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New Publications- September, 2005

Take It To the Street
A Study in New Orleans Street Beats and Second-line Rhythms as Applied to

Stanton Moore

Take It To the Street In this book, the reader will learn about the history of street beats, second-line, and the Mardi Gras Indians as well as the importance of clave to New Orleans drumming. The reader will also learn how to put a New Orleans spin on traditional rhythms like mambo, guaguanco, shuffle, and samba. Stanton also teaches the reader how to play between the cracks, bring more inflection and variation to a groove, and how to incorporate a bit of Crescent City flavor into linear playing. Drummers of all styles should pick up this book to improve your groove, expand your vocabulary and learn to Take It To The Street. Accompanying CD includes performances by the Dirty Dozen, George Porter, and Ivan Neville.

DRM115 - $19.95 book w/CD

Brazilian Rhythms for the Drumset
Bossa Nova and Samba
Henrique C. De Almeida

Brazilian Rhythms for the Drumset This book offers the reader an in depth look at Bossa Nova and Samba rhythms including the cultural origins, applications and role in Brazilian society. Almeida clearly gives drummers the tools that they need to incorporate these styles and a myriad of their variants into their own drumset technique, adding a new scope to their sound while achieving an authentic Brazilian feel.

DRM119 - $29.95 book w/2CDs
CD1 examples
CD2 “Play Along” featuring the Brazilian Jazz Project

Playing With Drum Loops
How to Work With Drum Loops, Samples and Backing Tracks
Donny Gruendler

Playing With Drum Loops In this book, drummers will get the tools needed to improve their musicianship and add the use of loops to their repertoire to make them a complete package! In addition, DJs and Electronica artists will be able to add more musical and intricate layers to their sound. Home recording enthusiasts will find that they will gain valuable insight and better command over their computer based recording programs while giving their work a more authentic feel. Gruendler shows the reader in a clear and concise manner how to work with and master the use of music and percussion loops in addition to backing tracks. Included with this book are 2 CDs that feature examples and ideas for all the material presented in each chapter as well as demonstrations on how to put it all together.

DRM120 - $29.95 book w/2CDs

Five Famous Handel Violin Sonatas
For Alto Saxophone and Keyboard
Transcribed and Edited by Lee Patrick

Five Famous Handel Violin Sonatas Taken from G. F. Handel’s 15 sonatas for solo instruments that comprise Opus 1, the five sonatas in this edition have been transcribed and edited by one of today’s most important figures in the classical saxophone world. Meticulously edited, this folio gives intermediate saxophone students strong material for performances and juries. A fine addition to the alto saxophone repertoire!

WF48 - $16.95

Folk Songs For Clarinet
Arranged by Ron Harris

Folk Songs For Clarinet Successful arranger Ron Harris introduces a delightful collection of folk songs from around the world arranged for clarinet and piano. Written in a richly harmonic style, the player is encouraged to make any necessary changes to the clarinet part that will make the arrangements the most useful for the particular player. Carl Fischer Music exclusively distributes Woodland Music Press.

Includes: Cielito Lindo, Cindy, Colorado Trails, Greensleeves, Shenandoah, and Simple Gifts –12 arrangements in all!!

A05I226 - $18.95