Guidelines for use of Carl Fischer copyrights:


Photocopying out-of-print music

Judges' Scores


Print Rights


Film, Video, and New Media Use

Performing Rights

judges' scores

Please note that we can only grant permission to photocopy publications that are out-of-print. You will be required to buy the original copies of publications that are still in print and available for purchase.

To request permission to make copies of out-of-print music for festival judges:

1. Prepare a letter stating your request, including the following information:

• The name of the individual or organization and street address to appear on the license
• Title, composer, arranger (if any), and catalog number of the publication (if known)
• The number of scores you wish to make
• Date(s) of the competition
• Your email address and fax number
• The statement: "These copies will be destroyed immediately after the festival date(s)."

The fee for this permission is a flat administration fee of Fifteen Dollars ($15.00)* per work for up to 4 copies. The method of payment for this is by credit card ONLY. Please ensure that the following payment information is provided to us on a separate page when submitting your request:

• Type of credit card (We accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express)
• Credit card number
• Expiration date
• 3-digit security code (4 if Amex)
• Cardholder's name
• Cardholder's billing address

Please be sure to leave room on your document for us to stamp "PERMISSION GRANTED" on your request.

2. Submit your request letter and payment information as an attached document to an email to Subin Lim, Licensing and Copyright:

3. Your request will be processed, stamped with permission, and returned to you as a PDF file along with a copy of the receipt for your payment via email.

*Requests must be submitted and received at least 2 weeks prior to the first festival date. For any requests received less than 2 weeks prior to the festival, an additional fee of $10.00 per work will be added to the administration fee.