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August 2002 - NEW ISSUES


Arthur Pryor
for Trombone and Piano

Arthur Pryor (1870-1942) was one of the best-known trombonists and bandsmen of his day. Trombone soloist for John Philip Sousa's celebrated band beginning in 1892, he later functioned as assistant conductor of the Sousa band (1894-1903) before starting his own ensemble. His more than 300 compositions include novelty tunes, ragtime pieces and operettas, but of course he is best remembered today for his virtuosic solos for his own instrument. This new book collects eight of his most popular solos in one volume and includes Blue Bells of Scotland, Fantastic Polka, The Little Chef (Polka Caprice), Love's Enchantment (Valse de Concert), Thoughts of Love and more. This is a book every trombonist will want to have in his or her library.

WF2 - Arthur Pryor Solos for Trombone - Trombone and Piano - $14.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4726-5)

Méthod Pour Trompettiste Avancé
(Method for the Advanced Trumpeter)
by Pierre Thibaud

Issued in three volumes, this method is the latest entry in the long and distinguished line of French contributions to trumpet pedagogy. Pierre Thibaud is one of the most respected and recognized performers and teachers in the trumpet world. He has served as principal trumpeter in the Israel Philharmonic, soloist with the Grande Républicaine band and was solo trumpeter of the Paris Opéra Orchestra for thirty years. The aim of these extraordinary books is to guide serious students of the instrument in developing their technical facility and musicality. Subjects covered in Mr. Thibaud's method include Pedal notes, Trills, Circular Breathing, Isotonic Exercise, Reliability and much more. Mastery of this material will prepare the player for many of the most challenging works in the modern concert and chamber music repertoires. This is an ideal set of books for serious students and teachers of the trumpet.

BQ74 - Method For the Advanced Trumpeter - Thibaud - Trumpet - $34.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4857-1)
BQ75 - Chromatic Exercises and Technical Studies for the Advanced Trumpeter - Thibaud - Trumpet - $14.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4858-X)
BQ73 - Daily Routine and Vocalises for the Advanced Trumpeter - Thibaud - Trumpet - $7.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4856-3)

for Bb Cornet or Trumpet with Piano Accompaniment
compiled and edited by Dr. James Bovinette

Using popular arias from the 19th Century opera repertoire, Jean Baptiste Arban, author of the definitive trumpet method, fashioned a large number of solos to explore the variety of phrasings possible on the trumpet and cornet. The fifteen solos chosen by Dr. Bovinette, give the player the opportunity to make the instrument sing, developing breathing technique, legato phrasing ability and other elements of musical playing in the process. Music by Verdi, Donizetti, Bellini and Rossini is included and players will enjoy the opportunity to play these glorious tunes.

BQ72 - 15 Selections from Arban's "The Art of Phrasing" - Arban/Bovinette - $9.95 - (ISBN 0-8258-4735-4)


Combining Jazz and Rumba for a New Sound on the Drumset
by Ignacio Berroa

Author of the highly successful Groovin’ in Clave (MU5), renowned Cuban Drummer Ignacio Berroa’s latest book with CD expands on the concepts introduced in the earlier book. The object this time is to integrate aspects of Jazz-Style drumming with the Afro-Cuban inflected rock and funk rhythms that were explored in Groovin’ in Clave. By combining elements from both books, the player will be able to move freely among several styles of music – Jazz, Rock, Funk and Latin – adding an exciting depth and variety to the playing by letting the musical styles be both separate and fused, depending on the musical situation and the drummer’s own inspiration. The CD is designed to demonstrate the various grooves in the book and includes play-along songs that give the player chances to use the grooves in context and become a part of a great sounding band.

MU10 – A New Way of Groovin’ – Berroa – Drumset – Book & CD – $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4710-9)


  • MU5 – Groovin’ in Clave – Berroa – Drumset – Book & CD – $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-3605-0)


Musicianship from Day One
For Band or Individual Instruction

The talk of the band world, The Yamaha Advantage(tm) is setting new standards for band methodology in the 21st Century. Devised by two of the most experienced writers of material for young band, Sandy Feldstein and Larry Clark, and published with the support of instrument manufacturer, The Yamaha Corporation of America, The Yamaha Advantage(tm) is the band method for today's student.

The Yamaha Advantage Primer(tm) is the ideal way to begin instrumental music instruction with younger students. It is also a very effective tool for summer and other pre-band courses.

    * A complement to Book 1 of The Yamaha Advantage
  • Early pages emphasize tone production with shape notes; gradually moving to traditional music notation.
  • Students are quickly able to perform familiar songs using only five notes.
  • Play-along CD included with each part book to serve as a model for tone quality and make practicing fun.
  • Internet-style design visually reinforces concepts with colorful cross-referencing system.
  • First band method to create a supplemental online community a www.yamahaadvantage .com

The elements of the Yamaha Advantage (tm) Primer

  • *YBM001 - Conductor's Score (ISBN 0-8258-4605-6)
  • YBM002 - Flute/Oboe (ISBN 0-8258-4606-4)
  • YBM003 - Clarinet/Bass Clarinet (ISBN 0-8258-4607-2)
  • YBM004 - Alto Saxophone/Baritone Saxophone (ISBN 0-8258-4608-0)
  • YBM005 - Tenor Saxophone (ISBN 0-8258-4609-9)\
  • YBM006 - Trumpet/Baritone T.C. (ISBN 0-8258-4610-2)
  • M007 - Horn (ISBN 0-8258-4611-0)
  • *YBM008 - Trombone/Baritone B.C. (ISBN 0-8258-4612-9)
  • *YBM009 - Tuba (ISBN 0-8258-4613-7)
  • *YBM010 - Percussion (ISBN 0-8258-4614-5)

*Available soon!
Conductor's Score: $19.95; Part Books (including play-along CD): $6.95