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Favorite Grooves from the World's Greatest Drummers

Killer GroovesDevised by Carl Fischer's President, Sandy Feldstein, Killer Grooves is the coffee table book you can play. A fan's book, a drummer's book and the best all-around guide to the styles of today's hottest drummers, Killer Grooves is the hippest new drum book in years. Each drummer who contributed, a who's who of the best players from the jazz, pop, and rock worlds, is represented by a two-page spread that includes a brief biography, photographs and a personal quote that is often an insightful look at the player's musical philosophy. There is also a logo for each product or product line the player endorses. The drummers included in Killer Grooves are Ignacio Berroa, Bob Breithaupt, Gerry Brown, Clayton Cameron, Terri Lyne Carrington, Gary Chaffee, Ndugu Chancler, Scott F. Crago, Zach Danziger, Jack DeJohnette, Jesús Diaz, Peter Erskine, David Garibaldi, Danny Gottlieb, Jeff Hamilton, Steve Houghton, Tommy Igoe, Akira Jimbo, Manu Katché, Paul Leim, Peter Magadini, Rick Marotta, Russ Miller, Stanton Moore, Richie Morales, Rod Morgenstein, Chris Parker, John Riley, John "JR" Robinson, Bobby Rock, Steve Smith, Michael Spiro, Mark Walker and Dave Weckl.

Killer Grooves is the ultimate guide to today's variety of drumming styles, a virtual encyclopedia of grooves by the best-known players in the world and the most talked about, anticipated drum book of the year!

DRM102 - Killer Grooves - Sandy Feldstein, Coordinating Director - $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4592-0)

Also available.....For the hip drummer

Dave Weckl - A Natural Evolution (Video Series) - $39.95 each

  • VHS1 - How to Develop Technique (ISBN 0-8258-4128-0)
  • VHS2 - How to Practice (ISBN 0-8258-4129-1)
  • VHS3 - How to Develop Your Own Sound (ISBN 0-8258-4130-5)
  • VHS6 - The Quick Guide to Djembe Drumming featuring Steve Leicach - $24.95 (UPC 98408043896)
  • VHS7 - The Quick Guide to Playing Doumbek featuring Todd Roach - $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4526-2)
  • MU5 - Groovin' in Clave - Berroa - Book & CD - $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-3605-0)

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