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New Publications- January, 2005

The Herbert L. Clarke Collection
for Solo Cornet/Trumpet and Piano
Foreword by Michael Sachs, Cleveland Orchestra
by Herbert L. Clarke

The Herbert L. Clarke Collection Considered by many to be the best and most famous cornet player of all time, Herbert Clarke left a legacy of superior musicianship through his famous studies. He also contributed to the repertoire for cornet/trumpet as a means of expression that is still outstanding today. This collection includes material that is appropriate for intermediate to advanced players and would be fine additions to recitals, juries and competitions.

Pieces include:
Carnival of Venice; Supremacy of Right; Bride of the Waves; Finiculí, Finiculá and 25 other pieces!

WF44 - $22.95

The H. A. VanderCook Solo Collection
25 Characteristic Pieces for Solo Trumpet and Piano
Foreword by Rob Roy McGregor, Los Angeles Philharmonic

The H. A. VanderCook Solo Collection With over 70 marches, hundreds of solos and numerous methods for cornet/trumpet, H.A. VanderCook indisputably left his mark on the American musical landscape. These twenty-five enjoyable compositions for solo cornet/trumpet were written as a series for Carl Fischer Music; where all the titles are derived from flower or plant names. Future generations will enjoy all of these classic gems in this great collection by one of the masters of the cornet/trumpet.

WF45 - $18.95