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  • Playable by advancing ensembles
  • Expanded use of rhythms, ranges and keys but technical demands
    are still carefully considered
  • More comprehensive bowing techniques
  • Viola T.C. included
  • Careful selection of keys and degree of difficulty for
    advancing musicians

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Gustav Mahler, arranged by Lauren Keiser
Adagietto The music of Gustav Mahler is some of the most emotional music in the symphonic repertoire. Arranger Lauren Keiser has adapted this classic movement from Mahler’s 5th Symphony for school ensembles and has tamed some of the technical demands without losing the musical integrity of this magnificent work. Much of the harp part has been successfully written into the cello part. Should a harp player be available, an optional harp/piano part is provided.
listen  cas51.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS51 Set $50.00
Duration 7:41 CAS51F Full Score $7.00
Key F Major CAS51P Parts $3.50 contact us
Doris Gazda

A dynamic new concert piece from popular composer Doris Gazda, Baboquivari is mysterious at first and then breaks into an exciting 6/8 groove that shifts into several different key areas to add to the excitement. Perfect for contest and festival performances.
Level: Grade 3 ½
Duration: 4:21
Key: E minor, D Major,
B minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
CAS73 - $55.00
Full Score
CAS73F - $7.00
Extra Parts
CAS73P - $3.50
George Sweet

Hold on tight, this is a tour de force for more advanced groups. With a slew of contemporary compositional elements including mixed-meter, extended harmonies, and angular rhythms, this piece contains a fullness that composer George Sweet’s works are known for. It’s challenging, but the musical rewards abound.
Level: Grade 4
Duration: 4:34
listenSee the score
Complete Set
CAS79 - $55.00
Full Score
CAS79F - $7.00
Extra Parts
CAS79P - $3.50
Bells! (Les Cloches)
Jean Fery Rebel, arranged by Doris Gazda
Bells! Bells! is a joyous expression of the sound of cathedral bells by Baroque composer Jean Fery Rebel. Doris Gazda has crafted this piece for string orchestra with optional chimes, and it will be an exceptional addition to any program, serving to introduce students to this time period in musical history. Perfect to showcase your ensemble in the contest/festival setting.
listen  CAS68.mp3 score image  816KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS68 Set $55.00
Duration 3:45 CAS68F Full Score $7.00
Key G Major CAS68P Parts $3.50 contact us
The Blacksmith
English Folk Song, arranged by Sean O'Loughlin
The Blacksmith An English folk song aggressively arranged by Sean O'Loughlin. Pointed rhythms, angluar lines and contemporary harmonies are the highlight of this arrangement, exemplifying the compositional signature for which Sean's music has become so popular!
listen  cas47.mp3 score image  931KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS47 Set $50.00
Duration 3:17 CAS47F Full Score $7.00
Key B Aeolian CAS47P Parts $3.50 contact us
Blue Water
Yukiko Nishimura
Blue Water Hear the thrill and excitement of being on the water in this delightful new piece from composer Yukiko Nishimura, which is whimsical and fresh. The triple meter gives the piece a lilt that establishes the sensation of sailing on the big ocean. This is a substantial piece for advancing ensembles and would be ideal for contest/festival performance.
listen  CAS71.mp3 score image  883KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS71 Set $55.00
Duration 3:53 CAS71F Full Score $7.00
Key G Major CAS71P Parts $3.50 contact us
Branding Iron!
James Meredith

Branding Iron!
Here’s a programmatic work from James Meredith, a new composer to the Carl Fischer String Orchestra Catalog. Depicting sounds from the life of an American cowboy, you can hear the rustling up of cattle, the hiss of the branding iron, and the sounds that have become synonymous with the great American West. Your audiences may even yell a few "Yee-haws" at the end of this one!
Level: Grade 3
Duration: 4:20
Key: D Major
listenSee the score
Complete Set
CAS82 - $55.00
Full Score
CAS82F - $7.00
Extra Parts
CAS82P - $3.50
Canyonland Skies
Deborah Baker Monday

