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2001-2002 Carl Fischer Performance Series for Chorus
Let There Be A Voice (For School Chorus)

Sing With Joy, Joyfully Sing
Greg Gilpin

A memorable tune and seasonally accented, but non-sectarian words make this new piece from the popular Greg Gilpin ideal for winter holiday programming. There is one brief divisi in the soprano part, but ranges are reasonable and the singable lines, mostly scales with narrow leaps and well prepared changes of harmony, should be easy to master.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: C-G; Alto: C-D; Tenor: F-Eb; Bass: Ab-D) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8702 3-Part Mixed $1.50
CM8703 SATB $1.50
Moderately Easy /Christmas

Tell Me What It's All About!
Elizabeth Campbell

A snazzy gospel feel makes this seasonal spiritual an infectious piece that will be a natural crowd pleaser for a Christmas program. Tell Me What It's All About! uses call-response style, with the soloist asking the questions in a blues-inflected style and the choir responding with the details of the Christmas Story. This is an easy, fun piece that a young mixed choir will enjoy learning.
(Ranges: Soprano: Eb-Eb; Alto: Bb-G; Tenor: G-Eb; Bass: F-C). With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8632 SATB $1.50
CM8695 3-part Mixed $1.50
CM8705CD Instrumental accompaniment CD $19.95
Moderately Easy /Christmas/Spiritual

Let There Be a Voice
Carl Strommen

The universality of music as a means for bringing people together is beautifully conveyed in this heartfelt and inspiring new piece by Carl Strommen. Mr. Strommen's mastery of choral texture and the serious sentiments expressed will give Let There Be A Voice great appeal to young people. It will work as an opening or closing concert selection and should be especially useful for graduation programming.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: Eb-F; Alto: Bb-Bb; Tenor: Eb-F; Bass:Bb-C#) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8672 SATB $1.50
CM8673 3-Part Mixed $1.50
CM8674 Unison/2-Part Treble $1.50
Moderately Easy /Inspirational/Graduation

Jazz Gloria
Natalie Sleeth

This hardy perennial remains one of the most popular selections in the Carl Fischer catalog, a zestful delight. The simple modal elements of the piece circulate from voice to voice and coupled with the lively jazz-inflected accompaniment for 3 Trumpets, String Bass and Bongos, create a piece whose popularity is undiminished after 30 years in print. The newly re-engraved original SATB version is joined by versions for SAB and 2-part Treble voices, expertly prepared by Greg Gilpin.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: C-high A; Alto: C-D; Tenor: C-D; Bass: C-D)
With 3 Trumpets, String Bass and Bongos

Score Sample
Sound File
CM7752 SATB (div.) $1.50
CM8693 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8694 SAB $1.50
CM7752A Instrumental Parts $6.95
CM8706CD Instrumental accompaniment CD $19.95
Moderately Difficult /General/Christmas

Star-Spangled Banner
(The National Anthem)
Words by Francis Scott Key, Music by John Stafford Smith; arranged by Darmon Meader

A beautiful arrangement, with some divisi in the bass and women's parts, of the National Anthem, in the standard key of Ab Major. The enriched part writing gives this fine version a fresh and full-sounding flavor characteristic of the writing for Mr. Meader's group, The New York Voices.
(Ranges: Soprano: Ab-High Ab[opt.]; Alto: Ab-Eb; Tenor: Eb-E; Bass: Ab[opt.Low Eb]-Eb) A cappella

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8633 SATB (div.) $1.50
Moderately Difficult /Patriotic

Ol' Dan Tucker
Daniel Decatur Emmet; arranged by Meegan Samantha Bernstein

A delightful new take on a familiar American Song in the folk song tradition, this captivating setting incorporates square dance calls, references to other songs of the period, percussion sounds (woodblock, tambourine), stomps and clapping by the singers to create a lively piece that singers of all ages will delight in performing.
(Ranges/3-part Mixed: Soprano: C-D; Alto: Bb-D; Baritone: F-C) With Keyboard and optional Percussion

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8678 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8679 3-part Mixed $1.50
Moderately Easy /Contest/Concert

When I Reflect
Ruth Elaine Schram

A heartwarming song of appreciation to educators everywhere, with a text by the composer, this gentle, reflective selection will be the highlight of spring and graduation concerts. More than a song of inspiration and self-assurance, it is a hymn to the often un-sung heroes of the school process: the teachers, who instill the values and provide the tools for young people to pursue their dreams with courage and optimism. Available in three versions, including a 2-part setting (with text adjustments) appropriate for elementary age singers.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: Bb-E/F; Alto: A-Bb; Tenor: F-E; Bass:Bb-C) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8649 Unison/2-part Treble $1.50
CM8650 3-part Mixed $1.50
CM8451 SATB $1.50
Moderately Easy /Inspirational/Graduation

Deck the Hall
Old Welsh Air; arranged by Earlene Rentz

By combining a syncopated original tune with the familiar traditional Christmas carol, and adding a driving and spirited piano part, Earlene Rentz has created a vivacious Christmas number that's sure to be the highlight of any holiday program.
(Ranges/3-part: Soprano: C-E/F; Alto: C-D; Baritone: E-C) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8653 3-part Mixed $1.50
CM8655 2-part Treble $1.50
Moderately Easy/Christmas

