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New Publications- January, 2007

Wilco Songbook

This anthology has 27 of the band’s popular titles arranged for piano, guitar and voice. The songs contained in this 152-page collection come from the five classic Wilco studio albums: A.M., Being There, Summerteeth, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born. The Wilco Songbook is the first time the band’s tunes have been available in print form and includes such hits as Box Full of Letters, Casino Queen, The Lonely 1, Via Chicago, Jesus, etc., I’m the Man Who Loves You and Hummingbird.

Carl Fischer • VF14 • $24.95

Everything in Transit
Jack’s Mannequin

Andrew McMahon’s solo project, Jack’s Mannequin, now has a matching folio from Carl Fischer. Having established a devoted Internet following after the release of this autobiographical concept album, Andrew and the Jack’s Mannequin band are pushing into the mainstream. McMahon’s work is known for being tuneful, gritty, and insightful and projected by a soaring voice and beautiful keyboard work. The tunes from the album are: Holiday from Real, The Mixed Tape, Bruised, I’m Ready, La La Lie, Dark Blue, Miss Delaney, Kill the Messenger, Rescued, MFEO Pt. 1: Made for Each Other, MFEO Pt. 2: You Can Breathe and Into the Airwaves.

Carl Fischer • VF16 • $19.95

Drumming out of the Shadows:
The Music of Jason Bittner and Shadows Fall
Joe Bergamini with transcriptions by Willie Rose

Drumming Out of the Shadows covers three Shadows Fall albums and contains exclusive interviews, note-for-note transcriptions of the drum parts of 15 Shadows Fall songs – personally edited by Bittner, diagrams of drum setups, personal memories from the studio, a special section of double bass drum exercises and photos from Bittner’s private collection. The supplemental CD is the entire The War Within album, which won the 2005 Modern Drummer Readers Poll Award for Best Recorded Performance, taken from the band’s original master, but with the drum parts taken out so the listener can have the unique experience of playing with the band. This type of CD accompaniment is a “first” in the print music industry.

Carl Fischer • WF67 • $24.95

The Collective Contemporary Styles Series

The material in The Collective Contemporary Styles Series represents many years of work on the part of many talented Collective faculty members, who have had the experience of playing and teaching these styles to literally thousands of young rhythm-section musicians over the last thirty years. This series is the fruit of their labor and talent with the information presented in a manner that is easy to grasp. Each book in this collection contains: historical references and background, useful information and explanations about the styles, notated musical examples of each approach, detailed points about “feel”, important performance tips, extensive Discographies and Bibliographies, biographies of each author and demonstration performances and play-along tracks on accompaniment CDs.

Afro-Caribbean & Brazilian Rhythms for the Drums
Memo Acevedo, Frank Katz, Chris Lacinak, Kim Plainfield, Adriano Santos and Maciek Schijbal

Carl Fischer • CO1 • $24.95

Afro-Caribbean & Brazilian Rhythms for the Bass
Lincoln Goines, Steve Marks, Nilson Matta, Irio O’Farill and Leo Traversa

Carl Fischer • CO2 • $24.95

Fusion: A Study in Contemporary Music for the Drums
Kim Plainfield

Carl Fischer • CO3 • $17.95

Fusion: A Study in Contemporary Music for the Bass
Leo Traversa

Carl Fischer • CO4 • $14.95

Contemporary Rock Styles for the Drums
Sandy Gennaro

Carl Fischer • CO5 • $17.95

Contemporary Rock Styles for the Bass
Gary Kelly

Carl Fischer • CO6 • $14.95

Etude and Exercise Book for Saxophone
The Secrets of Ten Master Saxophonists
Don Aliquo
Frank Catalano
Jeff Coffin
Denis DiBlasio
Gary Foster
Hayes Greenfield
Dan Higgins
Billy Kerr
Dan Moretti
Harry Skoler

Celebrating the launch of the new “VandoJazz” line, the Vandoren Company and Carl Fischer have teamed up with ten of the finest jazz saxophonists in the world who use and endorse the Vandoren products to produce a one-of-a-kind etude and exercise book in honor of this special event. Each of these saxophone masters shares their inner secrets on how to play the saxophone with special emphasis on improvisation. This eclectic collection covers a variety of styles as well as etudes to improve improvisation, technique, lyricism and overall musicianship on the saxophone. This is a one-of-a-kind and a once-in-a-lifetime collection. No serious student or teacher of jazz saxophone should be without this innovative book.

Carl Fischer • WF67 • $24.95

Sonata in B minor
for Solo Violin
Franz Liszt
Transcribed by Noam Sivan
Foreword by Eric Wen

Franz Liszt’s Sonata in B minor, a masterpiece of piano literature, is offered here for the first time in a challenging version for solo violin. Attempting to liberate the solo-violin medium, this transcription of a large-scale sonata in one movement exploits numerous instrumental possibilities in order to create a distinctive sound world, including: melodic independence of the four strings, wide-range polyphony, unusual use of harmonics and a fugue in pizzicato. Sivan’s transcription of this piece is a valuable addition of a substantial nineteenth-century Romantic work to the solo violin repertoire.

Carl Fischer • B3426 • $19.95

Sappho Songs
Op. 87
A Song Cycle for Two Female Voices and Violoncello
Daron Hagen

Sappho’s poetry was adapted for use as text for this song cycle and is drawn from Sappho: A New Translation. Hagen composed this piece in 2004 and its first performance was by the ensemble Seraphim, which took place on September 23, 2005 at the Phoenix Concert Series of the Church of Saint Matthew and Saint Timothy in New York City.

Carl Fischer • MXE14F • Score • $24.95
Carl Fischer • MXE14P • Violoncello Part • $12.95