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March 2010
The ABCs of Flute The ABCs of Flute for the Absolute Beginner
By Amy Porter
Arrangements by Larry Clark
DVD with Booklet

Carl Fischer Music
DVD26 • $19.95  

Carl Fischer Music’s new The ABCs of Flute features world-renowned flutist and pedagogue Amy Porter. This DVD is a comprehensive beginning study guide to playing the flute with information about breathing, embouchure, hand position, air direction and caring for your instrument. It also features tunes with up to six notes, and ventures briefly into the upper and lower octaves. Amy Porter performs the featured tunes with piano accompaniments arranged by Larry Clark. The DVD also includes a 16-page instructional booklet. For beginning players. Duration: 65’

August 2009
The ABCs of Violin The ABCs of Violin: Anthology Edition
Book with 2 DVDs
By Janice Tucker Rhoda

Carl Fischer Music ABC29 • $29.95  

Janice Tucker Rhoda’s best-selling ABCs of Violin Book 1 and ABCs of Violin Book 2 have been combined and packaged with The ABCs of Violin for the Beginner DVD and The ABCs of Violin for the Intermediate Player DVD. The result is The ABCs of Violin: Anthology Edition, a complete course of exercises, solos and DVD lessons for the progressing student violinist at a great value. For beginner to intermediate players.

July 2009
Bass Guitar BBV001 • $19.95  

Danish professional bass player Henrik Deleuran’s comprehensive instructional DVD has been remastered in English and updated for a new publishing by! The ultimate private study guide for beginners, intermediate and advanced players, Bassline is organized progressively by difficulty, guiding players through the essential topics of melody, fretless playing, acoustic playing, solos, and tons more. As a special bonus, each lesson can be downloaded as a PDF file on the computer, in standard notation or tablature, making the lesson even easier to understand. This DVD promises to improve a bassist’s chops at any level!

June 2009
Philippe Bertaud on Music of Heitor Villa-Lobos Philippe Bertaud on the Music of Heitor Villa-Lobos,Vol. 1 DVD
Classical Guitar
Instructional and Performance DVD

International guitar performer Philippe Bertaud brings us the intricate rhythms of legendary Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos on this instructional/performance DVD for classical guitar. Bertaud offers instructions for practice, narrated lessons and performances, exercises and practice tips, arpeggio exercises, fast scales exercises, and so much more in the context of Villa-Lobos’ great music for classical guitar. For intermediate to advanced players.

Miramuse DVD25 • $19.95  

March 2009
ABCs of Violin for Intermediate Player, Book 2 The ABCs of Violin for the Intermediate Player,
   Book 2: Performance CD

By Janice Tucker Rhoda

This beautifully recorded CD for violin solo and piano accompaniment includes all of the pieces in Janice Tucker Rhoda’s ABCs of Violin for the Intermediate Player – Book 2 (ABC3), from the best-selling ABCs of Strings series. It is to be used in conjunction with this book and The ABCs of Violin Intermediate DVD (DVD22) and will facilitate home practice, allowing students of all ages to prepare for recitals and have fun playing along with the music! For intermediate players.

Carl Fischer Music ABC3CD • $15.95  

December 2008
ABCs of Violin for Intermediate Player DVD The ABCs of Violin for the Intermediate Player DVD
Janice Tucker Rhoda

The ABCs of Violin for the Intermediate Player is the perfect instructional DVD for intermediate-level violin students of all ages! As a direct continuation of The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner DVD (DVD19), students will enjoy learning advanced tuning and bow hold, spiccato bowing technique and changing a string, plus advice on practicing the pieces. This DVD includes more than 35 pieces and performances to learn and play, including “Amazing Grace,” “Cherry Blossoms,” “Joy to the World,” Tchaikovsky’s “Piano Concert Theme,” Beethoven’s “Russian Folk Song,” and many more. Also included are all performance pieces from The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner DVD, allowing students to brush up on their basic skills as they learn to master the intermediate level. Duration: 90’

Carl Fischer Music DVD22 • $19.95  

Donny Gruendler Creating and Performing Drum Loops Creating and Performing Drum Loops DVD
Donny Gruendler
English Language DVD

In the DVD Creating and Performing Drum Loops, world-class clinician and educator Donny Gruendler (PIT/Musicians Institute faculty) walks you through the entire process of track programming, equipment wiring, and performance to prepare you for any commercial gig. Through clear, step-by-step explanations (including performance lessons, demo software, and companion session files), Donny presents the viewer with four songs—each featuring a different programming method, equipment setup, and performance strategy. Creating and performing drum loops, click tracks, predetermined backing tracks, multi-channel backing tracks, manual loop triggering, and acoustic drum triggering are all presented in great detail. Gruendler also demonstrates how to put your skills to work during exciting live performance footage, featuring songs from Rhett Frazier Inc. Includes Ableton Live and BFD demo software for a truly interactive learning experience. Duration: 150'.

Carl Fischer Music DVD24 • $19.95  

September 2008
Moeller Technique Workshop DVD The Moeller Technique Workshop: The DVD
Henrique De Almeida

Seasoned drumming expert and director of the Percussion Institute of Colorado, Henrique De Almeida has created a DVD that provides an in-depth exploration of the Moeller technique for drumming. Named for drummer Sanford A. Moeller, this method has been popularized by Moeller student Jim Chapin since the 1930s. Drawn from Civil War-era drumming, the Moeller method combines a variety of techniques with the goal of improving hand speed, power, and control while offering the flexibility to add accented notes at will. Almeida explores the various uses of the Moeller technique in a wide range of drumming styles, providing demonstrations and detailed explanations. Duration: 186 mins.

Carl Fischer Music DVD23 • $19.95  

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