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October 2002 - NEW ISSUES


15 Christmas Classics Arranged for a Soloist & Jazz Rhythm Section
by Carl Strommen
Includes CD Play-Along with “Live” Rhythm Section

A Christmas collection that is really hip and fun to play, Swing Into Christmas has been tailored to provide a unique opportunity for the instrumentalist exploring jazz to “join” with a first-rate Jazz combo. The rhythm section was recorded “live” and is a great motivation for student practice time. The musicians involved (Richard Iacona – Piano, Andy Fusco – Alto Saxophone, Madeline Kole – Bass and Scott Neuman – Drums) are all experienced, well-known professionals. The CD contains two versions of each song. One includes a performance of the melody (on alto saxophone) with the combo and the other consists of the rhythm section by itself. Designed with the younger, less experienced player in mind, Swing Into Christmas, will encourage the Jazz novice to learn how to improvise by “playing around” the melody, and examples of this technique are included in the repeat section of each selection. Styles vary from standard swing, to Latin Rock and ballad style. Customers who wish to use these arrangements with a live combo, can download the rhythm section parts (ATJ313 – Piano; ATJ314 – Drums; ATJ315 – Bass) for FREE at www.carlfischer.com.

Selections include: Angels We Have Heard On High, Deck the Halls, The First Noel, Go Tell It on the Mountain, Jolly Old St. Nicholas and more, 15 familiar Christmas tunes in all!

Swing Into Christmas – Strommen (MP3 Sound Sample)

  • ATJ312 – C Instruments (ISBN 0-8258-4902-0)
  • ATJ311 – Bb Instruments (ISBN 0-8258-4894-6)
  • ATJ310 – Eb Instruments (ISBN 0-8258-4890-3)
  • ATJ309 – Bass Clef Instruments (ISBN 0-8258-4889-X)

$14.95 each

with a Foreword by Paul McCartney

The complete guide to playing the Bass Guitar from one of the great masters of the instrument, this is the modern "how to" book bass guitar players have been waiting for. Noel Redding's years as the bass guitarist for the Jimi Hendrix Experience put him at the forefront of the rock explosion of the 1960's, and his style revolutionized bass playing and propelled the instrument toward a degree of freedom not heard of before. This book, which includes a demonstration CD narrated by Noel Redding, covers all the basics of electric bass playing including tuning, musical rudiments, open strings, basic positions and different "licks" from Blues and Do-Wop to Hard Rock. The book includes a warm appreciation of Redding's significance by Paul McCartney. No method on the market today provides a better introduction to modern bass guitar than the Noel Redding Bass Guitar Method.

GT5 - Noel Redding Bass Guitar Method - Book with CD - $14.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4909-8)

by Eugene Levinson

A Technical Method of the Scale System for String Bass The celebrated Principal Bassist of the New York Philharmonic offers a bass-fingering methodology that reflects a lifetime of experience as both a teacher and a performer in this comprehensive book. His teaching approach in The School of Agility focuses on developing fingerings that will improve rhythm, intonation and ease of fingerboard movement.

Highlights include:

  • A variety of fingerings that allow individual players to find those most suitable for their level and style of playing.
  • Fingerings that are appropriate to specific playing situations
  • Techniques for producing a clean, clear low frequency sound.

Simply put, The School of Agility will provide the modern string bass player with an innovative and effective approach to mastering the instrument.

BF3 - The School of Agility - Levinson - String Bass Book - $26.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4699-4)

Concert Fantasy - Stars and Stripes ForeverCONCERT FANTASY ON "THE STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER"
for Flute (alt. Piccolo) and Piano (opt. Piano - 4 hand version included)
by Mark Starr

A tour de force fantasy on the best-known American march ever written, this stunning concert piece puts "The Stars and Stripes Forever" through a series of free variations that will provide experienced flutists with a wonderful opportunity to display their prowess. This work is a witty and brilliant show piece that will be great fun to play and provides an unusual opportunity for participation by student piccolo players in the audience in the rousing final bars. Concert Fantasy is a delightful addition to the repertoire for advanced flutists.

O5438 - Concert Fantasy on "The Stars and Stripes Forever" - Mark Starr - Flute/Piccolo & Piano - $14.95 (ISBN 0-8258-3352-3)

Kaintuck'KAINTUCK' (1935)
Poem for Piano and Orchestra
by William Grant Still

Designed as a reflection of William Grant Still's reaction to his exposure to the Bluegrass music of Kentucky, this is a warm and evocative piece by a still under-appreciated American master. The piece requires a pianist of skill and imagination and the orchestral writing is colorful and richly melodic. The orchestral part includes one of the earliest uses of the Vibraphone in a concert work.

SC48 - Kaintuck' - William Grant Still - Full Score - $34.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4718-4)


Practical and portable, these guides for the practicing musician and the music student are slim, easy to carry books that cover a wealth of useful information in a very concise form. Each book is 4¼"x11" and can easily fit into a book bag, backpack or back pocket.

Oscar Coon

The classic concise guide to musical terminology, has been redesigned for the new hip pocket format. Standard terms in all languages from "Achula" and "Acoustics" to "Zerstrent" and "Zingaresa" are briefly defined and characterized in this extremely useful volume. Tables of Intervals, a brief introduction to Musical Notation and a guide to standard abbreviations are also included. Originally designed for piano students, this little volume will be a great item for any budding musician.

HPB14 - Pocket Dictionary of Musical Terms - Coon - $6.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4721-4)
Archie N. Jones, M. Irving Smith and Robert B. Walls

Each of these useful guides is a comprehensive and easy to use tool for achieving accurate pronunciation of the language in question.

Each guide includes:

  • Phonetic Symbols - an intuitive way to get a real "feel" for the sounds in the language
  • Pronunciations of letters - each letter or group of letters is covered and related to the phonetic symbols
  • Common Terminations and, in the German Guide, prefixes and how they relate to standard elements of tense and gender.
  • Vocabulary - covering the essentials needed for conversation and musical context

These concise guides will be a great boon for all students and teachers of singing.

HPB15 - Pocket Pronouncing Guide to French - Jones/Smith/Walls - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4722-2)
HPB16 - Pocket Pronouncing Guide to Spanish - Jones/Smith/Walls - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4723-0)
HPB17 - Pocket Pronouncing Guide to Italian - Jones/Smith/Walls - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4724-9)
HPB18 - Pocket Pronouncing Guide to German - Jones/Smith/Walls - $5.95 (ISBN 0-8258-4725-7)