Guidelines for use of Carl Fischer copyrights:


Photocopying out-of-print music

Judges' Scores


Print Rights


Film, Video, and New Media Use

Performing Rights


If you wish to record one of our copyrighted publications, you must obtain what is known as a Mechanical License. Licenses may be obtained from:

The Harry Fox Agency
711 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017


A license should be requested directly from our Licensing & Copyright Department for Canadian or International licensing. Your written email request should include:

• The name of the individual or organization and street address to appear on the license
• Title, composer, arranger (if any), and catalog number of the publication (if known)
• Duration of the recording (per work)
• Artist/Performer of the recording
• Title of the album
• Number of copies of the recording
• Record number (if any)