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Works of: Appledorn, Mary Jeanne van

Cat. #
Date Composition Instrumentation Dur. in Min. Composer
1912 1981 Lux: Legend of Sankta Lucia picc. (4), fl. (4), ob. (3), Eb cl., cl. (9), a. cl. (2), b. cl. (2), bn. (2), cbn., a. sax. (4), t. sax. (2), b. sax. (2); cor. (6), hn. (6), trp. (6), b. hn. (2), t. (2); timp., perc. (9) 10' Appledorn, Mary Jeanne van
1913   Cacophony picc. (2), fl. (3), ob. (2), Eb cl., cl. (6), a. cl., b. cl., cb. cl., bn. (2), cbn., a. sax. (4), t. sax., b. sax.; hn. (6), trp. (6), trb. (6), bar. hn. (2), t. (2); cb., perc. (4), noise makers 7'30" Appledorn, Mary Jeanne van
1669 1954 Concerto Brevis for Piano and Orchestra Solo piano; picc./2/2/2/2; 4/3/3/1; timp., perc.; str. 12' Appledorn, Mary Jeanne van
two pno. reduction available for sale: CP41
1973 1978 Rising Night After Night "Solo mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass-baritone voice; narrator; SSAATTBB chorus; picc./2 (a. fl.)/2/3/3; 4/4/2/1; pno., hp.; str." 23' Appledorn, Mary Jeanne van
text: Abba Kovner
1914   Concerto for Trumpet and Band Solo trumpet (dbl. flug. hn.); picc., fl. (2), ob. (2), Eb cl., cl. (3), a. cl., b. cl., cb. cl., bn. (2), a. sax. (2), t. sax., b. sax.; hn. (4), cor. (3), trb. (3), bar. hn., t.; cb., timp., perc. (3), pno.   Appledorn, Mary Jeanne van
pno./trp. reduction available: CP39
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