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Carl Fischer Church Choral Program 2000-2001

General Church Anthems

Be Thou My Vision - Traditional Irish Melody (Slane); arranged by Hal H. Hopson

One of the most beloved of contemporary hymn tunes, Slane, is best known set to these words derived from an ancient Irish poem by Mary E. Byrne and Eleanor H. Hull. This new version, by Hal Hopson, lets the lovely tune shine forth with some simple part writing and much use of unison passages contrasting male and female voices. The Handbell parts (3, 4 or 5 octaves) add a rich embellishment to the beautiful melody. With Keyboard and Handbells.

CM8600 - SATB $1.40

Classic Alleluia - Antonio Caldara and Giusseppe Torelli; arranged by Earlene Rentz

Using two melodies (Sebben, Crudele _ Caldara and Tu Lo Sai _ Torelli) by celebrated baroque composers, Earlene Rentz has fashioned a lovely new "Alleluia" for mixed voices that will fit into many church situations. The moderate ranges and easy keyboard part will make this selection a useful addition to any church's choral library. With Keyboard.

CM8599 - SATB $1.30 CM8596 - 2-part Treble $1.30

Fairest Lord Jesus - Silesian Melody and Traditional Tune: O Waly, Waly; arranged by Elizabeth Campbell

The well-known hymn tune Fairest Lord Jesus is combined with the lovely folk song O Waly, Waly to produce a beautiful and serene new anthem. Accompanied by a sensitive keyboard part this setting will find favor with congregations in most denominations. With Keyboard.

CM8604 - SATB $1.30

Give Glory To God Forever! - Marc-Antoine Charpentier;

edited and arranged by Patrick M. Liebergen

A joyful and festive piece, adapted from a Te Deum by 17th Century French master, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, this selection is a great general anthem of praise to God with a text adapted from the psalms by the editor. Much of the choral writing is in unison or two parts and will be easy for a choir to master. With Keyboard and optional Timpani and Snare Drum (or Hand Drum).

CM8578 - SATB $1.40
CM8579 - SAB $1.40

Go Out In Joy - Eugene Butler

One of the best new Butler anthems in years, this lively and joyful piece is set to an adaptation of a familiar passage from the book of Isaiah. The syncopated rhythms and melodiousness of Go Out In Joy, make it a natural selection for a situation requiring an affirming, up-beat anthem. With Keyboard.

CM8580 - SATB $1.40

High On The Rock I Stand - Dana Mengel

A lively new anthem from Dana Mengel that uses syncopation and a straightforward tunefulness to project the confidence a believer feels in relation to God. The voice parts are not too challenging and the piece will be effective and easy to prepare. With Keyboard.

Score Image

CM8581 - SAB $1.30

In Heavenly Love Abiding - Finnish Hymn Tune (Nyland); arranged by Crawford R. Thoburn

The lovely hymn tune Nyland is given a warm and straightforward setting for 3-part mixed choir by Crawford R. Thoburn. The keyboard part nicely enhances the easy, gracious vocal parts and allows the simple beauty of text (by Anna L. Waring) and melody to shine forth. This is a fine anthem that emphasizes the gentle and secure grace of God's love. With Keyboard.

CM8582 - SABar $1.30

Lord, We Glorify You - Dana Mengel

A rousing new song of praise, Lord, We Glorify You is a spirited anthem that uses syncopation to convey a feeling of great joy in embracing the power of God. The vocal writing is done with care, the ranges are moderate and the keyboard part helps to give the piece the requisite rhythmic drive. With Keyboard.

CM8583 - SATB $1.30

O Praise Ye the Lord - Charles H.H. Parry; arranged by Hal H. Hopson

From a composite text derived from Psalms 148 and 150 and a 19th Century hymn tune by English composer Charles Hubert Hastings Parry, Hal Hopson has fashioned a grand, festive anthem of praise to the creator. The vocal parts are very manageable (much of the piece is unison _ only the 2nd stanza and the final cadence are in parts), and the additional instrumental resources, while not required, will enhance the effect of grandeur that Mr. Hopson intends. There is also a descant on Stanza 4.

With Unison Chorus or optional Soloist and Organ with optional Congregation participation. Optional Brass Quartet or Quintet, Timpani and Handbells.

CM8607 - SATB $1.50
CM8607A - Opt. Instrumental Parts $19.95

Sing Allelu, Alleluia - Philip Hayes; arranged by and with additional music by Patrick M. Liebergen

A tune by 18th Century hymn writer Philip Hayes (1738-1797), is the basis for a lyrical new anthem devised by Pat Liebergen. The part writing in the four-part sections is very straightforward, with some imitative writing, and the flute part greatly enhances the gentle and expressive effect. There are also alternate words to make the piece usable at Christmas time as well as for more general occasions. With Keyboard and optional Flute.

CM8608 - SATB $1.40

Sing With Joy - George Frideric Handel; edited by Patrick M. Liebergen

Sing With Joy is an edition with new English words, of a celebrated chorus from Handel's oratorio Judas Maccabaeus. The SATB version (CM8345 _ $1.40) was a successful release several years ago and this expert arrangement for SAB chorus is sure to be popular with both school and church choruses, as well. With Keyboard.

CM8587 - SAB $1.40
CM8596 - 2-part Treble $1.30

Think On These Things - Virginia Croft

Gracious and serene, Virginia Croft's setting of a familiar passage from St. Paul's letter to the Philippians makes a fine, contemplative anthem, suitable for general use. The opening lines can be done as a solo or by unison Sopranos or Tenors and the four-part section will not be difficult for a choir to master. With Keyboard.

CM8589 - SATB $1.00

Turn To God - Eugene Butler

To a text adapted from a biblical passage from the Book of Job, Eugene Butler has crafted a melodious new anthem that will be a fine addition to services throughout the church year. The part writing is graceful and not difficult, and the keyboard accompaniment enhances and supports the setting with Butler's usual skill and care. With Keyboard.

CM8590 - SATB $1.30

When In Our Music God Is Glorified - Based on the hymn tune Engelberg by Charles Villers Stanford; setting by Hal H. Hopson

One of the most beloved of Angelican hymns has achieved greater renown, thanks to Fred Pratt Green's wonderful new words. Hal Hopson's setting may be the grandest yet for this sturdy and memorable tune. Much of the writing is unison, with only verse three in four parts and a descant on verse four. With congregation and Organ. Optional Brass Quartet or Quintet, Timpani and Handbells.

CM8591 - SATB $1.40
CM8591A - Opt. Instrumental Parts $19.95