Little Red Caboose
Deke Moffitt; arranged by Debbie Cavalier

A rollicking setting of a favorite train song that uses percussion (drum set) and amusing sound effects (train whistle, sand blocks) to create a delightful piece that young singers will get a kick out of learning and performing. Syncopated rhythms and spoken passages help add variety to this clever study in rock and swing time.
(Ranges: Part I: C-E; Part II: C-D) With Keyboard and optional Drum Set

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8638 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8707CD Instrumental Accompaniment CD $19.95
Moderately Easy /Contest/Concert

Take Me Home
Carl Strommen

A gospel-style original, with words by the composer, that captures the longing everyone feels for that place called home. The steady pulse, singable and melodious vocal parts and careful instrumental enhancements reinforce the powerful message of this selection that is guaranteed to be an audience favorite.
(Ranges: Soprano: C-E; Alto: B-A; Tenor: C-D; Bass: G-B) With Keyboard, Bass and Percussion

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8682 SATB $1.50
CM8708CD Instrumental accompaniment CD $19.95
Moderately Easy /Inspirational/Contest/Concert

Santa's on His Way
Catherine Taylor

The sheer delight the Christmas season produces in young people is beautifully captured in this lively and swing inflected tribute to the portly gentleman who has come to symbolize what makes the holiday such a pleasure. The tuneful part-writing and simple syncopations will be easily mastered and young singers will have fun putting this neat piece together.
(Ranges/3-part: Soprano: D-F; Alto: C-C; Baritone: F-D) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8680 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8681 3-part Mixed $1.50
Moderately Easy/Christmas

Dona Nobis Pacem
Richard Iacona

A lush and powerful setting of the familiar and always timely Latin plea for peace, this new Dona Nobis Pacem couples singable, lyrical vocal lines with contemporary, pop-style harmonies and an effective, idiomatic piano part, to create an inspiring concert piece. The generally 4-part texture includes some brief divisi in the soprano, and bass parts, but also some striking use of unison women alternating with unison men.
(Ranges: Soprano: Bb-Eb; Alto: Bb-Bb; Tenor: Bb-F; Bass: G[Eb]-Bb) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8641 SATB (div.) $1.50
Moderately Easy /Inspirational/Contest/Concert

We Sing and Dance in Africa!
(Cheza Ngomo)
Russell Robinson

Using the authentic rhythms and repetitive harmonies of African folk music, Russell Robinson has crafted an infectious choral number that will please audiences and choir equally. The call and response style of this piece will be a great opportunity to showcase different members of the group. "Cheza Ngomo" is the Swahili expression for "dance and sing", and the dancing quality of this number will be enhanced by the use of available auxiliary percussion instruments.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: E-C; Alto: A-G; Tenor: G-D; Bass: A-B) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8656 SATB $1.50
CM8657 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8658 3-part Mixed $1.50
CM8709CD Instrumental Accompaniment CD $19.95

Through Their Eyes
(Children's Thoughts on Peace)
Dave & Jean Perry

Inspired by the poetry of eleven and twelve year old children, the Perrys have produced a wonderful trilogy that employs mixed choir and children's choir together in one version (with some divisi of the mixed voice parts) and children's voices alone in the alternative version. The three settings (1. Think Peace 2. The Door and 3. What Is Peace?) can be performed together or separately and are a great selection for concert and contest use, enhanced by an easy, but effective keyboard accompaniment.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano B-G; Alto: G-C; Tenor: D-E; Bass: G-D) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8631 2-part Treble $1.60 CM8665 SATB (div.), with Unison Choir $1.60
Moderately Easy//Inspirational/Contest/Concert

Celebrate Kwanzaa
Debbie Cavalier

A sure-fire winner that will introduce and explain the purpose of the African-American and Pan-African celebration of family, community and culture that the seven day festival of Kwanzaa represents. The Swahili terms and rap-like rhythms will have great appeal to young people and the percussion parts will greatly enhance the overall effect of this delightful number.
(Ranges/3-part Mixed: Soprano: D-Eb; Alto: D-C; Baritone: D-Eb) With Keyboard and optional Percussion

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8639 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8640 3-part Mixed $1.50
Multicultural /Moderately Easy

Come Again! Sweet Love Doth Now Invite
John Dowland; arranged by Russell Robinson

One of the best-known madrigals by seventeenth century capabilities of young voices. The boys part (Part III) is confined to six notes (F below middle C to the D above), which makes this version ideal for the just-changed male voice. It will be an excellent choice for festival and concert use.
(Ranges: Soprano: C-D; Alto: C-A; Baritone: F-D) A cappella

CM8652 3-part Mixed $1.50
Moderately Easy /Contest/Concert

Score Sample
Sound File
A Little Wheel
American Folk Song; arranged by Earlene Rentz

This charming setting of a familiar gospel-tinged folk song, features wonderful patter-song repetitions of the text, that emulate the turning of a wheel and some unusual and effective, independence in the part-writing. A Little Wheel will be an ideal piece for contest and concert situations.
(Ranges: Soprano: B-D[F#]; Alto: B[A]-B; Baritone: F#-D) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8654 3-part Mixed $1.50
CM8659 2-part Treble $1.50
Moderately Easy /Contest/Concert

