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•  Playable by advancing ensembles
•  Expanded use of rhythms, ranges and keys but technical demands
     are still carefully considered
•  More comprehensive bowing techniques
•  Viola T.C. included
•  Careful selection of keys and degree of difficulty for
     advancing musicians
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Escape the Lost City
Alan Lee Silva

Escape the Lost City
Alan Lee Silva’s cinematic style of composition is loud and proud in Escape the Lost City, filled with action and adventure. A lovely, lyrical theme floats above more punchy, aggressive accompaniment.
listen  cas60.mp3 score image  744KB Where to Buy

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS60 Set $50.00 
Duration 3:36 CAS60F Full Score $7.00 
Key E minor / A Major CAS60P Parts $3.50 call
Finale from Symphony No. 6 "Morning"
Franz Joseph Haydn, arranged by Deborah Baker Monday

Deborah Baker Monday presents us with a wonderful setting of an early Haydn symphony, which will challenge your group, but also inspire them to strive for musical excellence. This is a welcome addition to string orchestra repertoire, in that it allows you to use a fundamental work to teach the classical style.
listen  cas62.mp3 score image  695KB Where to Buy

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS62 Set $50.00 
Duration 2:58 CAS62F Full Score $7.00 
Key D Major CAS62P Parts $3.50 call
Pursuit of Liberty
Sean O'Loughlin

Pursuit of Liberty
A tour de force string orchestra work by Sean O’Loughlin, Pursuit of Liberty is well worth the effort for your group, delving into the sound of the American frontier; a flowing tapestry of timbres and textures.
listen  cas59.mp3 score image  875KB Where to Buy

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS59 Set $50.00 
Duration 3:46 CAS59F Full Score $7.00 
Key C Major CAS59P Parts $3.50 call
Rainy Days
Yukiko Nishimura

Rainy Days
Rainy Days manages to bring a positive spin to an otherwise dreary situation. Atmospheric and flowing, this work turns a rainy day into a thing of beauty. Cheer up the judges in contest and festival settings with this stunning piece from Yukiko Nishimura.
listen  cas61.mp3 score image  612KB Where to Buy

Level Concert String Orchestra CAS61 Set $50.00 
Duration 4:03 CAS61F Full Score $7.00 
Key B minor / D Major CAS61P Parts $3.50 call
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