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Feb. 2002 - NEW ISSUES

The Carl Fischer catalog is a treasure trove of solos for all the major band and orchestral instruments. Many of these titles have gained the special recognition that being selected for a state required music list or festival list confers on a piece of music. We are pleased to offer these new collections for Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Violin. Each instrument is provided with two volumes of solos progressively arranged to challenge the student as he or she develops as a player. Selected and compiled by Andrew Balent, all the pieces included in these books are contained on one or more state contest list and many have been difficult to obtain. Piano accompaniments for all the solos in each volume are provided in a separate book for each instrument. Getting the solos your customers have been asking for just became as easy as checking the contents of the books in Carl Fischer's Festival Performance Solos series.


    O5511 - Vol. 1 (contains: Gossec - Gavotte, Edelson - Chant, Lemare - Andantino, Bach - Arioso, Isaac - Midsummer Morning, Stuart/McCathren - Danzetta, and more) $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4219-0)

    O5538 - Vol. 2 (contains: Mozart - Andante from "Piano Sonata No. 1," Bach - Polonaise and Badinage, Gluck - Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits, Pesard - Andalouse, Monti - Czardas, Rimsky-Korsakov - The Flight of the Bumble Bee, and more) $8.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4545-9)

    O5512 - Piano Accompaniment for Vol. 1 & 2 - $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4220-4)


    O5513 - Vol. 1 (contains: Langenus - Mount Vernon Menuet, Stuart - Concertino, Morra - Nocturnal Serenade, Langenus - Chrysalis, Wagner - Song to the Evening Star from Tannhäuser, Moszkowski - Spanish Dance No. 1, Op. 12, and more). $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4221-2)

    O5539 - Vol. 2 (contains: Tchaikovsky - Canzonetta from "Violin Concerto, Op. 35," Mozart - Andante from "Piano Sonata No. 1," Gaubert - Allegretto, Daquin - The Cuckoo, Kreisler - Schön Rosmarin, Von Weber - Variations, Op. 33 and more). $8.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4546-7)

    O5514 - Piano Accompaniments for Vol. 1 & 2 - $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4222-0)


    O5515 - Vol. 1 (contains: Elgar - Pomp and Circumstance, Op. 39, No. 1, Goldman - Evening Song, Macdowell - To a Wild Rose, Satie - Gymnopedie, No. 2, Rimsky-Korsakov - Song of India from the opera Sadko, Bohm - Italian Romance and more). $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4223-9)

    O5540 - Vol. 2 (contains: Bach/Kent - Arioso from "Cantata No. 156," Albeniz - Tango, Op. 165, No. 2, Ravel - Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte, Godard - Canzonetta, Op. 35, Kreisler - Liebesleid, Donjon - Invocation, and more) $8.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4547-5)

    O5516 - Piano Accompaniment for Vol. 1 & 2 - $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4224-7)


    O5517 - Vol. 1 (contains: (Clark - Trumpet Voluntary, Goldman - Evening Song, McKay - Concerto Solo for Young Players, Clarke - Norine (Waltz), Godard - Berceuse from Jocelyn, Mendez - Intermezzo, and more).

    O5541 - Vol. 2 (contains: Purcell - Sonata, Mendez - Chiapanecas, Fitzgerald - Call from "Modern Suite," Clarke - Trixie Valse, Ropartz - Andante et Allegro, Alary - Concert Piece, Op. 57, and more). $8.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4548-3)

    O5518 - Piano Accompaniments for Vol. 1 & 2 - $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4226-3)


    O5519 - Vol. 1 (contains: MacDowell - To A Wild Rose, Evans - Spanish Eyes, Pinard - Day Dreams (Waltz), Clarke - Artemis Polka, Barnard - The Pals (Polka), J. Fauré - The Palms, and more). $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4227-1)

    O5542 - Vol. 2 (contains: Tchaikovsky - Andante Cantabile, Op. 11, Bizet - Song of the Toreador, Ropartz - Andante et Allegro, Hutchinson - Sonatina, Gräfe - Grand Concerto, Simons/Lake - The Volunteer, and more). $8.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4549-1)

    O5520 - Piano Accompaniments for Vol. 1 & 2 - $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4228-X)


