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Carl Fischer Church Choral Program 2000-2001

Spirituals / Inspirational Music

All Night, All Day - Spiritual; arranged by Walter Ehret

Walter Ehret has crafted a marvelous new arrangement of this familiar spiritual that will be a popular addition to the repertoire of good high school and college choirs and many churches. The piano part is especially expressive and effective. With Keyboard.

CM8575 - SATB $1.30

Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit - Spiritual; arranged by Debbie Cavalier

Singable lines and an infectious bounce, make this new gospel-style arrangement of a well-known spiritual a fun piece that will be useful for multicultural situations. The syncopated rhythms and percussion parts suggest that some choreographed movement would be very effective. Moderately easy. Spiritual. With Keyboard and optional Percussion.

CM8595 - 3-part Mixed $1.30
CM8628CD - Accompaniment CD $19.95
CM8593 - 2-part Treble $1.30
CM8594 - SSA $1.30

Lift Every Voice and Sing - Greg Gilpin

An upbeat and inspirational piece with original words and music by the prolific Greg Gilpin, Lift Every Voice and Sing will make a great concert opener and is also suitable for contest. There is considerable unison writing and several brief divisi passages for Tenors and Sopranos. Moderately easy. Inspirational. With Keyboard.

CM8613 - SATB $1.40
CM8629CD - Accompaniment CD $19.95

Sing Allelu, Alleluia - Philip Hayes; arranged by and with additional music by Patrick M. Liebergen

A tune by 18th Century hymn writer Philip Hayes (1738-1797), is the basis for a lyrical new anthem devised by Pat Liebergen. The part writing in the four-part sections is very straightforward, with some imitative writing, and the flute part greatly enhances the gentle and expressive effect. There are also alternate words to make the piece usable at Christmas time as well as for more general occasions. With Keyboard and optional Flute.

CM8608 - SATB $1.40

Sing With Joy - George Frideric Handel; edited by Patrick M. Liebergen

Sing With Joy is an edition with new English words, of a celebrated chorus from Handel's oratorio Judas Maccabaeus. The SATB version (CM8345 _ $1.40) was a successful release several years ago and this expert arrangement for SAB chorus is sure to be popular with both school and church choruses, as well. With Keyboard.

CM8587 - SAB $1.40
CM8596 - 2-part Treble $1.30