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March 2003 - NEW ISSUES


Handel - An Album
Edited by LeAnn House

Handel - An AlbumThe latest collection in the Basic Piano Literature Series (General Editor, Marvin Blickenstaff) is devoted to the keyboard music of Baroque master George Frideric Handel (1685-1759). In addition to the thirteen pieces included in Handel - An Album, the editor has provided fascinating notes on Baroque performance practice, covering Affect, Articulation, Ornamentation and determining correct or appropriate Tempo. Each piece is also provided with specific performance suggestions and guidelines in determining what the composer's musical intentions were. This is a great collection with which to introduce Handel's music to a serious intermediate student or amateur player. The book contains: Air with Five Variations in E Major (The Harmonious Blacksmith), Allegro from "Suite in D Minor," Capriccio in G Minor, Entrée from "Suite in G Minor," Gigue in F Major, Sarabande (with Two Variations) from "Suite in D Minor," Toccata in G Minor and more - thirteen selections in all.
PL116 - Handel - An Album - ed. House - Piano Collection
$7.95 (ISBN 0-8258-5003-7)

Easy Piano Classics
for the Hobby Pianist
by Mary Sallee

Easy Piano ClassicsEleven well-known classical themes are presented in sensitive and faithful arrangements for the late elementary pianist in this outstanding collection. Music by Bach (Aria from the Goldberg Variations), Beethoven (Adagio from the Sonata Pathétique), Debussy (Claire de Lune), Dvorak (Largo from the New World Symphony), Tchaikovsky (Theme from the ballet Swan Lake), and other celebrated composers are included in this collection. The arrangements have been prepared with care and players will feel like mature pianists as they tackle these themes from the masters.
PL1020 - Easy Piano Classics for the Hobby Pianist - arr. Sallee - Piano Collection
$6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-5005-3)

Long Time Ago
Folk Songs for Early-Intermediate Piano, Four Hands
by Mary Sallee

Long Time AgoThis duet book is a wonderful way to introduce young players to the rich heritage of American Folk Music. The beautifully arranged duets emphasize the lively rhythms and lovely harmonies associated with the familiar tunes (which include Long Time Ago, Blow the Man Down, Shenandoah, et. al.) and the result will have great appeal to both student and teacher. The lyrics for each song appear in the melody part allowing the students to sing along while they play.
PL1021 - Long Time Ago - arr. Sallee - Piano 4-hands Collection
$6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-5006-1)

Animal Antics
Elementary Piano Solos
by John Robert Poe

Animal AnticsWhimsy and wit are the primary characteristics of John Robert Poe's music for young pianists. Animal Antics is a product of the same fertile mind that devised the Meanwhile, Back in the… books and introduces a whole new family of friendly but idiosyncratic beasts, from the Grumpy Bear and Capricious Camel to the Prancing Penguin and Sneaky Crocodile. Each creature is depicted by a drawing (suitable for coloring-in) as well as the delightful music. This is a book that will charm and entertain young piano students, while teaching them valuable pianist skills.
PL1017 - Animal Antics - Poe - Piano Book
$6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4985-3)

Mid-Elementary Piano Solos
by Ted Cooper

CarnivalMore delightful early grade material from Ted Cooper, Educational Director of the New School for Music Study, this book will teach valuable reading and technical skills, while engaging the young player's imagination. The pieces, depicting the type of activities and characters one encounters at an amusement park or carnival, include The Acrobat, Bumper Cars, Roller Coaster, Space Walk and more, 11 in all. Mr. Cooper's approach to the keyboard is always highly pianistic and musical and this collection amply displays these virtues.
PL1016 - Carnival - Cooper - Piano Book
$6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4984-5)

Solo Adventure, Book 1
Late Elementary Piano Solos
by Ted Cooper

Solo Adventure, Book 1Mr. Cooper's considerable experience as a piano teacher shows in the care with which he writes for younger players and his compositional skill makes all of his music highly communicative. Book 1 of this set includes seven solos, Dance in D Minor, By the Sea, Sky Watching, Giddy Up!, The River, Through a Forest Dark and Nightfall. This is a first-rate supplement for the advancing elementary player.
PL1018 - Solo Adventure, Book 1 - Cooper - Piano Book
$6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4986-1)

Solo Adventure, Book 2
by Ted Cooper

Solo Adventure, Book 2A continuation of Solo Adventure, Book 1, the pieces in this collection are slightly more involved with more eighth note motion, chromatic harmony and a generally greater level of musical sophistication. Each piece paints a picture (Blast Off!, New Moon, Parade) or introduces a familiar piano genre (Ballade, Reverie). This is another fine collection of supplemental teaching pieces by a highly skilled young writer.
PL1019 - Solo Adventure, Book 2 - Cooper - Piano Book
$6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4987-X)