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Carl Fischer Church Choral Program 2000-2001

Festival / Pentecostal Music

O Praise Ye the Lord - Charles H.H. Parry; arranged by Hal H. Hopson

From a composite text derived from Psalms 148 and 150 and a 19th Century hymn tune by English composer Charles Hubert Hastings Parry, Hal Hopson has fashioned a grand, festive anthem of praise to the creator. The vocal parts are very manageable (much of the piece is unison _ only the 2nd stanza and the final cadence are in parts), and the additional instrumental resources, while not required, will enhance the effect of grandeur that Mr. Hopson intends. There is also a descant on Stanza 4. With Unison Chorus or optional Soloist and Organ with optional Congregation participation. Optional Brass Quartet or Quintet, Timpani and Handbells.

CM8607 - SATB $1.50
CM8607A - Opt. Instrumental Parts $19.95

When In Our Music God Is Glorified - Based on the hymn tune Engelberg by Charles Villers Stanford; setting by Hal H. Hopson

One of the most beloved of Angelican hymns has achieved greater renown, thanks to Fred Pratt Green's wonderful new words. Hal Hopson's setting may be the grandest yet for this sturdy and memorable tune. Much of the writing is unison, with only verse three in four parts and a descant on verse four. With congregation and Organ. Optional Brass Quartet or Quintet, Timpani and Handbells.

CM8591 - SATB $1.40
CM8591A - Opt. Instrumental Parts $19.95

Come, O Spirit, Dwell Among Us (A Concertato) - Thomas John Williams _ Hymn tune Ebenezer; setting by Hal H. Hopson

To a text by popular sacred text writer Janie Alfred, Hal Hopson has created a fine new setting of the well-known hymn tune Ebenezer that will be an excellent addition to the repertoire of pieces for the season of Pentecost. The grandeur inherent in the melody is greatly enhanced by the spacious setting and the result is a powerful piece guaranteed to stir both choir and congregation. With Congregation and Organ and optional Trumpet in Bb or C-instrument.

CM8577 - SATB $1.40