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New Publications- May, 2005

The Art of Eugene Levinson, Vol. 1
Eugene Levinson, Double Bass
Gina Levinson, Piano

The Art of Eugene Levinson, Vol. 1 World-renowned double bassist Eugene Levinson presents a brilliant collection of his most beloved early recordings in two volumes. His complete command of the instrument and attention to style and detail make this one of the most important recordings for this challenging instrument. Gina Levinson, his wife, who is also an internationally renowned concert artist, beautifully accompanies Levinson on this recording. The Art of Eugene Levinson, Volume 1 features music by J.C. Bach, Misek and Franck.

CFD14 — $15.98 (Audio CD)

The Art of Eugene Levinson, Vol. 2
Eugene Levinson, Double Bass
Gina Levinson, Piano

The Art of Eugene Levinson, Vol. 2 In Volume 2, Levinson includes several pieces that feature the many colors attainable on the double bass. Many of these pieces are typically performed for concerts, recitals, competitions, student juries and auditions. The playing on this definitive recording is superb. Levinson truly demonstrates the skills that have made him a noted virtuoso of the double bass. His wife, pianist Gina Levinson, also an internationally renowned concert artist, masterfully accompanies Levinson on this recording. With styles that range from Baroque to Twentieth-century music, this recording gives the listener a wide range of wonderful music to enjoy. The Art of Eugene Levinson, Volume 2 features works by Shostakovich, Koussevitsky, Rachmaninoff, J.C. Bach, Granados and Faure.

CFD15 — $15.98 (Audio CD)

The Dounis Collection
Eleven books of Studies for the Violin
Demetrius Constantine Dounis

The Dounis Collection Dounis was one of the most prominent violin pedagogues of the twentieth century. He was revered for his intense concern for the proper ergonomics of violin playing as well as the emphasis on the role of the brain, not just the fingers in appropriate violin practicing and playing. The eleven books that make up this anthology are the most comprehensive collection ever published of this master’s works. It includes newly edited material as well as content that have not been in print for decades. This 290-page book features an insightful foreword to help string players understand the master’s approach as well as to give the reader a historical perspective. A must for the serious violin player!

BF16 — $28.95

Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra
Christopher Brubeck
Piano Reduction by Christopher
Brubeck and Terry Sanford

Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra This work, in three movements, has created a stir in classical-music circles having received multiple performances at the International Trombone Festival and with the Boston Pops Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Symphony, the London Symphony Orchestra, and the Baltimore Symphony and with other ensembles. Brubeck has taken the sounds of American popular culture, including improvisation, and integrated them into the context of an orchestral setting. Complete performance materials are available from the rental department.

W2633 — $19.95

Our Eternal King
Tom Fettke

Our Eternal King A total worship celebration for Easter, this masterwork was created by Tom Fettke, and incorporates Jane Marshall’s My Eternal King and Fanfare for Easter. With orchestration by Bruce Greer, this package for choir, orchestra, worship leader and congregation is beautiful, powerful and moving.

CMF2 SATB with Keyboard — $3.95
CMF2CD - Instrumental Accompaniment CD — $24.95
Instrumental Accompaniment and
Full Orchestration available!