Canyonland Skies
Composer Deborah Baker Monday provides us with an exciting new composition that contains all of the grandeur of the American West. With wide open spaces, reminiscent of pieces from the Americana composers of the last century, this will be a perfect choice to highlight your group at contest and festival performances.
Level: Grade 3
Duration: 3:43
Key: D Major
listenSee the score
Complete Set
CAS80 - $55.00
Full Score
CAS80F - $7.00
Extra Parts
CAS80P - $3.50
Carol of the Bells
Words by Peter J. Wilhousky, arranged by Bill Calhoun
Carol of the Bells Carol of the Bells for string orchestra is a unique treatment of an old holiday favorite, ending in a major key that gives it a surprising, uplifting ending. This adaptation, with its interesting harmonic variation, will be enjoyed by both the audience and your students, making for an exciting conclusion to your holiday concert.
listen  cas55.mp3 score image  725KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS55 Set $50.00
Duration 2:36 CAS55F Full Score $7.00
Key D minor / A minor CAS55P Parts $3.50 contact us
Celebration and Fanfare
Carl Strommen
Celebration and Fanfare This piece is one big crescendo. It moves from simple tonic and dominant chords to full, lush harmonies as the piece develops and builds to a climactic completion. The addition of timpani and cymbals makes it even bigger and bolder.
listen  cas45.mp3 score image  931KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS45 Set $50.00
Duration 3:37 CAS45F Full Score $7.00
Key D Major CAS45P Parts $3.50 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Confluence Confluence, named for a word which means the converging of people or objects, is a dramatic work for the maturing string orchestra. Lush, lyrical, and full of expressive possibilities, Confluence will really improve the musicianship of your orchestra.
listen  cas52.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS52 Set $50.00
Duration 3:49 CAS52F Full Score $7.00
Key C Major CAS52P Parts $3.50 contact us
Dies Irae: Fantasia
Deborah Baker Monday
Dies Irae: Fantasia The Dies Irae is a hymn from the 13th century based on a poem describing the day of judgment, with the Latin words translating to mean “day of wrath.” Deborah Baker Monday has taken the Dies Irae and interspersed some of her favorite settings of the theme throughout her freely composed Fantasia. Students will enjoy exploring the many techniques used in composing this fantasy, and there is also the opportunity to have students engage in critical listening activities to recognize the Dies Irae in many musical masterpieces.
listen  CAS70.mp3 score image  874KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS70 Set $55.00
Duration 3:53 CAS70F Full Score $7.00
Key E minor CAS70P Parts $3.50 contact us
Dotonbori Dash
Alan Lee Silva
Dotonbori Dash Dotonbori Dash is a tour-de-force for advancing string orchestras. It employs aspects of Japanese music and in certain parts, the lower strings emulate the sound of taiko drums. This work glides along smoothly in Alan Lee Silva’s usual style, but this has an extra dramatic flair to it. It is an exciting departure for this composer and one we are so very pleased to present to you.
listen  CAS65.mp3 score image  744KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS65 Set $55.00
Duration 3:30 CAS65F Full Score $7.00
Key A minor CAS65P Parts $3.50 contact us
Escape the Lost City
Alan Lee Silva
Escape the Lost City Alan Lee Silva’s cinematic style of composition is loud and proud in Escape the Lost City, filled with action and adventure. A lovely, lyrical theme floats above more punchy, aggressive accompaniment.
listen  cas60.mp3 score image  744KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS60 Set $50.00
Duration 3:36 CAS60F Full Score $7.00
Key E minor / A Major CAS60P Parts $3.50 contact us
The Evil Eye and the Hideous Heart
Alan Lee Silva
The Evil Eye and the Hideous Heart Based on the classic Edgar Allan Poe short story The Tell-Tale Heart, composer Alan Lee Silva shows a more dramatic and darker side to his writing. Originally commissioned as a work reminiscent of a classic Hollywood horror movie theme, the piece follows the story of one of Poe's most famous thrillers. An excellent literary tie-in for your students studying the structure of a story in Language Arts, it appeals to their sense of mystery with a delicious touch of the macabre. The basses act as the low, ominous threat of danger, and the upper voices represent the insanity of the narrator's twisted plan. A real thriller!
listen  cas57.mp3 score image  834KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS57 Set $50.00
Duration 4:52 CAS57F Full Score $7.00
Key E minor CAS57P Parts $3.50 contact us
Finale from Symphony No. 6 "Morning"
Franz Joseph Haydn, arranged by Deborah Baker Monday
Finale Deborah Baker Monday presents us with a wonderful setting of an early Haydn symphony, which will challenge your group, but also inspire them to strive for musical excellence. This is a welcome addition to string orchestra repertoire, in that it allows you to use a fundamental work to teach the classical style.
listen  cas62.mp3 score image  695KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS62 Set $50.00
Duration 2:58 CAS62F Full Score $7.00
Key D Major CAS62P Parts $3.50 contact us
Forest Incantations
Alan Lee Silva
Forest Incantations From the opening ensemble marcato accents and the driving sixteenth-note unisons in the low strings, Forest Incantations is a compelling musical statement from the very beginning. This active, “edge of your seat” composition provides all sections of the string orchestra with unique and satisfying musical challenges. This is one of Alan Silva's best to date.
listen  CAS72.mp3 score image  1.1MB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS72 Set $55.00
Duration   CAS72F Full Score $7.00
Key E minor CAS72P Parts $3.50 contact us
Funky, Funky, Funky
Matt Turner

