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New Publications- December, 2005

Carl Fischer CD Solo Series for Double Bass
Piano Accompaniment by John Walker

Carl Fischer CD Solo Series for Double Bass The Carl Fischer CD Solo Series is designed to help all levels of string bass soloists improve their performance technique by making practice time more productive with the included “live” piano accompaniment. Each CD contains beautifully recorded accompaniment, performed by John Walker, a professional pianist with years of experience accompanying soloists of all ability. Available in 3 graded levels, beginning (Gr. 2), intermediate (Gr. 3) and advanced (Gr. 4-5), this series is sure to improve musicians’ performance technique and confidence.

Caballero, John Merle - B3418 - $9.95
Gavotte, Johann Sebastian Bach - B3419 - $9.95
The Jolly Dutchman: Traditional Folk Songs, Merle J. Isaac - B3420 - $9.95
Mummers, Danse Grotesque, John Merle - B3421 - $9.95
Sonatina, Arthur Olaf Andersen - B3422 - $12.95
A Song, Hugo Schlemuller - B3423 - $9.95

Various Melodious Etudes
Selected from the Vocalises of Marco Bordogni

Based on the vocalizes of Marco Bordogni, each compilation of etudes is drawn from some of the most musically appealing study material in the vocal repertoire. Carefully transcribed and arranged to be suitable for the study of each instrument, these works represent much more than simply technical studies. A tribute to the great musicianship of this wonderful singer and teacher, Bordogni’s etudes are beautifully expressive in nature and artistically and musically elite.

For Horn in F, Larry Clark and Sean O’Loughlin - WF50 - $12.95
For Bassoon, Larry Clark and Sean O’Loughlin - WF51 - $12.95
For Oboe, Larry Clark and Sean O’Loughlin - WF49 - $12.95
For Violin, Doris Gazda - BF23 - $12.95
For Cello, Doris Gazda - BF24 - $12.95
For Viola, Doris Gazda - BF27 - $12.95

The Fritz Kreisler Collection, Vol. 4:
Original Compositions for Violin and Piano

Fritz Kreisler

The Fritz Kreisler Collection, Vol. 4: Original Compositions for Violin and Piano In an era of great violinists, Kreisler had technique, intellect, tone, and charm. He transcended the domain of “serious” music, performing and recording both “popular” music and the great masterpieces. Greatly influenced by the work of Bruckner and Delibes, Fritz Kreisler has a marvelous gift for harmony and counterpoint. In this particular volume of pastiche pieces, Kreisler demonstrates his musical genius and successfully provides the violin repertoire with idiomatic and satisfying music. Among the pieces included in this collection are those “in the style of” Vivaldi, Stamitz, Porpora, and Couperin, along with pieces such as Toy Soldiers’ March, Malaguena, Episode and Romance.

BF11 - $22.95

Franz Joseph Haydn/David Popper –
Concerto for Double Bass and Piano in C Major

Eugene Levinsonn

Franz Joseph Haydn/David Popper – Concerto for Double Bass and Piano in C Major Originally written for cello and orchestra by Joseph Haydn and transcribed by Czech virtuoso David Popper, there is some confusion as to who should be fully credited for Concerto in C. This edition by N.Y. Philharmonic Principal Bassist, Eugene Levinson, strives to take attention away from the musicological debate and instead works to encourage both students and teachers to consider this work as part of their curriculum for the benefits it brings to the educational progress. Few works in the solo repertoire can develop the specific skills demanded by the highest echelons of the bass art form, in the way that this concerto does. This work is both technically and musically challenging and should be an essential part of the studio program at any major music institution.

B3424 - $9.95

The Vandoren Centennial Clarinet Etude and Exercise Book:
The Secrets of Ten Master Clarinetists

The Vandoren Centennial Clarinet Etude and Exercise Book: The Secrets of Ten Master Clarinetists Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Vandoren Company, Carl Fischer Music has teamed up with ten of the world’s finest clarinetists who use and endorse Vandoren products, to produce a one-of a-kind etude and exercise book in honor of this special anniversary. Each of these clarinet masters shares his and her inner secrets on how to play the clarinet. This eclectic collection covers Classical, Jazz, and Latin styles as well as etudes to develop tone, technique, lyricism and overall musicianship on the clarinet. This is a one-of-a-kind and a once-in-a-lifetime collection. No serious student or teacher of the clarinet should be without this innovative book.

WF55 - $17.95

Altissimo Studies for Clarinet
Etudes by Thomas J. Filas, transcribed by William R. Higgins

Altissimo Studies for Clarinet In today’s contemporary literature, the clarinetist is obligated to play in the altissimo register more often and for longer phrases than was required in most of the literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. For this reason, clarinetists need to be as proficient and relaxed in the altissimo register as they are in the chalumeau and clarion registers. This edition offers ninety three-line exercises of Thomas J. Filas’ etudes, transcribed in keys that focus on extending the clarinet’s range gradually from D6 to A6. They are short, musically enjoyable, and extremely effective for practicing altissimo studies.

WF57 - $9.95

Studies in Lyricism for the Advancing Student:
From the Works of Concone, Marchesi and Panofka
(For Wind Instruments)

Larry Clark

Studies in Lyricism for the Advancing Student: From the Works of Concone, Marchesi and Panofka (For Wind Instruments) These studies have been carefully chosen from the vocalizes of Concone, Marchesi and Panofka and are organized in a progressive order for advancing students. A variety of keys and rhythmic values have been selected, starting with the easiest for wind instruments and progressing to more complex selections throughout the book. These etudes will prove to be essential for improving flexibility and the ability to develop a beautiful sound.