Song of America
Dave and Jean Perry

The spirit of freedom and unity of purpose that characterizes this country at its best infuses this new patriotic piece, that has words and music by Dave and Jean Perry, with a wonderful fervor. As with all pieces by this team, Song of Amercia features tunefulness and careful consideration for the capabilities of young singers. The climax incorporates "America the Beautiful" in counterpoint with the original material in a particularly effective way.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: C-Eb; Alto: A-C; Tenor: C-Eb; Bass: Bb-C) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8642 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8643 3-part Mixed $1.50
CM8644 SATB $1.50
Moderately Easy /Patriotic/Contest/Concert

Holidays Are for All of Us!
Russell Robinson

This holiday piece has a light folk-rock feel to it and manages to be quite inclusive, with references to Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and New Years. The idea that the weeks before the New Year are a time for families and people of all races and creeds to come together in unity and peace will have great universal appeal.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: Bb-E; Alto: A-C; Tenor: Bb-E; Bass: B-C) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8645 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8646 SAB $1.50
CM8647 SATB $1.50
CM8710CD Instrumental accompaniment CD $19.95
Moderately Easy/Seasonal

We Never Really Say Goodbye
Greg Gilpin

A heart-felt original, with words and music by Greg Gilpin, that will be especially effective as a graduation concert selection. The thoughtful and tuneful quality of the piece is most attractive and will give this inspiring selection great appeal to both choir and audience.
(Ranges/SATB: Soprano: D-D; Alto: C-D; Tenor: E-Eb; Bass: Bb-C) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8699 3-part Mixed $1.50
CM8700 SATB $1.50
CM8701 2-part Treble (S[S]A) $1.50
Moderately Easy /Graduation

Look! It's Santa
Richard Adams

Written for his own elementary chorus on Long Island, Look! It's Santa is full of surprises and calls for the kids to whisper, clap and above all enjoy themselves in singing the tuneful music of this soon-to-be holiday favorite. This is a piece with terrific audience and choir appeal.
(Ranges: Part I: B-D(F#); Part II: B-D) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8635 2-part Treble $1.50

Take Time In Life
Liberian Folk Song; arranged by Debbie Cavalier

This lively arrangement of a Liberian Folk Song is simple and fun to perform. The optional hand held percussion (Congas, Bongos and Tambourine) will greatly enhance the joyful calypso flavor and wise message of this piece, which is that life is a journey meant to be enjoyed to the fullest!
(Ranges/3-part Mixed: Soprano: E-D; Alto: C-D; Baritone: G-E) With Keyboard and Optional Percussion

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8636 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8637 3-part Mixed $1.50

Los Reyes del Oriente
(Kings from the East)
Aguinaldo from Puerto Rico; arranged by David Eddleman

Based on a familiar, but ever-fresh melody from Puerto Rico, this is an evocative arrangement with a very effective keyboard part, that features a guitar-like pattern, and a descant. A gentle, reflective piece, Los Reyes del Oriente is an ideal multicultural selection for winter holiday programs. Text in English and Spanish.
(Ranges/3-part Mixed: Soprano: D-E; Alto: B-D; Tenor: Baritone: F-D) With Keyboard

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8648 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8660 3-part Mixed $1.50
Easy /Christmas/Multicultural

Liza (Water Come a Me Eye)
Jamaican Folk Song; arranged by Steven Burnett

The catchy calypso rhythms and infectious good feeling of Carribean music give this delightful selection enormous audience appeal. There are plenty of colorful performing options for Liza, including hand clapping, finger snapping, optional parts for assorted percussion and steel drums and a wailing vocal solo. Very accessible and easily learned, this piece is a sure-fire crowd pleaser!
(Ranges/SAB: Soprano: D-Eb; Alto: Bb-C; Bass: C-D/Eb) A cappella or with optional Keyboard (or Synthesizer) and percussion

Score Sample
Sound File
CM8634 SAB $1.50
CM8675 2-part Treble $1.50
CM8711CD Instrumental accompaniment CD $19.95
Moderately Easy/Multicultural

Simon Tov!
Traditional Hebrew; arranged by Russell Robinson

Suitable for any celebratory occasion, especially Hanukkah, this delightful piece can be done in Hebrew, English or both! The accelerating effect of the Hora is incorporated into this setting, leading to an exhilarating conclusion.
(Ranges: Part I: C-F; Part II: Ab-Db) With Keyboard

CM8661 2-part Treble $1.50
Moderately Easy /Multicultural (Jewish)

The Hero and the Dragon
Steven Burnett

A spirited selection that recounts a tale of heroism in medieval times, this very clever piece will be fun to perform and make a nice change of pace for any concert. The vocal parts are very singable and the instruments will add a colorful touch.
(Ranges: Tenor: C-F; Bass I: C-C; Bass II: C-C) With Keyboard, optional Flute and Percussion

CM8677 3-part Male (TBB) $1.50
Moderately Easy/Contest/Concert

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