Funky, Funky, Funky
Four on the floor funk tune for strings?! How cool is that! This piece grooves from start to finish containing true funk rhythms, challenging your students, but well worth the effort!
Level: Grade 3
Duration: 2:49
Key: A minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
CAS74 - $55.00
Full Score
CAS74F - $7.00
Extra Parts
CAS74P - $3.50
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, arranged by Bill Calhoun
Humoresque Tchaikovsky’s Humoresque was written in December 1871 and January 1872 for piano. Performed by countless pianists, this adaptation gives young string students the opportunity to experience this fantastic work. Stylistically true to the original, this setting should prove to be a standard in the string orchestra repertoire.
listen  cas50.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS50 Set $50.00
Duration 2:51 CAS50F Full Score $7.00
Key G Major, D Major CAS50P Parts $3.50 contact us
The Ides of March
Sean O'Loughlin
The Ides of March Sean O’Loughlin’s The Ides of March is pulse-pounding and haunting; a dramatic composition for string orchestra. This work celebrates the composer's love of modern film music and is an exercise in economy of musical material while remaining wonderfully melodic and flowing.
listen  CAS67.mp3 score image  914KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS67 Set $55.00
Duration 5:24 CAS67F Full Score $7.00
Key E minor CAS67P Parts $3.50 contact us
Isle of Skye (Highland Dance)
Doris Gazda
Isle of Skye A Celtic style original piece from popular composer Doris Gazda, inspired by the Isle of Skye, the largest and most northerly island of the Inner Hebrides Islands of Scotland. The island’s center is a mountainous area from which radiate many peninsulas that form a rugged coastline. This work has the lilting flow of an Irish jig, but it contains tuneful original melodies. This is a feel-good piece that students and audiences will love to play over and over again.
listen  cas54.mp3 score image  877KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS54 Set $50.00
Duration 2:47 CAS54F Full Score $7.00
Key A minor / E minor CAS57P Parts $3.50 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Jam! Jam! is one of the most fun and unique pieces your string orchestra will perform in their musical development, getting them familiar with new styles that they'll use later on. Many of its rhythms can be left up to your and your group's interpretation, so get creative... break it up and let your group really jam!
listen  cas58.mp3 score image  792KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS58 Set $50.00
Duration 3:33 CAS58F Full Score $7.00
Key E minor CAS58P Parts $3.50 contact us
Alan Lee Silva

