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New Publications- June, 2006

Brushworks- The DVD
Clayton Cameron

Brushworks- The DVD

In this extraordinary double DVD set, Clayton Cameron brings to life the methods and concepts presented in his award winning book/CD Brushworks. The DVD set features Cameron performing all of the unique brushstrokes and styles and his codification of brush playing technique – Brush stroke rudiments. Other remarkable highlights include a special section with tap dancing legend, Chester Williams, exceptional solo presentations by Clayton Cameron and bonus performances by The Clayton Cameron Trio with Billy Childs, Piano and Joe Sanders, Bass.

Carl Fischer DVD17 - $34.95

The Yolanda Kondonassis Christmas Collection
Ten Christmas Carols Arranged for Solo Harp or for Two Harps
Yolanda Kondonassis

The Yolanda Kondonassis Christmas Collection As the companion collection to Yolanda Kondonassis’ critically acclaimed Telarc recording, Dream Season, this volume includes ten of the album’s most popular carols, fully arranged by the artist and ready-to-play – a must-have for every harpist’s holiday library.

Carl Fischer H72 - $12.95

Symphony No. 5
For Symphonic Wind Ensemble
David Maslanka

Symphony No. 5 This four movement piece was composed around three recognized chorale melodies: Durch Adams Fall (“Through Adam’s Fall”) in the first movement; O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig (“O Lamb of God, without Blame”) in the second movement; and Christ lag in Todesbanden (“Christ Lay in the Bonds of Death”) in the third and fourth movements. Although Maslanka’s works usually portray feelings of loss and grief, Symphony No. 5 is filled with a bright and hopeful energy. The music continually speaks to the theme of transformation – the transformation of tears into power, and the victory of life over death.

Carl Fischer SC55 - $130.00

Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra
Tuba and Piano Reduction by the Composer
Samuel Jones

Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra Jones’ three movement, 24 minute piece was commissioned for and first performed by Tubist Christopher Olka and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra with conductor Gerard Schwarz on January 5, 2006. The Seattle Times raved that, “Jones' flair for orchestration creates splendid colors and effects that never overwhelm the solo instrument's velvety, soft-focus sound.”

Score and parts are available on rental.

Carl Fischer W2636 - $29.95

Sight Reading Rhythm
A Self-Teaching Course for All Musicians and All Instruments
Jim Zimmerman

Sight Reading Rhythm

Sight Reading Rhythm was originally used as a tool to help drummers improve their sight reading skills. It soon became apparent that other musicians were also interested in improving their rhythmic sight reading. This book covers the breaking down and reading of rhythm patterns and sight reading. Zimmerman explains how to get around “charts” using “Road Maps” and how to apply melody to rhythm exercises. Highlights include a CD containing all of the exercises and special metronome tracks for practice, a section especially for drummers and plenty of supplementary exercises.

Carl Fischer TXT5 - $19.95

For Trumpet and Piano
Richard Halligan

Meditation Meditation was written for Roy Poper in 1999 by Halligan, who was one of the earlier members of Blood, Sweat and Tears. It was recorded by both Poper and Halligan. The Trumpet part comes in both Bb and C.

Balquhidder Music is exclusively distributed by Carl Fischer.

Carl Fischer BQ87 - $7.95