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New Publications- May, 2006

Broken Pieces Op. 81 A Love Story in One Scene
Music by Daron Aric Hagen
Words by Barbara Grecki

Broken Pieces Op. 81 A Love Story in One Scene

Daron Aric Hagen is considered one of the leading composers of his generation. His compositions have been commissioned and performed internationally by world-renowned orchestras, opera companies, chamber ensembles and soloists. This chamber opera tells the story of Pamela who shares a beautiful and romantic moment with Antonio who comes one morning to fix the tiles in her bathroom.

Broken Pieces is conceived for two voices and piano alone, and shows the compositional skill and care for the voice that is characteristic of this composer.

VF13 - $19.95

Howl for Narrator and String Quartet
Written for the Poem “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg
Lee Hyla

Howl for Narrator and String Quartet The rhythm and tone of Allen Ginsberg’s reading of the poem Howl was a main inspiration for Lee Hyla in this ferocious setting. In this score, the narrator and string quartet are equal partners in an often shifting relationship, occasionally uniting in a close and intense rhythmic world and sometimes telling similar stories in separate ways.

BE4 - $74.95 Score & Parts
BE4F - $25.00 Score

String Quartet (1905)
Anton von Webern

String Quartet (1905) Anton von Webern’s inspiration for The String Quartet came from the triptych, a painting by Giovanni Segantini. There are three distinct segments within the one-movement piece. One of the early Webern works discovered by musicologist Hans Moldenhauer after Webern’s death, String Quartet had its world premiere on May 26, 1962 during the First International Webern Festival in Seattle, Washington.

BE2 - $29.95 Score and Parts
BE2F - $9.95 Score

Just Time
For Wind Quintet
Martin Bresnick

Just Time Just Time’s title came from the idea of Just Intonation which is the ratios of small whole numbers that portray the association of pitches in the harmonic series. This piece deliberates about the priority of time over space, and is virtuosically written for the wind ensemble.

WE5 - $34.95 Score & Parts
WE5F - $14.95 Score

Concertino (1945)
For Flute, Strings and Percussion
Peter Mennin

Concertino (1945)

This short piece, only eleven minutes long, consists of two movements. The first movement, written in a vocal-cantabile style, is slow and continuous, eliciting a mood of serenity. The second movement is a complete contrast of the first. It is a fast toccata-like movement which makes full use of the timpani and snare drum in combination with the flute and strings.

Performance materials are available on rental.

SC58 (Full Score) - $19.95

To Saint Cecilia
A Cantata for Mixed Chorus (SATB) and Brass Instruments
Norman Dello Joio

To Saint Cecilia The full score of To Saint Cecilia is now available for sale for the first time since this piece was composed in 1958. It is one of the most performed choral works in the Carl Fischer catalog. The text was adapted by Dello Joio from the poem A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day by John Dryden. The brass accompaniment consists of 3 Horns, 3 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Bass Trombone and Tuba.

Full score and parts available on rental.
Choral score available for sale (O4119 - $7.50)

SC57 - $14.95

The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner
Janice Tucker Rhoda

The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner

This DVD, featuring Janice Tucker Rhoda, is the perfect beginner’s approach to the Violin. It covers all the basic, essential points for the new player. This is a powerful supplement to the book, The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner, Book 1 and to the accompaniment/performance CD - ABC1CD.

Highlights include instruction on finger positions, bowing techniques, basic music-note reading and play-along pieces such as Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Arkansas Traveler, A Shakespeare Play and Home on the Range. This 60 minute instructional DVD is an excellent learning vehicle for those wishing to study the Violin.

DVD19 - $19.95

My First Wohlfahrt for the Developing Viola Student
An Introduction to Franz Wohlfahrt’s Etudes from
Op. 38, Op. 45, Op. 54 and Op. 74
Compiled and Edited by Amy Rosen

The Clarinet Chromatic Machine This is an introduction to the vital aspects of the famous Wohlfahrt exercises. Novice players can expect to improve their technical capability and musicianship the way the Wohlfahrt etudes have for over a century. It serves as a fantastic preparation for these ever-popular studies, and it will brace those students wanting more specialized instruction. My First Wohlfahrt for the Developing Viola Student is designed to work both in an individual and group setting, and is a priceless tool to take the young violist to the next level of playing.

BF35 - $6.95

Contemporary Drumset Techniques
Innovative Concepts for the Contemporary Drummer
4 CDs Included
Rick Latham

Contemporary Drumset Techniques The new edition of this book includes over four hours of audio to accompany the publication. The CDs contain Latham performing all of the featured exercises as well as commentary and several short solo performances. This four CD set is now available for purchase with Contemporary Drumset Techniques.

RLP2 – $29.95 Book with CDs

Method for Trumpet Book
The Plog Program Book 5, Flexibility, Exercises and Etudes
Anthony Plog

The Clarinet Chromatic Machine This fifth installment of well-regarded method books for trumpet by Anthony Plog presents a comprehensive collection of warm-up exercises and etudes, fingering, tonguing, and flexibility for students and professionals at all playing levels. Method for Trumpet provides a pathway for solid development for the serious student and the maintenance of playing skills for the professional.

Balquidder Music is exclusively distributed by Carl Fischer Music.

BQ84 - $9.95