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Works of: Schubert, Franz

Cat. #
Date Composition Instrumentation Dur. in Min. Composer
1842 1981 Pianoforte Sonata in A minor, Op. 120 fl.; pno.   Schubert, Franz
Brant, Henry
2454 1971 String Quartet In D minor (posthumous) Scherzo and Finale 2/2/2/2; 2/2/3/0; timp.; str.   Schubert, Franz
Brant, Henry
0694   "Five Songs I. Thranenregen II. Der Wegeiser III. Du Bist die Ruh IV. Ihr Bild V. Romanze aus Rosamunde" "Solo medium voice; 2/2/2/2; 2/0/0/0; str. (original tonality) -or- Solo high voice; 2/2/2/2; 2/0/0/0; str. (transposed tonalities)" 15' Schubert, Franz
Webern, Anton
0684   Psalm 23, Op. 132 TTBB chorus; 2/2/2/2; 4/3/3/1; timp., hp.; str. 5' Schubert, Franz
Heuberger, Richard
0709   Wohin?, Op. 25, No.2 Solo high voice; 2/2/2/2; 2/2/0/0; hp., str. 2' Schubert, Franz
Hertz, Alfred
pno./vocal reduction available for sale: S5044
0708   Standchen (Serenade) Solo high voice; 2/2/2/2; 2/0/0/0; str. 2'30" Schubert, Franz
Luck, Arthur
pno./vocal reduction available for sale: S4928
0686   Allmacht, Die, Op. 79 Solo high voice; 2/2/2/2; 4/3/3/1; hp., org.; str.   Schubert, Franz
Liszt, Franz
"text: J.Ladislaus Lyrher; trans. Alice Mattullath (pno./vocal reduction available for sale: S4933)"
0696   Gretchen am Spinnrade Solo high voice; 0/0/0/0; 4/2/3/0; timp., hp.; str. 3'30" Schubert, Franz
Hertz, Alfred
0971   Miriam's Song of Triumph, Op. 136 Solo soprano voice; SSA chorus; 2/2/2/3; 4/3/3/1; timp., perc. (2); str.   Schubert, Franz
Mottl, Felix
pno./vocal reduction available for sale: O3836
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