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Cat. #
Date Composition Instrumentation Dur. in Min. Composer
1948 1983 Capriccios II fl., cl., vlc.; perc., hp., pno. 19' Kohn, Karl
0451 1958 "Castles and Kings: A Suite for Children" picc./2/2/2/2; 3/2/2/1; timp., perc.(3); str. 12' Kohn, Karl
four-hand pno. reduction available for sale: O4453
1034 1973 Centone picc./2/2/eng. hn./2/b. cl./2/cbn.; 4/2/2/1; timp., perc.(2), hp., pno.; str. 29' Kohn, Karl
full score available for sale: SC39
0923 1956 Concert Music for Twelve Wind Instruments fl. (2) (picc.), ob. (2), eng. hn., cl. (2), b. cl., bn. (2); hn.(2) 16' Kohn, Karl
1612 1974 Concerto for Horn and Orchestra Solo horn; 1/1/1/2; 0/0/0/0; vib., pno.; str. 25' Kohn, Karl
1129 1962 Concerto Mutabile for Piano and Chamber Ensemble or Orchestra Solo piano; 1/1/1/1; 1/2/3/0; str. (or str. quintet) 16' Kohn, Karl
1130 1957 Three Descants from Ecclesiastes SATB chorus; trp. (2), hn., trb. (2), t.   Kohn, Karl
pno./vocal reduction available for sale: O4630
0452 1966 Episodes for Piano And Orchestra Solo piano; picc./1/2/2/2; 4/2/2/1; timp., perc.(2), hp.; str. 12' Kohn, Karl
two pno. reduction available for sale: O4748; study score: SC31
1679 1970 Esdras: Anthems and Interludes "Solo flute, piano; SATB chorus; 5 (picc.)/2/4/2/a. sax, t. sax., b. sax; 4/3/3/1; timp., perc., pno., hp.; str." 35' Kohn, Karl
pno./vocal reduction available for sale: O4982
1656 1975 Innocent Psaltery picc., fl. (2), ob. (2), eng. hn., cl. (2), b. cl., bn. (2), cbn.; hn. (4), trp. (3), trb. (3), t.; timp., perc.(4) 20' Kohn, Karl
0457 1964 Interludes picc./2/2/2/2; 3/2/3/1; timp., perc.(2); str. 12' Kohn, Karl
study score available for sale: SC30
1132 1961 Motet: Sensus Spei "SATB chorus; accomp: pno.; or trp. (2), trb. (2); or trp. (2), hn., trb.; or ob., cl., bn.; hn.; or pno.; ob., cl., bn.; hn." 12' Kohn, Karl
pno./vocal reduction available for sale: CM7553
1686 1976 Prophet Bird, The: Concert Music II fl. (picc.), cl., bn.; hn., b. trb.; mar. (vib.), hp.; vln., vla., vlc. 27' Kohn, Karl
1951 1980 Prophet Bird II Concert Music for Piano and Chamber Ensemble Solo piano; fl., cl., bn.; hn., b. trb.; mar. (vib.); vln., vla., vlc. 24' Kohn, Karl
0456 1960 Three Scenes for Orchestra picc./2/2/eng. hn./2/b. cl./2/cbn.; 4/2/3/1; timp., perc., hp., cel.; str. 11'30" Kohn, Karl
1926 1977 Serenade II for Concert Band picc., fl. (2), ob., Eb cl. (opt.), cl. (3), a. cl. (opt.), b. cl. (opt.), bn., a. sax. (2), t. sax., b. sax.; hn. (3) (3rd hn. opt.), trp. (3), trb. (3), bar. hn., t; perc. 15' Kohn, Karl
1950 1983 Time Irretrievable: Three Movements for Orchestra picc./2/2/2/2; 4/2/3/1; timp., perc. (3); str. 18' Kohn, Karl
1947 1981 Wind Chamber for Concert Band picc, fl. (3), ob., Eb cl.., cl. (3), a. cl., b. cl., bn., a. sax., t. sax., b. sax.; hn. (2), trp. (3), trb. (3), bar. hn., t., perc. 5' Kohn, Karl
1949 1979 Waldmusik: Concerto for Clarinet with Piano and Wind Ensemble Solo clarinet; fl. (picc.), ob. (2) (ob. 2 dbl. eng. hn.), bn. (2); hn. (2), pno. 23' Kohn, Karl
1946 1979 Waldmusik: Concerto for Clarinet Solo clarinet; 1 (picc.)/2 (eng. hn.)/0/2; 2/0/0/0; pno.; str. 23' Kohn, Karl
CP19   Also the Sons Solo organ (or pno. four hands)   Kohn, Karl
accompaniment to CM7994
FE151   Bits and Pieces Solo piano   Kohn, Karl
FE046   Capriccios fl., cl.; vln.; hp., pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE152   Divertimento fl., ob., cl., bn.   Kohn, Karl
FE020   Encounters II hn.; pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE063   Encounters III vln.; pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE064   Encounters IV ob.; pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE065   Encounters V bn.; pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE191   Encounters VI vlc.; pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE041   Impromptus fl. (picc.), cl., bn. (2); trp. (2), trb.   Kohn, Karl
FE039   Introductions and Parodies cl., bn.; hn.; pno.; vln. (2), vla., vlc.   Kohn, Karl
FE025   Little Suite Woodwind quintet   Kohn, Karl
FE078   Paronyms fl. (picc., a. fl., b. fl.); pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE153   Paronyms II sax. (sopranino sax., s. sax., a. sax., b. sax.); pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE035   Partita Solo piano   Kohn, Karl
FE106   Quintet Brass quintet   Kohn, Karl
FE031   Reflections cl.; pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE001   Rhapsodies fl. (picc.), ob., cl., bn.; hn.; perc., pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE049   Serenade Woodwind quintet; pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE154   Sonata da Camera a. fl., cl.; pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE079   Souvenirs vln.; pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE107   Souvenirs II ob.; hp.   Kohn, Karl
FE077   Trio vln.; hn.; pno.   Kohn, Karl
FE044   Variations hn.; pno.   Kohn, Karl
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