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Carl Fischer Church Choral Program 2000-2001

Christmas Music

Carol of the Bells - M. Leontovich & Peter J. Wilhousky; version by Patrick M. Liebergen

That hardy perennial, Carol of the Bells, is now available in two fine new versions by Pat Liebergen. The Two-part arrangement (CM8501 - $1.30) was a big hit several years ago and these new versions are also first rate. Moderately easy. Christmas. With Keyboard.

CM8619 - SAB $1.30
CM8618 - SSA $1.30

Glory On High - Dana Mengel

A tender new anthem with original words and music from the pen of the skillful Dana Mengel, Glory On High envisions the joy of Jesus' mother meditating on his coming and the joyful effect on the world this event is destined to have. There is an optional descant added to the final verse of this charming new seasonal piece.

With Keyboard and optional Handbells.

CM8605 - SATB $1.30
CM8606 - SAB $1.30
CM8576 - 2-part Treble $1.30

Nowell Carol - Traditional and Charles Gounod; arranged by Patrick M. Liebergen

A lovely new selection for Christmas, Nowell Carol combines a melody from Charles Gounod's oratorio La Rédemption (1882) with the familiar carol The First Nowell. Use of the optional flute part will add a radiantly expressive touch. The result is a delightful, easily mastered piece that will be a great holiday favorite. With Keyboard and optional Flute.

CM8584 - SATB $1.30
CM8586 - 2-part Treble $1.30
CM8585 - SAB $1.30

Three Songs For Christmas - Traditional; arranged by Russell Robinson

Three favorite carols (O Come All Ye Faithful, What Child Is This? and Joy To The World) are skillfully knit together in this neat medley for Christmas. The voice parts are quite manageable and the trumpet part adds a very festive touch. Moderately easy. Christmas. With Keyboard and optional Trumpet.

CM8574 - SAB $1.50

Sleep Holy Babe - Virginia Croft

A wonderful new Christmas Carol by award winning teacher Virginia Croft, Sleep Holy Babe should repeat the success of her previous efforts for Carl Fischer. The heartwarming sincerity of the text is matched by music of glowing sensitivity and charm. This carol will be a hit with choir and congregation alike and is destined to become a classic. With Keyboard.

CM8622 - SATB $1.30

Sing Allelu, Alleluia - Philip Hayes; arranged by and with additional music by Patrick M. Liebergen

A tune by 18th Century hymn writer Philip Hayes (1738-1797), is the basis for a lyrical new anthem devised by Pat Liebergen. The part writing in the four-part sections is very straightforward, with some imitative writing, and the flute part greatly enhances the gentle and expressive effect. There are also alternate words to make the piece usable at Christmas time as well as for more general occasions. With Keyboard and optional Flute.

CM8608 - SATB $1.40