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•  For first-year string groups
•  Limited parts (often, second violin and viola are the same part,
     cello and bass are the same part)
•  Limited keys, rhythms (only simple eighth note patterns) and
     independence of parts
•  Playable after limited study time
•  First position and natural bowings
•  Piano for rehearsal and reinforcement
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Larry Clark

Orchestras who had the great experience of playing Larry Clark’s popular Shockwave can now move on to part two: Aftershock. While a bit more difficult than its predecessor, it maintains the bold, exciting, and aggressive qualities that made Shockwave such a sparkler.
listen  bas52.mp3 score image  608KB Where to Buy

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS52 Set $40.00 
Duration 2:43 BAS52F Full Score $6.00 
Key E minor BAS52P Parts $2.75 call
Bill Calhoun

Antiquitas is sure to become a favorite with your students, taking your imagination back in time with its modal qualities and medieval, dance-like character. Making use of contrasting marcato and legato playing, your students will learn to incorporate these techniques to maximize musicality.
listen  bas50.mp3 score image  600KB Where to Buy

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS50 Set $40.00 
Duration 1:48 BAS50F Full Score $6.00 
Key E minor BAS50P Parts $2.75 call
Presenting the Strings  
Joseph Compello

Presenting the Strings
This unique waltz is a great way to introduce sections of the orchestra to the audience with a piece designed for beginning players. Optional narration text is included, intended to be spoken by a narrator, engaging the audience. What better way to raise arts awareness than by cleverly demonstrating the way an orchestra works?
listen  bas51.mp3 score image  593KB Where to Buy

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS51 Set $40.00 
Duration 1:30 BAS51F Full Score $6.00 
Key D Major BAS51P Parts $2.75 call
Relics of the Past
Sean O'Loughlin

Relics of the Past
From popular composer Sean O'Loughlin, Relics of the Past is a serious-sounding piece that hearkens back to the past with its mysterious minor mode. The maturity required to play this piece makes it perfect for contest and festival.
listen  bas53.mp3 score image  609KB Where to Buy

Level Beginning String Orchestra BAS53 Set $40.00 
Duration 2:20 BAS53F Full Score $6.00 
Key E minor BAS53P Parts $2.75 call
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