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May 2003 - NEW ISSUES

The Alexander Siloti Collection
Editions, Transcriptions and Arrangements for Piano Solo

SilotiOne of the least known of the great Russian pianists of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, Alexander Siloti (1863-1945) was one of the most influential and progressive. As a concert promoter, he introduced the music of dozens of composers to the Russian public in the famous Siloti Concerts of 1903-1917, including Albeniz, Debussy, de Falla, Delius, Elgar, Enesco, Mahler and Schoenberg. A student of Liszt (and one of the teachers of Rachmaninoff), Siloti is a central figure in the development of the great age of the piano virtuoso. As with many of his colleagues, transcribing and arranging existing music for the piano was a major part of Siloti's activity, and since he made no recordings, his published transcriptions are one of the few existing keys we have to his musical taste and philosophy. In an extended biographical essay, Dr. Charles Barber explores this issue and writes cogently about the style and influence of this remarkable man. The Alexander Siloti Collection is dominated by Siloti's remarkable transcriptions and arrangements of the music of J.S. Bach, notable particularly for their pianistic character and faithfulness to the unique "genetic code of Bach's design." Some of the Bach works included are: Prelude in B Minor, BWV855a, Gigue from Suite in Bb Major, Chaconne in D Minor, the Organ Preludes in E Minor and G Minor and the celebrated Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV S65. Music by Gluck, Mozart and Chopin is also contained in this generous compilation of pianistic wizardry. This addition to The Master's Collection is likely to be one of the most talked about piano folios of the year. (288 pages, smythe sewn binding).
PL112 - The Alexander Siloti Collection - Piano Solo Collection
$39.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4730-3)

High Art
for Piccolo Solo with Optional Toy Piano
by Martin Bresnick

High ArtComposed in 1983 for the flutist Robert Dick, High Art employs some of the special performance techniques introduced in Dick's pioneering study, The Other Flute: A Performance Manual of Contemporary Techniques. A virtuoso study for the "coloratura" instrument of the woodwind family, High Art is a wonderful showpiece for an advanced player. The brief toy piano part, though optional, adds a nice touch of oddball color to this striking display piece.

W2565 - High Art - Bresnick - Piccolo Solo with optional toy piano
$9.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4875-X)

Method for Trumpet, Book 2
Finger Exercises and Etudes (Part 1)
by Anthony Plog

TrumpetThe second book of Anthony Plog's Method for Trumpet (The Plog Program) is directed toward developing playing facility in the area of fingering. The goal is not simply to develop speed, but to promote evenness of both sound and rhythm. Throughout his program, Mr. Plog emphasizes musicality, not at the expense of speed and technical competence, but as the essential goal of all instrumental study. Flexible use of dynamics and variations in rhythmic patterns are also encouraged in pursuit of the aim of developing musical performance habits. The Plog approach is sure to have great appeal to teachers and students of the trumpet.
BQ81 - Method for Trumpet, Book 2 - Fingering Exercises and Etudes (Part 1) - Plog
$9.95 - (ISBN 0-8258-5069-X)

Trumpet Players Blow with Good Vibrations
A Serious Book with a Humorous Title
by Irving R. Bush

Good VibesMr. Bush's delightful little book is designed to help bridge the gap between the student of the trumpet and the music. Emphasizing the mechanics of playing and other aspects of performing besides the music itself, Bush talks about Breathing Techniques, The Embouchure, Tonal Production, Slurring, Tonguing and a host of other topics in prose notable for its lucid explanations and clarity of thought. A tremendously useful introduction to everything a player needs to grasp in order to understand and master the instrument, Trumpet Players Blow with Good Vibrations will be a basic tool for all brass instrument players and teachers.
BQ78 - Trumpet Players Blow with Good Vibrations - Bush - Text
$9.95 (ISBN 0-8258-5000-2)

From Lead Sheets to Hip Solos
Developing Improvisation for All Instruments
by Arthur Lipner

LipnerCelebrated Jazz Vibraphone and Marimba player Arthur Lipner has devised a set of books that will be terrific for introducing players with a desire to improvise in a group to the basic musical requirements of the jazz arts. Covering a wide range of concepts, Lipner's books touch on ear training, chords and basic voicings, the groove and connecting chords with solo lines. These books contain: lead sheets to ten tunes, including two by Charlie Parker (Now's the Time and My Little Suede Shoes) and one each by Mongo Santamaria and Ze Luis Olivera; a great play-along CD with a really smokin' band; graduated difficulty of charts and solos beginning with two tunes using one chord each; transcriptions of nine Lipner solos for playing along with; discussion of the elements, chord details and solo ideas for each tune; and a hip mix of styles -- Soca, Funk, Bossa, Samba and Swing.

These books will work for just about any musician wanting to get involved in improvisation, from the absolute novice, to educators at all levels and serious jazz players needing a chance to work out with a first-rate real band in a variety of styles.

From Lead Sheets to Hip Solos - Book with CD - Lipner - $19.95 each
ATJ316 - C Book (ISBN 0-8258-4978-0)
ATJ317 - Bb Book (ISBN 0-8258-4979-9)
ATJ318 - Eb Book (ISBN 0-8258-4980-2)
ATJ319 - Bass Clef Book (ISBN 0-8258-4981-0)
ATJ320 - Tenor Saxophone Book (ISBN 0-8258-4982-9)

Adding Spice to Your Grooves
by Akira Jimbo

WasabiThe companion book and CD to the Wasabi DVD, is designed to show, through exercises and performances, how young players can build on their model heroes to create their own style and drumming concept. Designed to help the player personalize his or her playing, while developing a true mastery of the drumset, Wasabi will be of great use to all developing players, especially if used in conjunction with the DVD. Using what he calls the "Wasabi Method" for developing individuality in drumming, Akira Jimbo shows how to use changing note values, changing instrument sources, changing starting points, adding different patterns and various combination of all four notions to create entirely new patterns based on the chosen model. A step-by-step approach is employed that will help the player greatly expand his or her repertoire of grooves and develop a unique drumming style in no time at all.
DRM107 - Wasabi - Jimbo - Book & CD
$19.95 (ISBN 0-8258-5010-X)

Combining Acoustic and Electronic Drums
by Akira Jimbo

FujiyamaThis companion book and CD to the DVD of the same name will show the interested player how to employ Akira Jimbo's innovative approach in making use of electronics to expand the art of using the drumset for solo performance. Using the Drum Trigger System, he has developed a methodology that allows him to play melody, harmony and rhythm at the same time, in effect becoming an entire band on his own. Fujiyama will be a revelation, demonstrating how drummers can make technology work for them to produce a panorama of new sounds. With Jimbo's system the player can move beyond using drums as a simple rhythm instrument and discover a world that is open to an infinite number of musical possibilities.
DRM108 - Fujiyama - Jimbo - Book & CD
$19.95 (ISBN 0-8258-5011-8)