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March. 2002 - NEW ISSUES


for Trumpet or Cornet
by Louis A. Saint-Jacome
Revised by Claude Gordon

St. Jacome Method for TrumpetFirst published in 1870, the Grand Method by Louis A. Saint-Jacome (1830-1898) is one of the two pillars of modern trumpet pedagogy. Along with Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet (O21), the Grand Method has provided trumpet students and players with the necessary tools for mastery of the instrument for generations. Cleaned up, corrected and restored to its original completeness by Claude Gordon shortly before his death in 1996, this new edition is a gold mine of exercises and instructional information (now including the Duets and Studies by Saint-Jacome and Bousquet as edited by Edwin Franko Goldman). This Grand Method is an instructional method that belongs in every trumpet player's library.

O457 - Grand Method for Trumpet or Cornet - Saint-Jacome/Gordon - $26.95 (ISBN 0-8258-0330-6)

Also available:

  • O21 - Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet - Arban; Goldman/Smith/Gordon $27.95 (ISBN 0-8258-0385-3)
  • O5504 - My First Arban - Arban; ed. Foster - Trumpet - $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4190-9)
  • O5505 - My First Arban - Arban; ed. Foster - Trombone/Baritone B.C. - $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4191-7)
  • O5507 - My First Arban - Arban; ed. Foster - Tuba - $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4193-3)

Band CD

The Washington Winds
Edward Petersen, Conductor

Landmarks - CD RecordingThe second release from Bleecker Street Records, Carl Fischer's new CD label, is again devoted to exciting new repertoire from the Carl Fischer Band catalog. Featuring outstanding performances by The Washington Winds, Landmarks introduces the new Percy Grainger Critical Edition with recordings of the new editions of Shepherd's Hey, Irish Tune from County Derry and Colonial Song. Also on CD are important new additions to literature by David Maslanka (Heart Songs), Sean O'Loughlin (Landmarks) and Robert Thurston (Festive Dances) as well as music by Tommy Fry, Henry Fillmore, Elliot Del Borgo and William G. Harbinson.

CFD2 - Landmarks - Compact Disc - $15.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4561-0)

Also available:

  • CFD1 - A Perfect Union - The Washington Winds, Edward Petersen, Conductor (contains: music by Mennin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Benson, Elliott, Hagen, Clark, Hilliard, Del Borgo, Fillmore and Von Suppé) - $15.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4035-X)