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Jan. 2002 - NEW ISSUES

Solos with Piano Accompaniment and Duets for Trombone
by Marco Bordogni
Transcribed and Arranged by Alan Raph

Melodious Etudes for PerformanceTrombonist and composer Alan Raph, has devised another collection that will be a major enrichment of the repertoire of material available for recital use by students of the trombone. In Melodious Etudes for Performance, Raph has selected ten of the most melodic etudes Rochut included in his collections (Melodious Etudes, Books 1, 2 & 3), which were based in turn on the celebrated vocalises of master vocal pedagogue Marco Bordogni (1789-1856), and added two not found in Rochut. He has also included six duets composed by Bordogni that are very expressive and lyrical. This is a fine collection for players and students seeking usable, enjoyable repertoire for trombone performance. (ISBN 0-8258-4584-X)

WF1 - Melodious Etudes for Performance - Raph - Trombone and Piano - $12.95

Also available...by Alan Raph

  • ATF132 - Solos for Trombone - Trombone and Piano - $17.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4115-1)
  • O5203 - Recital Pieces for Unaccompanied Trombone - $9.95 (ISBN 0-8258-3538-0)
  • O5193 - Introductory Melodious Etudes - selected from the Vocalises of Ferdinand Sieber - $8.50 (ISBN 0-8258-1016-0)
  • O4997 - Twelve Fantasies - Telemann - $11.95 (ISBN 0-8258-2601-2)

For Flute and Piano, Op. 57, Nos. 1-3
by Friedrich Kuhlau

Three Grand Solos, Op. 57, Nos. 1-3Friedrich Daniel Rudolf Kuhlau (1786-1832) was German born, but lived the last twenty years of his life in Denmark and is usually thought of as a Danish composer. He is best remembered for his many flute compositions, which were designed to appeal to beginners and more advanced musicians. With Beethoven's sense of form and drama as a model, his style is classical, but with a melodious generosity that is characteristic of early romantic music. This new collection brings together the three Op. 57 solos, previously available separately, into one volume. All of these solos are frequently used in pedagogy classes and are on multiple State and Festival Lists. (ISBN 0-8258-4550-5)

CU2098 - Three Grand Solos, Op. 57, Nos. 1-3 - Kuhlau - Flute and Piano - $12.95


for String Quartet
by Norman Dello Joio

Lyrical InterludesThis notable new work for strings, by contemporary American master Norman Dello Joio, is a wonderful addition to the string quartet repertoire. The interludes, which vary greatly in tempo and texture, are based on a folk tune of Russian origin, which is introduced in the first interlude. Lyrical Interludes is a challenging work, but not so difficult that it cannot be attempted by college groups and any serious amateur chamber music players.

Lyrical Interludes - Dello Joio - String Quartet
PCB140 - Score & Set of Parts - $85.00 (ISBN 0-8258-4566-1)
PCB140F - Extra Full Score - $15.00 (ISBN 0-8258-4567-X)