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Carl Fischer Church Choral Program 2000-2001

Lent / Easter Music

Lenten Music

Cross Cry - Eugene Butler

A Lenten meditation, using a fine, powerful text by David Davenport, on the meaning of the crucifixion, Cross Cry is a dramatic and somber anthem. The voice parts are not difficult per se, but achieving the proper degree of concentration and expression will be the challenge for directors and choir. With Keyboard.

CM8601 - SATB $1.30

Easter Music

Easter Proclamation - Antonio Vivaldi; edited and arranged by Patrick M. Liebergen

A brilliantly festive anthem, Easter Proclamation is derived from Vivaldi's Dixit Dominus, a setting of Psalm 109. Performed with verve and a strong rhythmic pulse, this selection is perfect for Easter Sunday and throughout Eastertide, especially when the trumpet part is included. With Keyboard and optional Trumpet in Bb.

CM8602 - SATB $1.30
CM8603 - SAB $1.30

He Lives! He Lives! - Dana Mengel

An anthem suitable for Eastertide in particular, He Lives! He Lives! sets an original text by the composer with great fervor and conviction. The central tenant of Christian faith, that Jesus rose from the dead and lives in all who believe in him is powerfully expressed in this work. The rhythms may be a bit tricky to master at first, but the syncopations give this slow-moving but incisive piece its characteristic intensity. With Keyboard.

CM8617 - SATB $1.30