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New Publications- February/March, 2006

Operation: Rockenfield
The Drumming of Queensryche
Joe Bergamini with Craig LeMay

Operation: Rockenfield A collaboration between professional drummer Joe Bergamini and educator Craig R. LeMay, Operation: Rockenfield is the first of its kind for Queensryche. This book contains detailed transcriptions, exclusive interviews and photos, a historical record of Queensryche’s music and listings of all the equipment Queensryche drummer, Scott Rockenfield used on every album and tour, spanning the bands entire career. At over 100 pages in length, including educational analysis and technical recommendations, this book is packed with a wealth of material for readers to digest. This book features 21 songs such as Eyes of a Stranger, Jet City Woman, Queen of the Reich, I Don’t Believe in Love and other greatest hits. This is the first in a series of artist analysis books from Carl Fischer Music that centers on prominent artists in the pop and rock world.

Included with this book is a supplemental CD recorded by Scott Rockenfield that features sample drum tracks.
DRM121 - $24.95

How to Develop Your Own Sound
A Natural Evolution
Dave Weckl

How to Develop Your Own Sound The third DVD in the A Natural Evolution Series, Weckl focuses on all aspects of developing your own sound. Beginning with how to get a great accoustic sound, Weckl walks the viewer through all the details of tuning your kit and the various functions while guiding the viewer through proper selection and placement. Next Weckl works with the mixing console and covers frequencies, equalization, phase cancellation and noise gates. All of the topics are clearly demonstrated with visual graphs and audio reinforcement. This is the most complete sound reinforcement instruction ever developed for drummers.

The DVD includes additional bonus footage about Weckl’s equipment, internet weblinks, Japanese subtitles and live performances by the Dave Weckl Band.
DVD10 - $29.95

Masterworks for Violin
Twenty-five World-Renowned Works
for Violin and Piano
Foreword by Eric Wen

Masterworks for Violin A massive collection (piano score – 207 pages, violin part – 87 pages), Masterworks for Violin includes some of the most “beloved” concert pieces for the violin, many of which have been out of print for years. With 25 renowned works for violin and piano, the book features transcriptions and compositions by Joseph Joachim, Jascha Heifetz, Jacques Thibaud, Misha Elman, Leopold Auer, Gustav Saenger, August Wilhelmj, among others. The titles in Masterworks for Violin are concert level and will be outstanding repertoire for the serious violinist.

BF29 - $29.95

Solos for Violin
Thirty-four Solos
For Violin and Piano
Compiled with a Foreword by Eric Wen

Solos for Violin This collection (piano score – 175 pages, violin part – 64 pages) of violin solos consists of 34 solos for violin and piano for the intermediate violin student. It features a collection of transcriptions from familiar classics and solos written specifically for the violin from the Baroque to the twentieth century. Included are works by J. S. Bach, Handel, Boccherini, Beethoven, Schumann, Gounod, Brahms, Debussy, Sibelius, as well as such violin classics as Kreisler’s Schon Rosmarin, Bruch’s Kol Nidre, and Wieniawski’s Legende.

ATF147 - $24.95

On Playing the Harp – 2nd Edition
Yolanda Kondonassis

On Playing the Harp – 2nd Edition This newly revised 2nd edition features 22 chapters of a comprehensive approach to the multifaceted art of playing the harp by world-renowned soloist and Telarc recording artist Yolanda Kondonassis. Highlights of this book include new and updated exercises with detailed clarification on fingerings, music and text revisions. Designed to be useful to harpists of all levels, On Playing the Harp is the complete A-to-Z collection of ideas, information, exercises, and is the perfect addition to any studio or library.

H66 - $26.95

Solos for Oboe
Thirty Repertoire Pieces
With Piano Accompaniment
Including Selected Solos by Bruno Labate
Compiled and Edited by Nancy Clauter

Solos for Oboe Compiled by oboist Nancy Clauter, Solos for Oboe brings you a collection of 30 solos for oboe player with piano accompaniment. With a fine mix of transcriptions of familiar classics and solos written specifically for oboe, this is a perfect addition any oboist’s library. Many of the works are on state festival lists, covering performance levels from Grades 2 through 5. This All- Time Favorites folio has pieces from all musical periods, including works by J.S. Bach, Handel, Corelli, Beethoven, Bizet, Gounod, Faure and many others. Also included are delightful oboe classics written by famous oboist Bruno Labate and other contemporary classics by Howard Hanson, Wayne Barlow and William Grant Still.

ATF146 - $24.95

Repertory of the Clarinet
A Listing of Works for Study and Performance
Kalmen Opperman

The Repertory of the Clarinet by Kalmen Opperman is an exact reprint of the original hardcover text. Aside from its original, significant, historical, enlightening text, it is a veritable treasure of clarinet music, long lost and/or ignored for various reasons. Much of the treasures mentioned may well be discovered in private music collections of libraries throughout the world.

TXT4 - $14.95

The Clarinet Chromatic Machine
Kalmen Opperman

The Clarinet Chromatic Machine Master clarinet pedagogue Kalmen Opperman has drawn from over fifty years of teaching expertise to impart the most comprehensive collection of exercise, etudes, orchestral excerpts and solos to develop chromatic technique of clarinetists of all levels. This will certainly become the “bible” for clarinet study. The Clarinet Chromatic Machine is designed to facilitate the student’s ability to perform patterns constructed from the twelve notes of the chromatic scale.

WF46 - $24.95