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Aftershock Larry Clark Beginning BAS52
The Airships George Sweet Young YAS93
Antiquitas Bill Calhoun Beginning BAS50
The Code Alan Lee Silva Young YAS96
Dance of the Harlequins Larry Clark Young YAS99
Dark Visions Kevin Mixon First-Plus FAS66
Escape the Lost City Alan Lee Silva Concert CAS60
Fiddle-me-oo-re-i-re-a Irish Folk Song, Arranged by Virginia Croft Young YAS90
Finale from Symphony No. 6 "Morning" Franz Joseph Haydn,
     Arranged by Deborah Baker Monday
Concert CAS62
Ironclad Sean O'Loughlin First-Plus FAS68
A Japanese Christmas Traditional, Arranged by Keiko Yamada First-Plus FAS69
Luminescence Alan Lee Silva First-Plus FAS67
Night Ride Deborah Baker Monday Young YAS94
Prairie Waltz Matt Turner Young YAS97
Prelude and Gavotte Arcangelo Corelli, Arranged by Doris Gazda Young YAS91
Prelude to "An Old Tale" Yukiko Nishimura Young YAS100
Presenting the Strings Joseph Compello Beginning BAS51
Pursuit of Liberty Sean O'Loughlin Concert CAS59
Rainy Days Yukiko Nishimura Concert CAS61
Relics of the Past Sean O'Loughlin Beginning BAS53
Reminiscence Bill Calhoun Young YAS92
Rickshaw Keiko Yamada Young YAS98
Road to the Rock Hole George Sweet First-Plus FAS65
Sundance Carl Strommen Young YAS95
'Tis the Season (Incorporating Deck the Halls
    and Good King Wenceslas)
Traditional, Arranged by Doris Gazda First-Plus FAS63
T-Rex A Tone Poem for Strings Joseph Compello First-Plus FAS64
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