For Flute - WF52 - $9.95
For Clarinet in Bb - WF53 - $9.95
For Trumpet in Bb - WF54 - $9.95

For Aaron
Lukas Foss

For Aaron Lukas Foss’ compositions over the last fifty years prove that a love for the past can be reconciled with all kinds of innovations. This new work, For Aaron, accomplishes no less. As it incorporates both the traditional and newer modes of musical expression, this work is reflective of some of the most essential features of Foss’ work.

PCB144 - $60.00

Ricky Ian Gordon Piano Collection:
Music for Solo Piano and Piano, Four Hands

Ricky Ian Gordon

Ricky Ian Gordon Piano Collection: Music for Solo Piano and Piano, Four Hands The music in this collection is greatly influenced by Contemporary American composer Ricky Ian Gordon’s love for both French music and film. In this work he clearly demonstrates his ability to straddle the worlds of concert music and Broadway, incorporating a strong dance element into each unique work.

This dynamic collection includes Five Dances for Solo Piano, The Caste System for Solo Piano, A Desire Rag for Solo Piano and Ring-A-Ding-Ding for Piano, Four Hands.

PL122 - $19.95

Let Us Worship and Bow Down
Gary Hallquist

Let Us Worship and Bow Down This collection offers both seasonal and general worship anthems, from one of America’s premiere church writers. The anthems in this collection are perfectly suited for praise and worship and are sure to become an integral part of church choir programs. With seven anthems total, Hallquist has skillfully written these beautiful pieces with care and thoughtfulness, a style that has been one of his trademarks throughout the years. A must-have for every church choir!

CFD17 - $15.98

Violin Concerto
Lee Hyla

Violin Concerto Lee Hyla’s Violin Concerto was commissioned by the Koussevitsky Foundation for violinist Laura Frautschi and the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, and given its first performance by them under the direction of artistic director and founder Gil Rose on January 19, 2002 in Boston’s Jordan Hall. The concerto plays in one kaleidoscopic movement that lasts nearly 21 minutes. Sections with Hyla’s trademark bristling energy alternate with calm and lyrical passages of delicate beauty. Coy references to the violin concertos of Igor Stravinsky and Alban Berg, tie the work to the great traditions of the last century, but Hyla’s interest in and knowledge of current popular music styles are also subtly evident. This is an important addition to the growing body of great 21st century violin concertos.

SC54 - $19.95

Ciao Manhattan
Lee Hyla

Ciao Manhattan Written for the Dinosaur Annex Ensemble of Boston in the summer of 1990, Lee Hyla’s Ciao Manhattan is one of his most commonly performed chamber pieces. Arranged for Alto Flute (doubling C Flute), Viola, Cello and Piano, it is a brief and introspective piece that expands slowly in its opening from the narrow middle register to a more expansive view of its material by the end. Variations on the initial idea shared by the alto flute and viola near the beginning grow more animated as the piece proceeds, but the ending restores the quiet notes of the opening measures. Ciao Manhattan makes a great addition to the Carl Fischer chamber music collection.

MXE10 - $15.95
MXE10F - $9.95

Songs of Our Time
Ricky Ian Gordon

Songs of Our Time Known for his extraordinary songs, this collection offers 14 works by composer Ricky Ian Gordon, set to the poetry of writers such as Sylvia Plath, Langston Hughes, James Schuyler, Frank O’Hara, John Ashbery, Stanley Kunitz and more. With Gordon’s ability to gracefully straddle the realms of high-end Broadway and classical, this musical compilation has a unique sound and style that makes it an exciting addition to any singles Repertoire.

VF11 - $24.95

Great Hymns of the Faith

Great Hymns of the Faith Since the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, hymns have been the tie binding the hearts and spirits of Christians together. With their beautiful melodies and poetically penned words, hymns are the universal language of Christian worship, the bond that draws believers together from all walks of life and across the world. With texts of faith and inspiration, hymns speak to present time with words of assurance of hope, and help direct us toward the future in glory. Next to the Bible, they have endured as the timeless voice of the Christian faith, teaching and inspiring believers throughout generations. In this collection of “favorites” we offer listeners a compilation of the genre’s most beloved and inspirational hymns of faith. Arranged by some of today’s most distinguished church music icons, the hymns in this collection will thrill and comfort the faithful listener. Drawing upon the words and melodies of some of the world’s greatest hymn writers, including Fanny Crosby, Charles Wesley, and Martin Luther, the arrangers in this collection maintain each work’s original integrity while beautifully transporting each hymn into the realm of today’s modern worship world. From the stirring strains of “Amazing Grace” to the majestic power of “Holy, Holy, Holy,” this collection will inspire Christian worshipers.

CFD16 - $15.98

The Faithful Trumpeter
Arrangements for Trumpet and Piano
Edwin Childs

TThe Faithful Trumpeter These beautifully crafted arrangements for Trumpet and Piano, written by Edwin Childs, Professor of Composition at the Moody Bible Institute will be a welcomed addition to any trumpet player’s sacred repertoire. These 11 arrangements are musically challenging but are well worth the effort.

All Will Be Well, Be Thou My Vision, Blessed Assurance, Day By Day, How Firm a Foundation, Leaning On the Everlasting Arms, Like a River Glorius, The Lord’s My Shepherd and more!

A05I207 – $16.95