Keystone begins with driving rhythms that build in intensity to a luscious violin solo. After the beautiful solo is completed, a full ensemble section is presented. What makes Keystone special is how the piece intertwines the two ideas in an incredibly spectacular fashion. For more advanced groups with a strong concertmaster, this piece again proves why Alan Lee Silva is one of the top composers of string music today.
Level: Grade 3
Duration: 4:21
Key: A minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
CAS81 - $55.00
Full Score
CAS81F - $7.00
Extra Parts
CAS81P - $3.50
Monument Valley March
Doris Gazda
Monument Valley March In free-flowing 6/8 time, this piece moves effortlessly thorugh the standard march form. Doris presents a tuneful, orginal march that will be lots of fun for string players.
listen  cas43.mp3 score image  931KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS43 Set $50.00
Duration 3:32 CAS43F Full Score $7.00
Key G / D / G Major CAS43P Parts $3.50 contact us
Nautical Variations ("Blow, Ye Winds")
Gene Milford
Nautical Variations (Blow, Ye Winds) Nautical Variants is a setting of the sea shanty “Blow, Ye Winds,” presented in five contrasting settings. One of the best-known sea ballads, it tells the story of a whaling voyage from New Bedford, Connecticut to the Pacific and back. Composer Gene Milford has created a stunning new work for advancing string ensembles that will serve well on any concert program or for contest/festival performance.
listen  CAS69.mp3 score image  821KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS69 Set $55.00
Duration 3:30 CAS69F Full Score $7.00
Key G Major, D Major CAS69P Parts $3.50 contact us
Orange Moon
Yukiko Nishimura
Orange Moon Best described as a slow tango, this passionate composition shows off all of Yukiko Nishimura's skills as a composer. Evocative and heartfelt, Orange Moon’s harmonies are dense and fresh, flush with the romantic nature of the piece. What an incredible addition to the more advanced ensemble’s repertoire.
listen  CAS64.mp3 score image  744KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS64 Set $55.00
Duration 3:45 CAS64F Full Score $7.00
Key G minor CAS64P Parts $3.50 contact us
Orientale (from Novelettes, Op. 15)
Alexander Glazunov, arranged by Deborah Baker Monday
Orientale Originally written for string quartet, this fantastic characteristic piece from Glazunov is a welcome addition to the string orchestra repertoire, as arranged by Deborah Baker Monday. Well-suited for the more advanced ensemble, it contains excellent musical opportunities and the chance to play the music of a prominent Russian composer. Deborah's setting stays very true to the original, but enhances it for use by the full ensemble. Alert your contest/festival music committee to this worthy new piece for high school string orchestras.
listen  CAS63.mp3 score image  744KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS63 Set $55.00
Duration 5:24 CAS63F Full Score $7.00
Key D Major, D minor CAS63P Parts $3.50 contact us
Phantom's Escape
Sean O'Loughlin

Phantom's Escape
This action packed piece has a definite cinematic quality to it, and a title to match! Popular composer Sean’O’Loughlin brings a wealth of musical sophistication to this contest/festival choice.
Level: Grade 3
Duration: 4:42
Key: A minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
CAS75 - $55.00
Full Score
CAS75F - $7.00
Extra Parts
CAS75P - $3.50
Pursuit of Liberty
Sean O'Loughlin
Pursuit of Liberty A tour de force string orchestra work by Sean O’Loughlin, Pursuit of Liberty is well worth the effort for your group, delving into the sound of the American frontier; a flowing tapestry of timbres and textures.
listen  cas59.mp3 score image  875KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS59 Set $50.00
Duration 3:46 CAS59F Full Score $7.00
Key C Major CAS59P Parts $3.50 contact us
Yukiko Nishimura

