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April 2002 - NEW ISSUES


Carl Fischer School/Church Program 2002/2003


Musicianship from Day One
For Band or Individual Instruction
by Sandy Feldstein and Larry Clark

Yamaha Advantage Bk 2 - ClarinetThe talk of the band world, The Yamaha Advantage,(tm) is setting new standards for band methodology in the 21st Century. Devised by two of the most experienced writers of material for young band, Sandy Feldstein and Larry Clark, and published with the support of instrument manufacturer The Yamaha Corporation of America, The Yamaha Advantage(tm) is the band method for today's student.

YBM204 The Yamaha Advantage, Book 2 - Feldstein & Clark - Bb Clarinet - $6.95
(ISBN 0-8258-4618-8)

Musicianship from Day One
by Sandy Feldstein & Larry Clark
Theory Workbook

Yamaha Advantage - Theory WorkbookA 16 page workbook designed to correlate to specific pages of The Yamaha Advantage(tm) band method, Theory Workbook will be fun and instructional. There are special writing exercises to encourage creative thinking and a musical crossword puzzle.

YBM123 - The Yamaha Advantage(tm) - Theory Workbook - Feldstein & Clark - $4.95
(ISBN 0-8258-4214-X)


Richard Cory and Selected Songs
Compiled by Paul Sperry

John Duke CollectionJohn Duke (1899-1984) was one of the finest composers of art-songs that America has produced. His three settings of poems by Edward Arlington Robinson (Richard Cory, Miniver Cheevy and Luke Havergal) are among the best known and most often performed songs in the American Art-song repertoire. Paul Sperry has collected all of John Duke's songs that Carl Fischer published and we are pleased to offer them in all the keys in which they were originally available in this handsome collection. John Duke's emphasis in his songs is on American poets, melody and a romantic sense of harmony. These are songs written with unusual understanding for the capabilities of the human voice. To quote Paul Sperry's introduction, "In short, he wrote beautiful songs that should be sung and played beautifully."

The John Duke Collection includes: Richard Cory, Calvary, Luke Havergal, Miniver Cheevy, Bells in the Rain, Velvet Shoes, Viennese Waltz, Evening, Just-Spring, When I Set Out for Lyonnesse, Yellow Hair, Morning in Paris, In the Fields, The Mountains Are Dancing, Spring Thunder, Be Still as You Are Beautiful, One Red Rose, O World, The Song of Wandering Aengus, and Brown Penny.

VF1 - John Duke Collection - Richard Cory and Selected Songs - Voice & Piano - $24.95
(ISBN 0-8258-4229-8)

Selected Coloratura Repertoire
Edited by Frank La Forge

Lily Pons Song AlbumThe latest addition to the esteemed Master's Collection is a vocal book devoted to the concert repertoire of famed coloratura soprano Lily Pons (1898-1976). Drawn from the original collections prepared by Frank La Forge, renowned coach and accompanist, who collaborated with Miss Pons on innumerable occasions, this one volume collection provides students and vocal artists with stunning concert pieces in French, English and Italian from all the major style periods. Music by such composers as Handel, Grétry, Mozart, Rossini, Debussy, Chausson, Fauré and Chabrier is included and Frank La Forge's meticulous notation of Miss Pons' optional high notes and cadenzas make this volume a remarkable documentation of a style and period of singing of great historical importance. In addition, the extensive biography of Ms. Pons, by Dr. Carrie de Lapp Culver, and the many attractive photographs will make this album a must-have for singers and students of 20th century vocal style.

VF2 - Lily Pons Song Album - ed. La Forge - High Voice and Piano - $24.95
(ISBN 0-8258-4706-0)

12 Enchanted Pieces for Early-Level Piano
by John Robert Poe
Illustrated by Sergei Goloshapov

Using his uncanny ability to capture moods and characterize unusual creatures, John Robert Poe has come up with another "enchanting" book of pieces for young players. Trolls and Frogs, Witches and Gnomes all inhabit the world of these clever pieces, which will stretch student imaginations as well as instill good playing habits. The author challenges his students to be creative and above all, have fun as they explore this "Enchanted Forest."

PL1005 - Meanwhile, Back in the Enchanted Forest - Poe - Piano Book - $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4528-9)

For Beginning-Level Solo Piano
by John Robert Poe

Three SonatinasThe three simple and graceful sonatinas are a perfect way to introduce the basics of sonata form to beginning players. John Robert Poe has constructed these gems with a careful eye to the variety of ways composers organize multi-movement sonatinas, using sonata-allegro form, ABA movements, rondo form and even an example of the theme and variations form. Shaggy Dog Sonata, Best Friend Sonatina, and Seaside Sonata beautifully exhibit Poe's mastery of writing for beginning piano students.

PL1009 - Three Sonatinas - Poe - Piano Book - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4589-0)

And don't forget these wonderful piano books by John Robert Poe:

  • O5009 - Animal World - $6.50 (ISBN 0-8258-2222-X)
  • O5087 - Meanwhile, Back at the Castle - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-2891-0)
  • O5370 - Meanwhile, Back in the Jungle - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-3136-9)
  • O5014 - Safari - $5.50 (ISBN 0-8258-4586-6)
  • O5056 - Sea Pictures - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-3084-2)

The Mary Sallee Piano Series

Intermediate-Level Piano Solos for Basketball Lovers
by Mary Sallee

Hoops!This is the ideal book for attracting young athletes (especially boys) to the keyboard. Hoops!, captures the fun and excitement of America's favorite winter sport. Ms. Sallee has a remarkable talent for creating pieces with exciting rhythms, fresh and appealing harmonies and idiomatic keyboard figuration and this book contains seven selections that will instruct intermediate students and be fun to play as well.

