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May 2002 - NEW ISSUES


Easy Piano Accompaniment for Book 5
by Janice Tucker Rhoda
Piano Accompaniments by David Cleary and Dan Fox

This is the piano accompaniment book for The ABCs of Violin for the Budding Virtuoso, Book 5 of Janice Tucker Rhoda's pathbreaking series for the violin. The ABCs of Violin is the violin method series that's fun for both children and adults. Book 5 features the use of 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in familiar folk material, classical selections by composers, such as Dvorak, Sibelius and Saint-Saens and original material by the author. The sensitive and idiomatic piano accompaniments are by David Cleary and Dan Fox.

ABC22 - The ABCs of Violin - Easy Piano Accompaniment for Book 5 - Rhoda/Cleary/Fox -$8.95
(ISBN 0-8258-4599-8)

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  • ABC21 - The ABCs of Violin for the Budding Virtuoso - (Book 5) - Rhoda - $8.95 (ISBN 0-8258-3957-2)

Easy Piano Accompaniment for Book 2
by Janice Tucker Rhoda
Piano Accompaniments by David Cleary and Dan Fox

These idiomatic piano accompaniments to the second book of Janice Tucker Rhoda's method series for the cello have been designed to be playable by amateur as well as professional pianists. The music in Book 2, which features the 2nd position, includes many familiar folk songs as well as classical selections by Beethoven, Lehar, Haydn and Mozart and delightful original pieces by Janice Tucker Rhoda herself. A wealth of pleasurable music making awaits users of the books in this widely praised series.

ABC16 - The ABCs of Cello - Easy Piano Accompaniment for Book 2 - Rhoda/Cleary/Fox - $8.95
(ISBN 0-8258-3888-6)

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  • ABC15 - The ABCs of Cello for the Intermediate (Book 2) - Rhoda - $8.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4036-8)

for String Quartet
by Margaret Brouwer

This short (circa 8 minutes) and ingratiating work for string quartet is challenging enough to be satisfying for professionals to play but approachable enough to be suitable for serious amateur players as well. Commissioned by the Reston Prelude Festival for the Audubon String Quartet, Demeter Prelude has a quicksilver quality that aptly embodies the fanciful retelling of the ancient story of the goddess Demeter's search for her daughter Persephone. A rich vein of characteristically intense lyricism is contrasted with the livelier sections of quartet writing. This is a delightful work by one of the most accomplished composers of the present day.

PCB136P - Demeter Prelude - Brouwer - Score & Parts - $59.95
(ISBN 0-8258-4700-1)

Also available...

  • PCB136 - Score only - $19.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4020-1)

by Luigi Boccherini
edited by Paul Bormann

Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805), was an Italian composer and cellist, primarily known for his distinctive and imaginatively designed chamber music. This lovely piano trio (for Violin, Cello and Piano) is characteristic of his early style, which is very much of the classical period. Dating from the 1770's, it is three brief movements (Allegro molto, Menuetto affettuoso , Presto) and will be a delight to play. The string parts are not overly challenging and the piano part, while more ornamental, will prove enjoyable for a competent amateur.

RE43001 - Piano Trio in E Minor, Op. 12 - Boccherini (Bormann) - $9.50

Johann Sebastian Bach
Arranged for String Quartet or String Orchestra
by Richard Klemm and Carl Weyman

Bach's Art of the Fugue, his final work, is a summation of his contrapuntal technique that has dazzled musicians and been the subject of endless debate over its purpose and the medium for which it was intended. Though most scholars today believe it was intended as a work for keyboard performance, not merely a theoretical work, many composers and musicians have adapted the astonishing collection of fugues (contrapuncti) and canons to miscellaneous collections of instruments. This fine edition has expertly arranged the music for string quartet, providing string players who wish to become familiar with the music first-hand, a wonderful way in which to do so.

RE40002 - The Art of the Fugue - J.S. Bach - String Quartet - Set of Parts - $21.00


for Clarinet and Piano

Surely the best known clarinetist of the present day, Richard Stoltzman has collected twenty-four of his favorite short pieces and encores in assembling the contents of this wonderful book. Representing selections from many of his popular recordings, the Songbook draws on the variety of styles that Stoltzman has made his own. Classical, Jazz and popular music are represented and the selection will please his many clarinet playing fans since it covers many of the most often requested items from his vast repertoire. Songs by Bill Douglas, Duke Ellington, Richard Rogers and Cole Porter are included as well as The Three Preludes for Piano by George Gershwin, arranged for Clarinet and Piano by Jay Gach. Classical selections include familiar music by J.S. Bach (Siciliano, Air, Largo from Concerto for Harpsichord and Orchestra, BWV1056), Mozart, Fauré and Saint-Saens, and Mr. Stoltzman's brilliant transcription of the Three American Pieces by Lukas Foss. For clarinetists and all lovers of Richard Stoltzman's artistry, this is an essential collection to own and play from. (Piano Score - 176 pages; Clarinet part - 64 pages)

ATF141 - The Richard Stoltzman Songbook - Clarinet and Piano - $26.95
(ISBN 0-8258-4559-9)

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  • O5387 - ARIA - Clarinet & Piano - Arranged and edited by Richard Stoltzman - $26.95 (ISBN 0-8258-3196-2)
  • ATF133 - SOLOS FOR CLARINET - Clarinet & Piano (Schmidt) - $24.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4246-8)


for Woodwind Quintet
by Jon Deak

Written for the New York Woodwind Quintet, The Bremen Town Musicians is a characteristically fanciful and virtuosic treatment of the familiar children's tale of the four animals cast out by their cruel masters, who band together as musicians and wind up driving a den of thieves out of their hideout. Using spoken words, as well as many special effects (key clicks, multiphonics, tongue clicks, et. al.), the 19 minute work is a tour-de-force for the musicians designed to charm and delight audiences of all ages. Performance materials for the five players (Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, F Horn, Bassoon) are available on rental.