    O5483 - Vol. 1 (contains: Pugnani - Allegro Entusiastico, Lemare/Kreisler - Andantino, Bach - Arioso from "Cantata No. 156," Corelli - Introduzione e Giga da Camera, Tchaikovsky - None But the Lonely Heart, Severn - Polish Dance, and more). $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4109-7)

    O5584 - Vol. 2 (contains: Dancla - Air Varié on a Theme by Mercadante, Monti - Czardas, David - Etude, Corelli - La Folia, J. Strauss - On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Ries - Perpetuum Mobile, Op. 34, No. 5, and more). $8.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4110-0)

    O5585 - Piano Accompaniments for Vol. 1 & 2 - $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4111-9)


Carl Philip Emanuel Bach
Transcribed for Trombone alone
by Ralph Sauer

PartitaOriginally written for solo Flute, and published in 1763, this solo by C.P.E. Bach (1714-1788), the best known of J.S. Bach's composing sons, makes a fine and somewhat challenging selection for solo trombone. The key has been changed from A Minor to C Minor and some additional articulations have been added as well as position suggestions and slurs to facilitate Trombone performances. Ralph Sauer, a trombonist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, is one of the most highly respected trombone players in the United States.

BQ70 - Sonata - C.P.E. Bach/Sauer-Trombone solo - $7.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4583-1)

Transcribed for Trombone alone
By Ralph Sauer

SonataA wonderful unaccompanied solo by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), this partita was probably written for flute. The editor has transposed the piece from A Minor to D Minor to place the music in a more comfortable range for Tenor Trombonists, but Bass Trombonists may prefer to transpose the work to G Minor, and instruction for doing so are included in this edition. This partita is excellent material for recital and competition performance.

BQ69 - Partita, BWV 1013 - J.S. Bach/Sauer - Trombone solo - $7.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4582-3)


by David Petersen

Jazz LicksThe opening release in "The Licks Series" (The Real Stuff for Guitar), produced by Don Mock, Jazz Licks introduces some of the most celebrated "licks" from jazz performers on the guitar (Joe Pass, Pat Martino, George Benson, et. al.) and other celebrated jazz instrumentalists such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Miles Davis. With the help of a play-along CD, beginning and experienced players can enrich their playing and their feel for jazz harmony and rhythms with this collection of exercises and examples. Each musical example or study is presented in staff notation and tablature format. David Petersen, one of the best jazz guitarists in the Pacific Northwest, has been on the faculty of the Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle, Washington since 1977. He teaches jazz guitar, ensembles and ear training. (ISBN 0-8258-4555-6)

GT200 - Jazz Licks - Petersen - Guitar - $17.95

by Richard Belgard

Blues LicksThe second book in "The Licks Series," Blues Licks will help lift a guitarist's reading and playing ability to a new level of competence and finesse. One of the primary goals for any blues player, at whatever level, or in whatever style, is to increase his or her understanding of the vocabulary of ideas that go into shaping an improvised solo. The "licks" in this book (with play-along CD) come from a variety of sources and include "licks" borrowed from some of the greatest masters of the blues such as: BB King, Albert King, Muddie Waters, John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, among others. Mastery of this material will greatly enrich the ability and skill of any player. Richard Belgard is regarded as one of the most versatile and reliable session guitarists in the Seattle area. He is currently based in Las Vegas, where he performs with "The Blue Man Group Live at Luxor." (ISBN 0-8258-4556-4)

GT201 - Blues Licks - Belgard - Guitar - $17.95

DEVELOPING READING SKILLS for the Contemporary Bass Guitarist
by Steve Marks

Developing Reading SkillsDesigned to teach music reading to the bass guitarist who already knows his way around the instrument, Developing Reading Skills for the Contemporary Bass Guitarist, is a great tool for moving one's playing to the next level of musicianship. A vast array of exercises and songs are offered that will build reading skills and speed. All the basic fundamentals of music are touched on with a uniquely designed approach suited to the bass guitar. Topics covered include: Position Studies, Rhythm Studies, "Rifftudes" - etudes using standard bass riffs, Classical Etudes and Contemporary Etudes. Steve Marks is a well known New York performer and is comfortable in a wide variety of styles: Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Theater, Cabaret and World Music. He is associated with the Bass Collective and the SOJ Jazz and Contemporary Music Center. (ISBN 0-8258-4568-8)

GT204 - Developing Reading Skills for the Contemporary Bass Guitarist - Marks - $14.95