players and can also be used to aid in the teaching of basic fundamentals of music and band performance. All pieces are correlated with Book One of the Sounds Spectacular Band Course and are designed to sound great with an imbalanced instrumentation or larger, fully provided ensembles. They will also be a great supplement to any band method you are currently using.

This folio is written for the basic instrumentation that is common to most beginning bands. There is only one flute, clarinet and trumpet part and the low instrument parts are all together. As long as all parts are included, even the smallest ensemble will make a very solid sound at this level.

First Concert Folio contains the following selections: Ain't Gonna Rain No More o Aura Lee o Captain Andy o Chant For Band o Jingle Bells o London Bridge is Rockin' Down o The Mouse in the Clock o O Come Little Children o Old Mac Donald's Band o The Olympians o The Sailor and the Bear o Skip To My Lou o The Old Man Plays Trumpet o The Victors o Wolfgang in the Percussion Box.

O5415 Score (with CD)
O5420 Trumpet
O5416 Flute/Oboe
O5421 F Horn
O5417 Clarinet
O5422 Trombone/Baritone/B.C./Bassoon
O5418 Alto Saxophone
O5419 Bass Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone/Baritone T.C.
O5423 Tuba
O5424 Percussion
Score: $19.95 - Parts: $5.95, each - Percussion: $6.95

Bleecker Street Records Presents…

The Washington Winds, Edward Petersen, Conductor

A second exciting compact disc in our new recorded library, containing six classic repertoire favorites (including three from the new Percy Grainger Critical Edition) and five terrific new pieces, in distinctive recordings by this top quality ensemble.

CFD2 - $15.95


  • Landmarks - Sean O'Loughlin
  • Festive Dances - Robert Thurston
  • Appalachian Folk Song Suite - William G. Harbinson
  • Irish Tune from County Derry - Percy Aldridge Grainger
  • Shepherd's Hey - Percy Aldridge Grainger
  • Noble Men - Henry Fillmore/Robert E. Foster
  • Colonial Song - Percy Aldridge Grainger/Timothy Topolewski
  • Triptych - Tommy Fry
  • Heartsongs - David Maslanka
  • Crosley March - Henry Fillmore/ Robert E. Foster
  • The Glory of Christmas - Elliot Del Borgo

And don't forget our first Bleecker Street CD:


The Washington Winds, conducted by Edward Petersen in music by Mennin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Benson, Elliot, Hagen, Clark, Hilliard, Del Borgo and Fillmore.

CFD1 - $15.95