O5353 - The Bremen Town Musicians - Deak - Woodwind Quintet - Score - $25.00
(ISBN 0-8258-4551-3)


for Cornet or Trumpet
by Charles Fricke, edited by Rob Roy McGregor

From simple studies in quarter notes and half notes, to elaborately ornamental show pieces, these etudes for trumpet/cornet are an encyclopedic, progressively arranged guide to improving instrumental playing abilities. Devised at the beginning of the 20th Century by a master player and teacher, updated and edited by Los Angeles Philharmonic trumpet player Rob Roy McGregor, this is a collection of studies that will be of great interest to all trumpet students and teachers.

One Hundred and Four Progressive Exercises - Fricke/McGregor
Trumpet or Cornet

  • BQ64 - Book 1 (ISBN 0-8258-4731-1)
  • BQ65 - Book 2 (ISBN 0-8258-4732-X)

$9.95 each


53 Studies on Études of Fréderic Chopin and Other Chopin Arrangements

The third volume of the Godowsky Collection is primarily devoted to one of Godowsky's most remarkable and controversial projects, the virtuosic studies he based on the Études from Fréderic Chopin's Opp. 10 and 25. Praised and reviled in equal measure when they were first performed and published (1894-1914), these "studies" are both elaborate and respectful commentaries on Chopin's genius by a great admirer, and tests of the outer limits of piano technique. The volume is rounded out with the 1899 concert arrangement of Chopin's Rondo, Op. 16 and six waltzes drawn from Op. 18, Op. 64 and Op. 70. As with the previous volumes, the fascinating and extensive notes and biography are by noted Godowsky scholar, Dr. Millan Sachania.

ATF137 - The Godowsky Collection, Vol. 3 - 53 Studies on Études of Fréderic Chopin, et. al. - $49.95
(ISBN 0-8258-4248-4)

Also available:

  • ATF122 - The Godowsky Collection, Vol. 1 - Original Compositions for Piano Solo - $49.95 (ISBN 0-8258-1130-9)
  • ATF123 - The Godowsky Collection, Vol. 2 - Transcriptions, Arrangements and Cadenzas - $49.95 (ISBN 0-8258-1131-7)


by Jerry Nowak and Henry Nowak

Conducting the Music, Not the Musicians is the first conductor training text to put the primary emphasis on musical expression as it introduces basic technique through the concept of phrase conducting. Among many unique features it examines cueing within the beat pattern in greater detail than is usual in beginning conducting texts. The examples and exercises (drawn from both the vocal/choral and instrumental repertoires), progress to guided practice chorales and etudes and finally to full score rehearsal and guided performance. Jerry and Henry Nowak have produced a pathbreaking book that will help novice conductors solve technical problems, with musical solutions.

O5536 - Conducting the Music, Not the Musicians - Jerry and Henry Nowak - Soft Cover, 480 pages -
$75.00 (ISBN 0-8258-4244-1)

by Elliott Carter
Edited by Nicholas Hopkins and John F. Link

With the publication of this remarkable tome, students of Elliott Carter's music and theorists with an interest in contemporary music, have a detailed guide to understanding the music of a great composer. In addition, Harmony Book is a valuable study of the post-tonal harmonic possibilities within the twelve-note chromatic scale and will be an invaluable resource to serious composers of every style interested in expanding their own harmonic practice.

O5396HC - Harmony Book - Carter - Hard Cover, Clothbound, 384 pages - $75.00
(ISBN 0-8258-4594-7)


The Majesty and Glory of Your NameFor the Sake of the CallHow Majestic Is Your NameFred Bock's first collection of inspirational favorites, How Majestic Is Thy Name, has been a best seller since its publication in 1983. Before his death, he planned a follow-up volume that ultimately, under the editorial care of his friend Paul Johnson, became two books. For the Sake of the Call and its companion book The Majesty and Glory of Your Name are treasure troves of the best Contemporary Christian songs in the current repertory. With over 200 titles in the set, these new collections contain music by some of the greatest names in present day Christian music including: Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, Sandi Patti, Twila Paris, and Bill and Gloria Gaither. These books are an essential survey of the best songwriting available from active Christian artists and can be used for worship, informal gatherings or personal enjoyment.

  • SGB501 - How Majestic Is Your Name - Fred Bock - Piano/Vocal/Guitar - $26.95 (ISBN 0-8258-0332-2)
  • SGB505 - For the Sake of the Call - Bock/Johnson - Piano/Vocal/Guitar - $26.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4194-1)
  • SGB506 - The Majesty and Glory of Your Name - Bock/Johnson - Piano/Vocal/Guitar - $26.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4558-0)