PL1011 - Hoops! - Sallee - Piano Book - $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4591-2)

The Day in the Life of a Cat
For the Intermediate-Level Pianist
by Mary Sallee

Wanda's WorldThese charming and inventive pieces chronicle a typical day in the life of the composer's beloved cat, Wanda. The seven descriptive pieces (For Love of Fur, Ice Hockey, Purr-fect Slumber, Whisker Kisses, et. al.) use images of pet behavior to stimulate the student's imagination and stretch his or her technique. Ms. Sallee's experience as a piano teacher and compositional gifts shine forth in each of these delightful sketches.

PL1010 - Wanda's World - Sallee - Piano Book - $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4590-4)

Also by Mary Sallee:

  • PL1004 - Celebrating Christmas - Piano (4 Hands) Book - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-3376-0)
  • PL1001 - Hymns - Piano Book - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4216-6)
  • PL1003 - Jazzin' - Piano Book - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4218-2)
  • PL1002 - Summer Scenes - Piano Book - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4217-4)
  • P3310 - Singer's Sonatina - Piano Solo - $4.95 (UPC 98408 04390)

12 Early Intermediate-Level Pieces of Fun
for Piano Solo
by Elissa Oppenheim Schreiner

PlaylandDesigned to stimulate and inspire piano students to add expression and feeling to their music making, Playland explores the typical, exciting rides one encounters at an amusement park: The Boat Ride, Bump...The Bumper Car!, The Caterpillar, The Haunted House, The Roller Coaster and more, 12 "rides" in all.

PL1006 - Playland - Schreiner - Piano Book - $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-2887-2)

Also by Elissa Oppenheim Schreiner:

  • O5369 - C for Two - 15 Jazz Duets for Teacher and Student - $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-2887-2)
  • O5440 - Two by Two - Piano Duets - $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-3378-7)

Nine Early-Intermediate-Level Piano Solos
by Ted Cooper

OdysseyOdyssey is a varied and musically sophisticated collection of pieces that will engage the mind and the fingers of early-intermediate-level players. Ted Cooper, the Educational Director of the New School for Music Study in Kingston, NJ, teaches piano to students of all ages. He has the clear knack for creating musical pieces that address technical issues with a light and imaginative touch.

PL1013 - Odyssey - Cooper - Piano Book - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4596-3)

Character Pieces for Early-Intermediate Level Piano Solo
by Ted Cooper

Six Lyric PiecesImagination, melodic freshness and a flair for contemporary harmony and counterpoint characterize the sketches in this new book from an exciting composer new to the Carl Fischer catalog. Standard piano types (Barcarolle, Etude, Nocturne, Prelude, Song Without Words and Toccata) are given a new look in this collection by a gifted young writer.

PL1012 - Six Lyric Pieces - Cooper - Piano Book - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4595-5)

12 Recital Pieces for Early-Intermediate Piano Solo
by Eleonor Bindman-Auer

An American CalendarKeyed to a representative event or holiday commemorated in each month of the year, this strikingly original collection of recital pieces will be fun to play from. Each piece, apart from its programmatic point, deals with a specific technical challenge for the developing performer, and the author has provided preparatory exercises to emphasize the technical content. The clever illustrations and short stories that precede each piece will help the student develop a convincing interpretation. This is a beautifully produced and carefully focused book, ideal for committed young players.

PL1007 - An American Calendar - Bindman-Auer - Piano Book - $7.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4587-4)

Early Piano Music

Howard Hanson - Early Piano MusicHoward Hanson (1861-1981), one of the giants of twentieth century American music, did not compose a great deal of piano music. The first of these pieces (Poems Erotiques, Op. 9), from his pre-Eastman years, show Hanson employing the 19th Century piano styles still current during the period (1917-1920) of his apprenticeship. By the early 20s, Hanson was a fully formed composer and the Tre Pezzi, Op. 18 reflect the more mature young composer that was to develop during his stay at the American Academy in Rome (1921-24). The last piece included in this collection, Slumber Song, was probably the earliest. Though it cannot be dated exactly, it was probably written during the "teen years" (i.e. 191-) when Hanson ws still living in Iowa. This is a fascinating collection of pieces, suitable for moderately advanced recitalists, with an extremely useful preface by editor Nicholas Hopkins.

PL1008 - Early Piano Music - Hanson - Piano Book - $14.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4588-2)

LA VOLTA - William Byrd
GONDELLIED - Felix Mendelssohn
Arrangements for 2 Pianos, 8 Hands
by Laura Spitzer

La Volta/GondolliedTaking classic solos from the solo keyboard literature, (La Volta, from Volume Two of The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book and Gondellied from Mendelssohn's Songs Without Words), Laura Spitzer has created repertoire whereby students can experience more elaborate solo works by sharing the material of the original. These arrangements will be terrific as quick study pieces for intermediate students, and as sight-reading material for more advanced players.

PL110 - La Volta (Byrd) & Gondollied (Mendelssohn) - arr. Spitzer - 2 Pianos, 8 Hands - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4597-1)

WALTZ IN A flat, Op. 39, No. 15 - Johannes Brahms
TANGO - Isaac Albeniz
Arrangements for 2 Pianos, 8 Hands
by Laura Spitzer

Waltz in Ab/TangoThe most familiar of Brahms' waltzes and the celebrated Tango by Isaac Albeniz have been cleverly arranged so that the rich piano writing of the originals can be experienced collectively by younger players at the intermediate level. They can also be used to teach ensemble thinking and make great sight-reading material for more advanced students.

PL111 - Waltz in Ab, Op. 39, No. 15 (Brahms) & Tango (Albeniz) - arr. Spitzer - 2 Pianos, 8 Hands - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4598-X)