Raindrops is an atmospheric composition that is fresh and unique. You will be able to hear the sound of rain as you journey through this exquisite piece. A challenging piece, but more than worth the effort for an advancing ensemble.
Level: Grade 3
Duration: 5:05
Key: B minor, D Major
listenSee the score
Complete Set
CAS78 - $55.00
Full Score
CAS78F - $7.00
Extra Parts
CAS78P - $3.50
Rainy Days
Yukiko Nishimura
Rainy Days Rainy Days manages to bring a positive spin to an otherwise dreary situation. Atmospheric and flowing, this work turns a rainy day into a thing of beauty. Cheer up the judges in contest and festival settings with this stunning piece from Yukiko Nishimura.
listen  cas61.mp3 score image  612KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS61 Set $50.00
Duration 4:03 CAS61F Full Score $7.00
Key B minor / D Major CAS61P Parts $3.50 contact us
The Rock Canyon Club
Alan Lee Silva
The Rock Canyon Club The Rock Canyon Club is a rollicking hoedown piece written in three sections (fast, slow, fast). It begins its jubilant ride with an exciting sixteenth-note-driven theme in the opening bar. The overall approach is a lively “edge of your seat” fiddling style, and each section of the string orchestra is featured in this animated Americana piece.
listen  cas53.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS53 Set $50.00
Duration 4:53 CAS53F Full Score $7.00
Key A Major CAS53P Parts $3.50 contact us
Rondino (on a Theme by Beethoven)
Fritz Kreisler, arranged by Doris Gazda
Rondino This popular piece for solo violin and piano has been skillfully arranged by string pedagogue Doris Gazda. A standard piece in the repertoire, it adapts quite well to the string orchestra. This is a good piece for an advancing group.
listen  cas42.mp3 score image  931KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS42 Set $50.00
Duration 3:42 CAS42F Full Score $7.00
Key D Major CAS42P Parts $3.50 contact us
Yukiko Nishimura
Sailing! The music of Sailing! is characterized by an atmosphere that is vibrant and full of energy. The piece depicts a ship’s journey on the ocean, the colors of which can readily change from a rich, welcoming blue to a dark, menacing gray. Sometimes the ship is sprayed by the waves; sometimes the ship floats blithely along a sea of tranquility. Articulations play a prominent role in this piece, with a combination of staccatos and slurs expressing sensations of happiness and joy in the ocean journey. It's the next best thing to experiencing the ocean firsthand!
listen  cas56.mp3 score image  738KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS56 Set $50.00
Duration 4:20 CAS56F Full Score $7.00
Key G Major CAS56P Parts $3.50 contact us
Domenico Cimarosa, arranged by Doris Gazda
Sinfonietta Sinfonietta is an exceptional piece from a lesser-known classical composer, Domenico Cimarosa. Doris Gazda’s expert arrangement has provided string orchestras the opportunity to play this wonderful work originally written for flute quartet. It is a multi-movement work of substantial proportions, and would function nicely as an alternative classical piece for contest/festival.
listencas49...Choose one:
Movement I
Movement II
Movement III
score image  1.4MB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS49 Set $50.00
Duration (1) - 4:13, (2) - 2:31, (3) - 3:09 CAS49F Full Score $7.00
Key G Major CAS49P Parts $3.50 contact us
Swinging Door
Yukiko Nishimura

Swinging Door
Simply delightful, this piece features a light swing feel. A crowd-pleaser, there is plenty of opportunity for lush phrasing in this more advanced work.
Level: Grade 4
Duration: 2:06
Key: G minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
CAS77 - $55.00
Full Score
CAS77F - $7.00
Extra Parts
CAS77P - $3.50
Waterloo Station
Alan Lee Silva
Waterloo Station This is a tour-de-force for the advancing string orchestra. Beautiful, dramatic, and flowing, it is very fresh and contemporary. Students will love it for the lush harmonic textures and rhythmic drive that this composer is so noted for.
listen  cas44.mp3 score image  931KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS44 Set $50.00
Duration 5:39 CAS44F Full Score $7.00
Key G Aeolian / G Major / G Aeolian CAS44P Parts $3.50 contact us
We Three Kings
Traditional, arranged by Sean O'Loughlin

We Three Kings
Advanced ensembles don’t want to waste their time on simplistic holiday music, and now they don’t have to! This setting of the popular carol, We Three Kings, is highly stylized and musically sophisticated. A welcome addition to the repertoire lists of more advanced groups.
Level: Grade 3
Duration: 3:01
Key: A minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
CAS76 - $55.00
Full Score
CAS76F - $7.00
Extra Parts
CAS76P - $3.50
Carl Strommen
Windjammer Windjammers were among the grandest of all sailing vessels, and the power of these magnificent ships is reflected in the energetic pulse that drives Windjammer. Composer Carl Strommen has also included a well-written mini-fugue section that continues to mirror the drive and majesty of these ships. This work is a tour-de-force for advancing ensembles, ideal for a contest/festival performance or any concert.
listen  cas48.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS48 Set $50.00
Duration 4:21 CAS48F Full Score $7.00
Key D Major CAS48P Parts $3.50 contact us
Yosemite Falls
Sean O'Loughlin
Yosemite Falls Yosemite Falls depicts the wide open spaces of this magnificent western treasure, exploring new sounds and harmonies in a fresh approach from Sean O’Loughlin. However, this work retains his signature flourishes, such as angular rhythm, drive, and punctuated harmonies. A very strong choice for your more advanced ensembles in contest or festival performance.
listen  CAS66.mp3 score image  744KB  

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS66 Set $55.00
Duration 3:53 CAS66F Full Score $7.00
Key G Major CAS66P Parts $3.50 contact us
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